Sunday, June 03, 2012

Introducing Dhimmi Maker, the DrM dog

Who says Muslims don’t like dogs? DM (short for Dhimmi Maker) is the official DrM dog of war(the DrM death squad are on summer vacation). Now let me clear up some misconceptions, we have no issues with dogs, unless they come with 2 legs high on 5000 year old messianic nonsense. The Kangal aka Turkish Shepherd was my first choice but it’s HUGE and likely against some silly local code, so I had to settle for the next best thing, the German Sheppard. I had to get creative with the naming process, I was thinking Smith & Wesson but that would have required two of them. Kraut, Mutley, Darth Labrador, Second Amendment and a Half, Katyusha, Masalatron, Blunt Fang, Vicious Shawarma didn’t work out either so I had to settle for your friendly neighborhood Dhimmi Maker. Ofcourse, a pure bred German Shepard has to be well fed, perhaps some local Zionist filet minion, or some kosher Canadian bacon aka transfat T-Fat. If I lived in England,  a daily happy meal of EDL quarter pounders would have made the menu. Then again, I wouldn’t want to feed this magnificent canine feces, especially of that nasty variety. Dogs have rights after all. I would recommend any Muslim capable enough to get one. They look absolutely adorable salivating on top of terrified Islamophobes.

Speaking of dogs, I’ll be burning Mona Eltahway’s broomstick in an upcoming post.