Thursday, September 08, 2011

Belated Eid Mubarak and others quick shots

A very late Eid Mubarak! Well that that's out of the way, lets get on the beligerant festivities:

Muslims out to get David Letterman? Well that's what Rita Katz's "israeli" disinfo group SITE wants you to believe. Evidence? None as usual, but hey we are talking about an IDF terrorist who tries to con others with footage stolen from post-apocalyptic video games.

More evidence of the judeofascist funding of Islamophobia. Big surprise.

Speaking of  "israelis," Amy Alkon, a judeofascist, and self styled "advice goddess" has been throwing a heck of fit after being "raped" by the TSA. While I despise the TSA, it is refreshing to see Zionist pigs get their comeuppance. Guess they didn't think that the draconian measures they whole heartedly supported against the Muslim community would come back and bite them in the tochas.

Ikhras has kicked the living ful medames out of  charlatan Mona Eltahawy in this post.

30 Days and 30 Mosques! Sounds cool, right? Not really considering that the guys behind it tried to squeeze in some serious fitna into their little road trip across America, visiting different masajid. What do we find them promoting?
The word "segregation" is the American context brings up memories of Jim Crow, and that's exactly the same word used to misrepresent the separation of genders in the masjid, and promote mingling.
The promotion of the British created Ahmediya cult, as if they are members of the Muslim community. Look no further then brother Shahid Kamal's expertise on this subject.
The promotion of homosexuality with none other then the degenerate charlatan Daayiee Abdullah, the self proclaimed "gay" imam of perversion.
What could have been an interesting and refreshing Ramadan travelogue turned out to have nothing to do with ibadah but another dull, useless, cultural "analysis" by a confused effete pair.

Apparently hijab is now a safety risk for roller coasters. I'm calling bullcrap on this, folks. You rent an entire amusement park to 3000 Muslims and then on the day of the festivities try to bar them from participating, citing bogus "safety concerns"? So why did they allow hijab previously and just pulled this crap on Eid? The cops came, real tough guys, all 6 of them attacking a single Muslim woman. The brothers, aka REAL MEN who jumped in to save them were also beaten and arrested. Keep in mind this is the same group of armed thugs who will pump 41 bullets in a person without provocation. Hopefully this will end up in court, and the bastards sued.
Funny how Islamophobic gutter snipes, who never get tired of bringing up the flea bitten stereotype of submissive Muslim women are so glad to see them beaten and arrested for asserting their rights.

Up north in Canada, a one man outfit calling itself the "Canadian Hindu Advocacy," run by a fecal fascist named Ron Bannerjee has been rather busy. Hindutva simians are a new addition to the western Islamophobia scene, their traditional activities over in ol' mother India involves gang raping and mutilating pregnant women and their fetuses as long as they aren't Hindus.
Incidentally, Bannerjee sounds a lot like Sylvestor the cat. Sufferin' sugatash indeed! Guess he couldn't manage the delicate intricacies of pirating Bollywood DVDs at his obese Uncle's sweets and spices store, or con himself into a Caribbean Med school. So what's got Ron so hot and bothered? Apparently Muslim children making Jummah salah at the school cafetaria during lunch hour is his problem. Throw in the Jewish Defense league, a well known terrorist organization in the mix, along with selective secular fascists, and you have the latest manufactured controversy. And of course what hate fest against Muslims would be complete without Tarek "T-Fat" Fatah's Munafiq Canadian Congress lending its support?
I've got thick skin but draw the line when women and children from the community are targeted. Let me give you maggots some free advice, stay away from Muslim children or you may well have Muslim parents kicking the bloody feces out of you. Oh, and Ron, you better pray extra hard to the blue spaceman and the cow next door that you don't end up as my toilet seat on haleem night in your next incarnation.

Speaking of Zionist droppings, Turkey just threw out the "israeli" ambassador today for the judeofascist terror attack on the Mavi Marmara. About time. Don't expect spineless western governments to do the same despite the innumerous indignities brought on them by Zionist terrorists. Did I mention that another one of the "chosen" just admitted to spying for "israel"?

Next up : Anders Behring Breivik, enjoy my 9/11 post from last year, cause I've been hearing that we're "taking over." Remember dhimmis, I want that jizya in gold.


Yemeth said...

"you better pray extra hard to the blue spaceman and the cow next door that you don't end up as my toilet seat on haleem night in your next incarnation."

LOL! You are a genius DrM. Your blog is a diamond buried beneath the mountains of sand. Love reading your stuff.


Shahid said...

Salaam brother and a belated Eid Mubarak to you too. jazakallah khayran for linking to me - I've put up a post to catch those visiting explaining where to go for resources.

I saw that 30 days thing on the Ahmadiyya, quite depressing really, the amount of knowledge these people seek to make fatwas from is minuscule, in inverse proportion to their desire to promulgate their under-researched bullshit.

As usual, your post is dynamite. masha'Allah


Talisman said...
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Costigan said...

Your Caribbean medschool jabs... :(
Hurts deep man.

y u do dis?