Friday, May 27, 2011

Tarek Fatah Supports Geert Wilders

So our favorite corpulent, cancerous, Pakistani charlatan up north recently bloviated that while he disagreed with Zionist Jewish scumbag Geert Wilders' anti-Muslim garbage, he supported his presence and “right” to spread his poison in Canada.  Freedom of speech, right? Not so fast, biryani boy. Recall that T-fat didn’t extend that same courtesy towards Zakir Naik and Sheikh Riyad Al-Haq, and in fact campaigned to keep them from entering Canada. So why the inconsistency o hypocritical hippo? Remember when George Galloway wasn't let in thanks to a smear campaign by the Canadian JDL? Where was teabagging T-Fat then? Is It because both you and Wilders serve and promote the Judeofascist death cult?
Hear that? It's the sound of shekels jingling in his cancerous backside. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to go watch clips of our President Netanyahu (who also moonlights as "israeli" prime war criminal) receive multiple standing ovations from the complaint kosher Congress.


William said...

Dear Dr.M,

This article may be of interest to you, there is exclusive footage of Geert Wilders pushing his hate at a Mega Church in Tennessee. Please consider republishing on your news blog and linking:

LW Exclusive: Shocking Video of Geert Wilders Hate Speech on US soil

the video:


William Jenkins

Shajarat said...

I absolutely LOVE reading your critical yet hilarious posts. KEEP EM COMIN'

Effendi said...

This one is funny--give all of the Middle East to Israel, says rightwing loon.

JacobGodwin said...

Haven't visited Dr. M in a while. Good to see he's still shooting from the hip.

May Allah curse the enemies of Islam and protect His true believers. Ameen.

kulsoom said...

awesome blog! informative, funny and spot on.

Indian Muslim said...

Dr.M, I stumbled upon an article of TF IN TAM. Can you evaluate and present your view.