Thursday, March 03, 2011

T-Fat has cancer, and I'm loving it

2011 has so far not been a good year for the usual suspects. Western client regimes in the Middle East and North Africa are falling apart, much to to consternation of Judeofascists who are losing their valuable collaborators and flunkies. Who knew Mubarak and Gaddafi had such a huge western fan club? Decades of Anglo-American terrorism in the region(direct and indirect) has yielded exactly the opposite desired result. People are fed up and won't take it anymore, and I'm loving it. But its not just tinpot dictators for whom the bell tolls, it's time for Tarek Fatah, the warbling mass of biryabi addicted punjabi inanity to face the music, specifically the sweet symphony of immortal anaplastic cells dividing and spreading the metastatic love. He's been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic cells of the immune system. Once again, this is a beautiful example of bad things happening to bad people(eg. Christopher Hitchens), and T-Fat is most definitely not a decent person by any stretch of the imagination. I've surprised he didn't blame the phantom menace of "Islamism" on his latest misfortune. I figured given his sumo wrestler like mass, a combination of heart disease and diabetes would do him in after a sweaty night of freebasing haleem. He sounded off alarmist balderdash about "threats" from Twitter, and non-existent danger to the hospital he's been admitted to. Thankfully he had guards, who wasted no time catching up on sleep. More Canadian tax payer dollars wasted on a charlatan who's worth his weight in steer manure.
I remember my first and only interaction with him back in my third year of med school, during the hey day of the psuedo-Islamic pro-regressive movement circa 2005. I had infiltrated the diabolical PMUNA(Progressive Muslim Union of North America) email list moderated by the corpulent communist himself.  I emailed him a very simple question : "Where do you get your funding from?" In reply I got some arrogant gibberish about how he wasn't accountable to anyone, Islamists, petro-dollars, how Jenny Craig ripped him off etc. This Gaddafi like behavior would end up alienating the rest of the PMNUA to the point that the group collapsed in a year.
Over the years I've semi-documented Fatah's lies, failed career in Canadian politics, and promotion of Islamophobia in bed with the usual suspects, all the while cashing in on the hate. All of which established him as a pathological liar with delusions of grandeur. Well nothing like a cancer diagnosis to curb such narcissism. Before T-Fat's diagnosis, Muslim Canadians called his bluff and challenged him a debate only to get a no-show from the slimy simpleton. He knew that he would be utterly destroyed in a debate with a knowledgeable Muslim. T-Fat is no more capable of displaying a mastery of debate, logic and reason than any other obese, inferiority complex ridden, desi third world communist left over wearing philosophical blinders. And really, T-Fat is NOT a member of the Muslim community, and that's perfectly fine, but he doesn't have any right to make a living at our expense either. The following documentary proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Fatah and his half life supporters were blatantly lying through their teeth regarding the ill fated debate :

Pay particular attention to 37:15 -42:14 and 49:22 till the end(including Fatah's bizarre little dance number). I want to finish this post by wishing his cancer the very best of luck in relapsing and ravaging the evil, lying, hate mongering, bastard. May his suffering be long and pronounced. How could I as a normal human being(insert humility with a couple of standard deviations above the mean IQ) have any compassion for a gutter snipe who justified the murder of sister Marwa El-Sherbini by a German neo-Nazi by going on an anti-hijab rant? I simply can't, my sympathies lie with genuine decent, people not filthy political prostitutes and Marxist washouts from the 1960s.
Now it's back to watching history unfold in the center of the universe, praise the lord and pass the falafel.

PS : If anyone has information from T-bag's time in Saudi Arabia prior to his immigration to Canada, please let me know. I'm also interested in the claim that he's a convicted felon in Pakistan.

UPDATE : Well, the ailing septic sepoy has read(he's got the time to spare, not like he works for a living) this post and he isn't a happy camper. He's been TWITtering and Facebooking my humble blog as "evidence" of the ugliness of "Islamism."

Thanks for the plug T-Fat, I knew you'd react like the predictable cheap attention whore that you are. "Oh look, I've been demonizing the Muslim community for the past decade and they don't like me!" Cry me a river. Since you've sent so much additional traffic here I'm going give your cretinous fans some of your greatest misses :

Run Tarek Run...From Debate

Honest Interviews : Tarek Fatah 

Take heed Muslim boys and girls, this is where you end up if you're a lying, untalented, obese, homeless third world, inferiority complex ridden, green card seeking Communist dreg devoid of morals, principles, character, integrity, values, willing to sell yourself to the highest bidder.

Do NOT attempt to contact him because he's going to play the old death threat card to get you into trouble. Instead, sit back and let Lymphoma do the rest.




lwtc247 said...

LOOOOL. Great post Dr M.

But thing you said struck me as strange as I'm sure I heard somewhere that T -Fat was a master debator.

Kevin said...

What a sad and hateful person you are. Maybe in your culture, debate is not encouraged, but in mine, the one you want to change, it is. Illness transcends politics except with you. You are a shining example of why Islam has been highjacked and is now the most dangerous political movement on the planet.

FANINA said...

Dr. M, you're a dead man walking in the war between Democracy and islam.

lahorimunda said...

Tarek Fatah is a a thorn in the side of Islamists like you pretending to be in some battle against "Imperialism". Sell your bs to someone else, Dr. M, we know your kind really well having grown up in countries where your opinion is the majority. Interestingly I don't see anything here about the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti, but you're probably glad that the world has one less Christian.

Lauren said...

omg I hope and pray the Islamists blow YOU up, you pathetic, hate-mongering ignorant fool....die die die!!!

Aaron said...

Why do you live in this country? Wouldn't Saudi Arabia or Afganistan be more to your liking? Just saying.

Florian Wardell said...

Tarek, with his cancer and in his hospital bed, is still 10000000 times the man, debater, mind and soul you'll ever be.

I wish you a long, stupid and painful life.

Darkroom Creator said...

You're a sad and hateful little man...

DrMaxtor said...

Oy Gevalt! I see T-Fat has sent his goof troop of retarded Muslim hating fans here(via Facebook) projecting their stupidity, ignorance and hatred. So much emotion, so little regard for the FACTS.

No poor fellow, the sad and hateful one is Tarek Fatah, the quisling you're sticking up for. In MY culture, we like honest debate...that would be what your precious Fatah ran away from. In YOUR culture, any third rate hack, can make it as long as they appeal to your ego and prejudice. His career, like your intelligence leaves much to be desired.
Islam is not a political movement, nor will it be hijacked by the criminal likes of Fatah to be made digestible for your corrupt consumption. Don't brake your own hand trying to punch out your straw man.

False comparison, and just what democracy are you carping about? You're a dead troll slithering along in the war between Truth and Zionism.

There is no such thing as an "Islamist," chuteya. It's a totally stupid meaningless word that attempts to Anglicize an Arabic word, advertise it as intellectual and with deep meaning while actually only superficially pretending to bypass the connotations that are invariably associated with it by its religious context. In reality, it's those connotations and the religious context which are being manipulated to put the religion of Islam in new, hateful, bigoted, misrepresented terminology. Nice try exploiting the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti for your failed talking points, but no cigar, or should I say butt plug for you.

Oo, a death threat, terrorist wannabe? I'm glad you're so angry. How about you go find those mythical Iraqi WMDs, and hopefully step on a US made landmine? And take Fatah with you. I hear depleted Uranium does wonders for the lungs.

Move to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan? Why would I want to do that, live under a western puppet client state? Your comment is a beautiful example of how anti-freedom islamophobes are in their thinking : either agree with us or else.
Ain't happening buddy, I'm going to stay right here and continue to expose the likes of Fatah and company. Meanwhile feel free to piss off from Muslim countries and take your tin pot dictators with you.

@Florian Wardell,
Dream on. T-Fat couldn't debate his way out of paper bag. He ran like a scared little poodle once he got called for his BS.
Enjoy watching your cardboard cutout hero wither away into oblivion.

@Darkroom creator,
You're an angry little hypocrite. I on the other hand am a very happy man, especially after hearing about Fatah's diagnosis. It's good to see liars, crooks, hypocrites get theirs.

Now all you angry little boys and girls will have to excuse me, I've some jokes to share over lunch with buds in the oncology department. Oh and T-Fat, keep sending these idiot fans of yours over, I enjoy tasting their tears(much less sodium that the Zionists I usually dispatch).

Anonymous said...

I really don't think him not appearing at the debate makes him look like a scared poodle by anyone outside of "your" community. If you support fair debate and open sharing of opinions would you show up if someone changed the moderator on you several times at the last minute or would you have concerns about the fairness of the debate?

I have some concerns about someone who claims to support freedom (no seriously I suggest you look it up in the dictionary ... or maybe you skipped your english classes in med school) who would wish death and suffering on someone simply because they disagree with them.

If your point of view is so great why don't you do like Tarek and find ways for people to hear it... if they like what they hear they will support you. But I can assure you that wishing death upon your opponents in this country will not get you very far.

DrMaxtor said...

Ho hum. I think you're in need of English class(comprehension in particular), you might want to get acquainted with logic 101 as well. Instead of wasting my time regurgitating Fatah's lies(supposed media bans, moderators, security etc), why don't you watch the debate and the documentary about how it really all went down? Unless you do so, we have have nothing to discuss and I'll dismiss you as a lazy ignoramus. Get it straight, T-Fat is an enemy of freedom, that's why he deleted critical comments on his Facebook taking him to task for not showing for the debate and lying about it. A man who claims to love freedom would not campaign(access to religious courts) to make Muslim Canadians second class citizens.
As for "my" community, that's the one Fatah has been demonizing for the past decade labeling anybody who disagrees with as an "Islamist" out to destroy the west. And no, I sure as hell will not have a non-Muslim(that would you and the majority of Fatah's fans) tell me who represents my faith community and it's interests.
Cancer in itself is a death sentence, I merely hope he suffers for his lies, including his degenerate attacks on Muslim women. I find it amusing that the secular Islamophobic extremist hatemonger is now crying foul, playing victim after years of abusing the Muslim community. That's not wishing death on him, it's laughing at his misfortune, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Anonymous said...

You are out of your f'n mind if you think religious courts have ANY place in Canadian society.

There is a reason we have a seperation of state and religion. You talk about muslims being made second class citizens? And in the same breath you are asking for courts to make women second class citizens???

Also your wish of suffering on Tarek doesn't that go against your hippocratic oath if you are in fact a doctor?

also I tried to ask you questions without resorting to name calling it's too bad you can't do the same ...

fahad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DrMaxtor said...

You can't read too well can you? I did not call you names, I said IF you won't look at the solid evidence against him(both the debate and documentary, where his lies were demolished) you would be an ignoramus for supporting him, and that's exactly what you've done. Let me start out my saying that you're an ignoramus, and here's why : you don't what you're talking about.
Faith based arbitration courts were allowed for the purpose of reducing the load on civil courts. It had been around since the early 1990s available for Jews, Catholics, Aboriginals and other faiths. It was only when Muslims tried to access this alternative circa 2004 that Fatah and his band secular fanatics and neocon bomb throwers started their anti-Islamic fear mongering campaign of slander and libel against Sharia, and how it would lead to amputations, wife beatings and other racist nonsense. In the end Religious arbitration courts were scrapped altogether.

As for your amateurish attempt to teach me Medical ethics, FYI the Hippocratic Oath is ceremonial at best(its not even used in most graduation ceremonies in the US) and is not in any way legally binding. "Do no harm" or non-malfeasance applies to my patients, and doesn't in any way prevent me from commenting on political prostitutes and transvestites like Tarek Fatah and his "suffering." I'm happy to see the dirty Mccarthyist rot.
My advice to you is to stick to sharing stories about declawing your cats or whatever it is you do, and leave the facts and discussion to the adults.
I can't stand doing other peoples homework.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, DrM! I just checked out Tarek Fatah's Facebook, and the man is full of crap. You're right that he's deleting any comment why is critical of him and his cowardly behavior. His fans are mostly anti-Muslim neolib and neocon distended a-holes.
No way can any honest and sincere perso who has seen the videos you've posted can deny Mr.Fatah is lying.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, DrM! I just checked out Tarek Fatah's Facebook, and the man is full of crap. You're right that he's deleting any comment which is critical of him and his cowardly behavior. His fans are mostly anti-Muslim neolib and neocon distended a-holes.
No way can any honest and sincere perso who has seen the videos you've posted can deny Mr.Fatah is lying.

DanielS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ajsuhail said...

Hey Dr M,

I don't know how much you know about Canadian politics but here is more scare mongering from that pathetic excuse for a human being Tarek Fatah.

I wonder what his whining supporters have to say now.

Omer said...

Dr M you're an absolute legend. That was perhaps the single greatest post you've ever written and I've been reading your blog for a long time now.

Your writing is sharp and hilarious.

Keep up the good work ya Akhi.

DrMaxtor said...

Jazakallah Khair Omer. More to come!

Shajarat said...

"Where do you get your funding from?" In reply I got some arrogant gibberish about how he wasn't accountable to anyone, Islamists, petro-dollars, how Jenny Craig ripped him off etc. LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOL <3