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Cancerous Tarek Fatah's Latest "Death Threat" Hoax Exposed

Predictably Tarek Fateh is up his usual crazy-as-cat-s*** theatrics, once again making up stories which he can't back up. You'd think a cancer diagnosis would give the man pause to reflect and rethink his criminal behavior, but no, Fatah is one those cursed individuals determined to be damned. I mean really, how cheap and undignified is it for a sixty plus year old man with a foot in the grave to run to the cops about a uncharitable tweet? Yeah paranoid lymphoma boy, everybody is out to get you.

His whining Facebook flunkies paid me a visit after his whining about my post wishing his cancer the best of luck. I found them to be : ignorant morons, secular fanatics and Islamophobes with no interest in facts whatsoever. One of them even wished death upon me as well, which was devastating to my fragile psyche, but I got over it in a few seconds. Of course you won't find me foaming at the mouth about it on facebook or TWITer. Perhaps they, along with Fatah's MCC stooges should all get cancer and sit around in a circle with a flashlight spooking each other about the "islamist" phantom menace around every corner. Of course I'm joking, I hope they live long healthy lives..but if they do end up with cancer of any type, thanks for the laughs.

Speaking of which, here is the REAL definition on just what an "islamist" is: A totally stupid meaningless word that attempts to Anglicize an Arabic word, advertise it as intellectual and with deep meaning while actually only superficially pretending to bypass the connotations that are invariably associated with it by its religious context. In reality, it's those connotations and the religious context which are being manipulated to put the religion of Islam in new, hateful, bigoted, misrepresented terminology. Cliffnote version : A blanket term for any Muslim who doesn't agree with western hegemony.

It's a given that if you come to this blog with Zionist tendencies(lying, supporting terrorism and/or being a European pretending to be a Hebrew Israelite circa 5000 BC), you will most assuredly get your ass flattened into not-so-kosher mushroom cloud. Charlatans will be severely persecuted(regardless of your religious affiliation, but I will come down extra hard on "house Moslems") and sent packing. Seriously trolls, grow some spheres(cerebral hemispheres dummy, get your mind out of the gutter). We're not playing games here. Is it any wonder that a terrorist group like JDL and Hindu fascists would invite Fatah in their anti-Muslim hate mongering?
Now without further ado, the "You So Classy" blog has done a fantastic job documenting exposing T-Fat's latest lie(not even the local cops aren't taking him seriously at this point, but that's cause they are all stealth "islamists" according to the lipidity one ) :

The former(National Post) for giving Fatah space to promote his lies, the latter for dreaming up yet another fairytale to claim “radical islamists” are out to get  him, and by extension, everybody else.
(click on images to enlarge)
Here is the “threat” Fatah is feigning fear over:

That’s right. This “death threat” came from a random girl on twitter whose questions Fatah was ignoring/refusing to answer. She then tested her theory that by sending an inflammatory remark, she’d invoke a response from Fatah. Evidently, she was right, giving the Drama Queen a new reason to play the vicim and blame a non-existant grand Islamic conspiracy!
Fatah also posted her picture on Facebook, claiming she was “celebrating” his recent cancer diagnosis:
        This is a standard Fatah non-troversy.
Just last month, after he chickened out of a debate with a fellow muslim, Fatah propagated a fantastical story of being threatened/harassed.
Here was the MCC Press Release:

MCC president and VP threatened and expelled from debate after questioning arbitrary naming of new moderator to replace Karen Mock
“An inquisition disguised as a debate fools no one”
“We came to the NAMF Mosque in good faith and to hear a healthy debate, but on arrival discovered a hostile environment, an arbitrarily appointed new moderator, with private security guards who threatened us and expelled us from the mosque.. As a result, we recommended to Mr. Fatah that he not enter the premises and become a potential target of violence.”
- Sohail Raza, president Muslim Canadian Congress
TORONTO – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) regrets the attempt by NAMF, the North American Muslim Foundation to turn a debate on Islam into a public inquisition of its founder Tarek Fatah. The ‘debate’ was to have taken place today between Mr. Fatah and NAMF imam Sheharyar Sheikh inside the NAMF mosque in Scarborough, and was to be moderated by Karen Mock, the Liberal Party candidate in Thornhill.
On arrival at the venue Mr. Fatah was told that NAMF had unilaterally appointed a new moderator after Karen Mock declined to attend, citing ‘family matters.’ In the typical authoritarian style that governs most Islamist organizations, NAMF did not consult with Mr. Fatah on the appointment of the new moderator, nor did they consider the three names suggested by him (Imam Shabbir Ally, Imam Yahya Fadlallah and CBC broadcaster and Islamic scholar Nazim Baksh)
MCC president Sohail Raza and vice president Salma Siddiqui were both threatened inside the premises by the mosque’s private security guard who told them to “leave while you can still walk on your two feet.”
Leading up to the debate, from the appointment of Dr. Mock as moderator to the format of the debate, all decisions were made unilaterally by NAMF, without any consultation with either Mr. Fatah or the MCC. Mr. Fatah did express his reservations about the arbitrary and authoritarian process, but in the interest of free speech and free public debate, reluctantly agreed to participate in the debate as long as it was moderated by Karen Mock.
To make matters worse, NAMF issued a statement describing Tarek Fatah as a “hatemonger against Islam” and that “use of video camera “will not be allowed” inside the premises.
Mr. Fatah had placed just one condition as a pre-requisite to the debate: a moderator acceptable to both sides. In appointing an unknown moderator without consultation, NAMF acted in bad faith with the intention of creating an uneven level playing field that could prove to be not conducive to a fair debate.
In the absence of an agreed-upon moderator, the MCC came to the conclusion that what was being promoted as a debate on Islam, was nothing more than an inquisition where Tarek Fatah was to be ambushed. As a result, the MCC urged Mr. Fatah not to participate in his own inquisition where his own safety would be in jeopardy.
Toronto Police also advised Mr. Fatah not to attend the debate as they could not provide the police protection he had sought after being falsely accused by yet another Imam of “viciously attacked the Quran and Prophet Muhammad.” This allegation essentially labels Mr. Fatah of committing blasphemy and as a result, makes him a possible target of attack by radical Muslims.
Speaking about the MCC decision not to participate in the debate, the president of the MCC Sohail Raza said:
“We came to the NAMF Mosque in good faith and to hear a healthy debate, but on arrival discovered a hostile environment, an arbitrarily appointed new moderator, with private security guards who threatened us and expelled us from the mosque.. As a result, we recommended to Mr. Fatah that he not enter the premises and become a potential target of violence.”
Raza asked Islamists to be more forthcoming in the future as an inquisition disguised as a debate fools no one. “On behalf of the MCC I urge Islamic organizations to abandon medieval authoritarianism and embrace democracy,” he added.
For more information, please call Sohail Raza at (416) 505-1613
(This debate cancellation was, of course, featured in the Yellow Beast)
Fun Fact! Here is what actually happened, as detailed by a lengthy post on Fatah’s Facebook wall, which of course, he promptly deleted: (Note: portions of the screen grabs overlap at the end/beginning)

It’s quite entertaining to see just how many called BS on Fatah –  here’s the full series of exchanges below the MCC press release:

Fatah? Lie? What a shocker! Then again, he loves a good Fox News generated conspiracy!

I wonder what journalist Eric Margolis would have to say about being so “close” to the “worldwide Islamist movement”:

Or Rachel Maddow:

Of course, who am I to talk? After all, I “belong to the Sharia-Bolsheviks”!

In short: This is what Fatah does. He fans the flames of Islamophobia, then plays the victim when called out by fellow muslims. He labels everyone who disagrees with him as “islamists” who are secretly plotting to usher in Sharia Law.
For instance, he counts among his friends radical islamophobe Frank Gaffney - seen here with Fatah on a Fox News special entitled “Stealth Jihad: Terror From Within.”
Fatah is is just another noise machine seeking to “expose radical islam” where none exists.

 What say you now, T-Fat apologists? It's ok, go grab some extra thick kleanex. And biryani boy, give my best to Reed Sternberg(med school students know what I mean). I stand behind every word I've posted, no apologies now or ever.


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I found a T-Fat article on Mumbai so posted it on my blog. It concerns the Mumbai shootings and T's dead-certainty that it was Muslims that did it.

Altho, I wouldn't really bother abou it actually.

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Excellent article, loving it. Please turn your attention to Majid Nawaaz at some point. He is the British T-Fat.

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