Thursday, February 03, 2011

Not THAT kind of Regime Change! The silence of the wolves as Arabs restore honor

It's good time to be alive, and a bad day for Islamophobes. The silence of the wolves is deafening. The sheer lack of enthusiasm amongst various Western state media in reporting the historic events across the Arab world could not be more blatant. From Tunisia to Yemen, we've gotten a lot of spin, none acknowledging the dirty secret that all these corrupt, secular,( including Saudi Arabia) client regimes in the region are western installed and maintained. That this is a religious uprising against a criminal and unnatural western-secular imposed order on the peoples of the region. Mubarak's eroding thirty year dictatorship is not at all being greeted by the self proclaimed champions of "freedom and democracy." Whats the matter, neocons and neolibs? At a loss of words or is that an "israeli" appendage you're choking on? Oh, and "sand monkey," don't think posting empty slogans on your third rate, Atlas Shrugged linking, blog and absolves you of being a wolf in sheep's clothing, you treacherous neocon bastard. Seriously, does anybody in their right mind believe this obese, pro-Bush frat boy is fighting Mubarak's thugs in Tahrir Square? I hope they string your fat posterior up along with Mubarak and his cronies inshallah. This is a revolution by REAL Egyptians, not a bunch of white washed, secular self-hating house Arab yuppies fumbling around with iPhones, sipping lattes from Starbucks pretending to be freedom fighters. Also a worthy hat tip to the young bloods over at Ikhras for putting Wolfowitz go go girl Mona Eltahawy on notice.
Speaking of judeofascist skunks, they're running about worrying what this means for "israel." You'll also notice a conspicuous lack of phony twitter accounts being set by the usual shlomos. The Muslim Brotherhood will take over if Mubarak is overthrown they declare with fear in their raspy voices. Good! I'm sure they'll do a hell of a lot better then the "israeli" mafia which has long terrorized the region. 
Get it straight you degenerate Zionist and shabbos goyim bastards : This is a revolution where Muslims are taking their country back. Also a shout out to those Christians who refrained from falling into Mubarak's sectarian trap via the false false terrorist attacks on their Churches, and who are fighting alongside the Muslims for freedom. 

It remains to be seen how this all turns out but I'm cautiously optimistic that things are headed in the right direction, inshallah. Time for some heads to roll. Qadafi, Bashar, you're next!.
Praise the Lord, and pass the falafel.

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