Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cool facts about "israel" (true version)

I'm sure all of us have been "confronted" with those high flying claims of "israeli" accomplishments(hence justifying Jewish terrorism against Palestinians). Much like the horse manure email circulated by the usual shlomos claiming that Jews winning Nobel prizes makes them "smarter" then Muslims(got a post in the works on that). Without further ado, lets see how "israeli" these "israeli" inventions are :


ajsuhail said...

Hey Doctor,

here is something that proves you were right all along!

DrMaxtor said...

Salam Aliakum AJ,

Thanks for the link, I'll be posting that lovely article here soon.

lwtc247 said...

Salam Doc.
Seen this?
Zio-Rabbi Nachum Shiffren mistakenly says the truth! A Freudian slip LOL

Anonymous said...

Interesting info in the video, but I thought that it was still true that Ashkenazi Jews (but not Sephardim or Mizrahim) had an average IQ of 120.

Supposedly this is because Ashkenazi Jews were a small minority which didn't marry outsiders, and which were historically confined to jobs where intelligence was very important (for example, they came to dominate banking because they were banned from owning land in European countries). This led to a Darwinian evolution which increased their intelligence.

However, even if the Ashkenazi Jews are of superior intelligence to the general global population, it still doesn't justify the Nakba.