Friday, November 25, 2011

My favorite Rabbi

 Apologies on my scarcity, but time is of the essence. Allow me to introduce my main man here : my favorite Rabbi. I don't know his name but he's more kosher then Hebrew National.

Inshallah I'll be back soon.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Belated Eid Mubarak and others quick shots

A very late Eid Mubarak! Well that that's out of the way, lets get on the beligerant festivities:

Muslims out to get David Letterman? Well that's what Rita Katz's "israeli" disinfo group SITE wants you to believe. Evidence? None as usual, but hey we are talking about an IDF terrorist who tries to con others with footage stolen from post-apocalyptic video games.

More evidence of the judeofascist funding of Islamophobia. Big surprise.

Speaking of  "israelis," Amy Alkon, a judeofascist, and self styled "advice goddess" has been throwing a heck of fit after being "raped" by the TSA. While I despise the TSA, it is refreshing to see Zionist pigs get their comeuppance. Guess they didn't think that the draconian measures they whole heartedly supported against the Muslim community would come back and bite them in the tochas.

Ikhras has kicked the living ful medames out of  charlatan Mona Eltahawy in this post.

30 Days and 30 Mosques! Sounds cool, right? Not really considering that the guys behind it tried to squeeze in some serious fitna into their little road trip across America, visiting different masajid. What do we find them promoting?
The word "segregation" is the American context brings up memories of Jim Crow, and that's exactly the same word used to misrepresent the separation of genders in the masjid, and promote mingling.
The promotion of the British created Ahmediya cult, as if they are members of the Muslim community. Look no further then brother Shahid Kamal's expertise on this subject.
The promotion of homosexuality with none other then the degenerate charlatan Daayiee Abdullah, the self proclaimed "gay" imam of perversion.
What could have been an interesting and refreshing Ramadan travelogue turned out to have nothing to do with ibadah but another dull, useless, cultural "analysis" by a confused effete pair.

Apparently hijab is now a safety risk for roller coasters. I'm calling bullcrap on this, folks. You rent an entire amusement park to 3000 Muslims and then on the day of the festivities try to bar them from participating, citing bogus "safety concerns"? So why did they allow hijab previously and just pulled this crap on Eid? The cops came, real tough guys, all 6 of them attacking a single Muslim woman. The brothers, aka REAL MEN who jumped in to save them were also beaten and arrested. Keep in mind this is the same group of armed thugs who will pump 41 bullets in a person without provocation. Hopefully this will end up in court, and the bastards sued.
Funny how Islamophobic gutter snipes, who never get tired of bringing up the flea bitten stereotype of submissive Muslim women are so glad to see them beaten and arrested for asserting their rights.

Up north in Canada, a one man outfit calling itself the "Canadian Hindu Advocacy," run by a fecal fascist named Ron Bannerjee has been rather busy. Hindutva simians are a new addition to the western Islamophobia scene, their traditional activities over in ol' mother India involves gang raping and mutilating pregnant women and their fetuses as long as they aren't Hindus.
Incidentally, Bannerjee sounds a lot like Sylvestor the cat. Sufferin' sugatash indeed! Guess he couldn't manage the delicate intricacies of pirating Bollywood DVDs at his obese Uncle's sweets and spices store, or con himself into a Caribbean Med school. So what's got Ron so hot and bothered? Apparently Muslim children making Jummah salah at the school cafetaria during lunch hour is his problem. Throw in the Jewish Defense league, a well known terrorist organization in the mix, along with selective secular fascists, and you have the latest manufactured controversy. And of course what hate fest against Muslims would be complete without Tarek "T-Fat" Fatah's Munafiq Canadian Congress lending its support?
I've got thick skin but draw the line when women and children from the community are targeted. Let me give you maggots some free advice, stay away from Muslim children or you may well have Muslim parents kicking the bloody feces out of you. Oh, and Ron, you better pray extra hard to the blue spaceman and the cow next door that you don't end up as my toilet seat on haleem night in your next incarnation.

Speaking of Zionist droppings, Turkey just threw out the "israeli" ambassador today for the judeofascist terror attack on the Mavi Marmara. About time. Don't expect spineless western governments to do the same despite the innumerous indignities brought on them by Zionist terrorists. Did I mention that another one of the "chosen" just admitted to spying for "israel"?

Next up : Anders Behring Breivik, enjoy my 9/11 post from last year, cause I've been hearing that we're "taking over." Remember dhimmis, I want that jizya in gold.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ramadan Mubarak(not Hosni)

So much to post about, so little time. I know my adoring fans are just salivating in anticipation of my thoughts on the Zionist terrorist attack in Norway. Don't worry I've got a spicy post in the works...but good things comes to those who wait.
In the mean time enjoy this FANTASTIC lecture on the link between fasting and power :

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Reply to Asra "zionist media whore" Nomani

"Five years later, Asra Nomani is still a lying and manipulative Zionist media whore" is one of the most popular posts on this humble blog. Recently I got the following comment from a certain Asra Nomani.

Hello, this is Asra Nomani. So you get a good laugh calling someone a "lying and manipulative Zionist media whore." But I'm curious: Who are you "Dr. M"? You seem to have made it your hobby to mock others. Why don't you have the courage to identify who you are? Are you ashamed of your work that you don't reveal your true identity? Seems only someone ashamed of themselves would hide. Thanks, Asra

Now I don't know whether this is the wild eyed bimbo herself, but lets humor her shall we? I was one of the earliest voices who exposed Nomani back during the hey day of the pro-regressive bowel movement. Notice that Nomani's comment does NOT address any of the criticisms against her, instead whining about the red herring of internet anonymity. Who's the coward, now? Of course you wouldn't be concerned about my identity if I was showering you with praise would you? We're not playing hide and seek here, granny. Let me also state that I have no interest in you, your politics, what you eat, who you sleep with, your trendy assortment of STDs, or how many times you've broken a leg or two attempting to float on a broom stick. I really don't. You chose to make this about yourself. What DOES concern me is your decade long campaign of lies and slander against the Muslim community, all the while marketing yourself as a legitimate Mooslim voice. Your repeated support for Islamophobia over the years is well known, so don't pretend you don't understand why Muslims dislike you. There's really nothing special about you being "mocked" since I regularly perform circumcisions on Judeofascists, shabbos goyim, and pro-regressive Uncle Tom Mooslims with the rusty tetanus inducing axe of truth. I despise fasiqs like you. Lets take a look at the most recent examples of your mendacious behavior :

Going on FOX news to peddle conspiracy theories and validate fear mongering over the "Ground Zero Mosque."

Support for Peter King's anti-Muslim witch hunt via congressional hearings

Dismissing Terry Jones desecration of the Qur'an, and actually calling for burning those verses out which don't conform to your sick worldview. This itself is an act of kufr.

Call for racial profiling, and sexual molestation of Muslim passengers 

Demanding that the US government tell Muslims how to worship

Any wonder why so many Muslim haters cite your rubbish as a validation of their Islamophobia? Now I'm not into takfir but it would be an understatement to say that you're not a member of the Muslim community.  You're not a Muslim, but a media savvy, Islam hating opportunist. I don't expect you to change, so don't expect critique and mockery of your religious illiteracy and political BS to go away anytime soon.
I'll leave you with words of wisdom I imparted to one mindless troll : Islam doesn't come from YOU or me, it comes from Allah(swt) through his Messenger(saw), if you like it keep it, if you don't, leave it but don't try to change it. Enjoy the red carpet.
Oh, and tell your handlers I said Tisaref B' Azaze. 

UPDATE : Looks like nutty Nomani has been busy visiting sites critical of her balderdash. Turns out the diabolical DrM(that would be me) is hardly alone. This particular brother is a lot nicer then I am but if there's any doubt that Asra Nomani has the credibility of a cockroach in a kitchen, check this out. After reading her nonsensical comments(psych issues, give or take immature defense mechanisms anyone?), I regret not making this post more incendiary.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tarek Fatah Supports Geert Wilders

So our favorite corpulent, cancerous, Pakistani charlatan up north recently bloviated that while he disagreed with Zionist Jewish scumbag Geert Wilders' anti-Muslim garbage, he supported his presence and “right” to spread his poison in Canada.  Freedom of speech, right? Not so fast, biryani boy. Recall that T-fat didn’t extend that same courtesy towards Zakir Naik and Sheikh Riyad Al-Haq, and in fact campaigned to keep them from entering Canada. So why the inconsistency o hypocritical hippo? Remember when George Galloway wasn't let in thanks to a smear campaign by the Canadian JDL? Where was teabagging T-Fat then? Is It because both you and Wilders serve and promote the Judeofascist death cult?
Hear that? It's the sound of shekels jingling in his cancerous backside. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to go watch clips of our President Netanyahu (who also moonlights as "israeli" prime war criminal) receive multiple standing ovations from the complaint kosher Congress.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello America, can you spare an IQ point?

 No? Ofcourse you can’t, you have no brains to begin with. I’m sorry, let me be less rude. Penny for your thoughts or is the price too high?  This pretty much sums up my view on just how mentally invalid most Americans have become, believing one government lie after the other. I’m talking about the whole “we finally got Usama Bin (Dead for the last 9 years)” fiasco. Nothing has been learned in the last ten years. So he’s been officially retired from the script(9th time's the charm), but he’ll be replaced by a new Al-CIAda boogey man. Brother Shahid Kamal is much more eloquent in his razor sharp post:

We are neither on the side of the Muslim killers, the rapists of Muslim women, the dismember-junkies of murdered Afghan children, the permanent despoilers of lands through the use of depleted uranium, the holocausters of Fallujah in a hellish haze of white (like the angel of death) phosphorous, nor were we on the side of those who also kill civilians, but in smaller numbers and with less sophisticated weaponry. We were on the side of peace. And we didn’t appreciate lies being told to support wars whose only beneficiary was, is and will continue to be the Military Industrial Complex.

So having spent the last decade years slandering, vilifying, demonizing, degrading, spitting on, and murdering Muslims around the world, suddenly and inexplicably the US authorities were overcome by a new found sense of respect for Muslim customs and felt obliged to 'bury' Usama within 24 hours. Interesting. Gee.. I suppose they weren't anticipating anyone asking to see 'the evidence'.  

 The same liberals who critically dissected Bush jr’s every move had no problems with the multiple explanations of the daring raid put forth by the Obamaniac administration. No picture? No problem says western state media. Politics as usual. But what is truly unforgivable has been the reaction of Muslim individuals organizations who swallowed the lie hook, line and sinker. What, do you eager beaver immigrant buffoons think playing along will make Islamophobia disappear? That you’ll be accepted, now that you’re being politically correct? Think masser will let you live in a bigger house?  Allow me to remind you of a verse from the glorious Qur’an :

﴿يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا إِنْ جَاءَكُمْ فَاسِقٌ بِنَبَإٍ فَتَبَيَّنُوا أَنْ تُصِيبُوا قَوْمًا بِجَهَالَةٍ فَتُصْبِحُوا عَلَى مَا فَعَلْتُمْ نَادِمِينَ﴾

O you who believe! If a Fasiq (liar/evildoer) comes to you with a report, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done. (49:6)

Yeah, I’m not buying their fairy tale. Just like I never believed that “Iraq had WMD and did 911” lie. Oh and speaking of which, Muslims didn’t do 911. And if you don’t have the spine to stand up and speak the truth, then kindly sit down and shut up, and don’t EVER call yourselves community leaders, you apathetic, pot bellied, halwa eating cowards. Learn from these brave non-Muslims :

Now if you'll excuse me I've got to get back to polishing Davey Jones locker.

Friday, May 06, 2011

What is Sharia? Four Witnesses needed for what?!

This most excellent khutba was sent to me by my bud, the dynamic Dr.H aka beardless Muttawa from SoCal.  

Monday, March 07, 2011

Cancerous Tarek Fatah's Latest "Death Threat" Hoax Exposed

Predictably Tarek Fateh is up his usual crazy-as-cat-s*** theatrics, once again making up stories which he can't back up. You'd think a cancer diagnosis would give the man pause to reflect and rethink his criminal behavior, but no, Fatah is one those cursed individuals determined to be damned. I mean really, how cheap and undignified is it for a sixty plus year old man with a foot in the grave to run to the cops about a uncharitable tweet? Yeah paranoid lymphoma boy, everybody is out to get you.

His whining Facebook flunkies paid me a visit after his whining about my post wishing his cancer the best of luck. I found them to be : ignorant morons, secular fanatics and Islamophobes with no interest in facts whatsoever. One of them even wished death upon me as well, which was devastating to my fragile psyche, but I got over it in a few seconds. Of course you won't find me foaming at the mouth about it on facebook or TWITer. Perhaps they, along with Fatah's MCC stooges should all get cancer and sit around in a circle with a flashlight spooking each other about the "islamist" phantom menace around every corner. Of course I'm joking, I hope they live long healthy lives..but if they do end up with cancer of any type, thanks for the laughs.

Speaking of which, here is the REAL definition on just what an "islamist" is: A totally stupid meaningless word that attempts to Anglicize an Arabic word, advertise it as intellectual and with deep meaning while actually only superficially pretending to bypass the connotations that are invariably associated with it by its religious context. In reality, it's those connotations and the religious context which are being manipulated to put the religion of Islam in new, hateful, bigoted, misrepresented terminology. Cliffnote version : A blanket term for any Muslim who doesn't agree with western hegemony.

It's a given that if you come to this blog with Zionist tendencies(lying, supporting terrorism and/or being a European pretending to be a Hebrew Israelite circa 5000 BC), you will most assuredly get your ass flattened into not-so-kosher mushroom cloud. Charlatans will be severely persecuted(regardless of your religious affiliation, but I will come down extra hard on "house Moslems") and sent packing. Seriously trolls, grow some spheres(cerebral hemispheres dummy, get your mind out of the gutter). We're not playing games here. Is it any wonder that a terrorist group like JDL and Hindu fascists would invite Fatah in their anti-Muslim hate mongering?
Now without further ado, the "You So Classy" blog has done a fantastic job documenting exposing T-Fat's latest lie(not even the local cops aren't taking him seriously at this point, but that's cause they are all stealth "islamists" according to the lipidity one ) :

The former(National Post) for giving Fatah space to promote his lies, the latter for dreaming up yet another fairytale to claim “radical islamists” are out to get  him, and by extension, everybody else.
(click on images to enlarge)
Here is the “threat” Fatah is feigning fear over:

That’s right. This “death threat” came from a random girl on twitter whose questions Fatah was ignoring/refusing to answer. She then tested her theory that by sending an inflammatory remark, she’d invoke a response from Fatah. Evidently, she was right, giving the Drama Queen a new reason to play the vicim and blame a non-existant grand Islamic conspiracy!
Fatah also posted her picture on Facebook, claiming she was “celebrating” his recent cancer diagnosis:
        This is a standard Fatah non-troversy.
Just last month, after he chickened out of a debate with a fellow muslim, Fatah propagated a fantastical story of being threatened/harassed.
Here was the MCC Press Release:

MCC president and VP threatened and expelled from debate after questioning arbitrary naming of new moderator to replace Karen Mock
“An inquisition disguised as a debate fools no one”
“We came to the NAMF Mosque in good faith and to hear a healthy debate, but on arrival discovered a hostile environment, an arbitrarily appointed new moderator, with private security guards who threatened us and expelled us from the mosque.. As a result, we recommended to Mr. Fatah that he not enter the premises and become a potential target of violence.”
- Sohail Raza, president Muslim Canadian Congress
TORONTO – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) regrets the attempt by NAMF, the North American Muslim Foundation to turn a debate on Islam into a public inquisition of its founder Tarek Fatah. The ‘debate’ was to have taken place today between Mr. Fatah and NAMF imam Sheharyar Sheikh inside the NAMF mosque in Scarborough, and was to be moderated by Karen Mock, the Liberal Party candidate in Thornhill.
On arrival at the venue Mr. Fatah was told that NAMF had unilaterally appointed a new moderator after Karen Mock declined to attend, citing ‘family matters.’ In the typical authoritarian style that governs most Islamist organizations, NAMF did not consult with Mr. Fatah on the appointment of the new moderator, nor did they consider the three names suggested by him (Imam Shabbir Ally, Imam Yahya Fadlallah and CBC broadcaster and Islamic scholar Nazim Baksh)
MCC president Sohail Raza and vice president Salma Siddiqui were both threatened inside the premises by the mosque’s private security guard who told them to “leave while you can still walk on your two feet.”
Leading up to the debate, from the appointment of Dr. Mock as moderator to the format of the debate, all decisions were made unilaterally by NAMF, without any consultation with either Mr. Fatah or the MCC. Mr. Fatah did express his reservations about the arbitrary and authoritarian process, but in the interest of free speech and free public debate, reluctantly agreed to participate in the debate as long as it was moderated by Karen Mock.
To make matters worse, NAMF issued a statement describing Tarek Fatah as a “hatemonger against Islam” and that “use of video camera “will not be allowed” inside the premises.
Mr. Fatah had placed just one condition as a pre-requisite to the debate: a moderator acceptable to both sides. In appointing an unknown moderator without consultation, NAMF acted in bad faith with the intention of creating an uneven level playing field that could prove to be not conducive to a fair debate.
In the absence of an agreed-upon moderator, the MCC came to the conclusion that what was being promoted as a debate on Islam, was nothing more than an inquisition where Tarek Fatah was to be ambushed. As a result, the MCC urged Mr. Fatah not to participate in his own inquisition where his own safety would be in jeopardy.
Toronto Police also advised Mr. Fatah not to attend the debate as they could not provide the police protection he had sought after being falsely accused by yet another Imam of “viciously attacked the Quran and Prophet Muhammad.” This allegation essentially labels Mr. Fatah of committing blasphemy and as a result, makes him a possible target of attack by radical Muslims.
Speaking about the MCC decision not to participate in the debate, the president of the MCC Sohail Raza said:
“We came to the NAMF Mosque in good faith and to hear a healthy debate, but on arrival discovered a hostile environment, an arbitrarily appointed new moderator, with private security guards who threatened us and expelled us from the mosque.. As a result, we recommended to Mr. Fatah that he not enter the premises and become a potential target of violence.”
Raza asked Islamists to be more forthcoming in the future as an inquisition disguised as a debate fools no one. “On behalf of the MCC I urge Islamic organizations to abandon medieval authoritarianism and embrace democracy,” he added.
For more information, please call Sohail Raza at (416) 505-1613
(This debate cancellation was, of course, featured in the Yellow Beast)
Fun Fact! Here is what actually happened, as detailed by a lengthy post on Fatah’s Facebook wall, which of course, he promptly deleted: (Note: portions of the screen grabs overlap at the end/beginning)

It’s quite entertaining to see just how many called BS on Fatah –  here’s the full series of exchanges below the MCC press release:

Fatah? Lie? What a shocker! Then again, he loves a good Fox News generated conspiracy!

I wonder what journalist Eric Margolis would have to say about being so “close” to the “worldwide Islamist movement”:

Or Rachel Maddow:

Of course, who am I to talk? After all, I “belong to the Sharia-Bolsheviks”!

In short: This is what Fatah does. He fans the flames of Islamophobia, then plays the victim when called out by fellow muslims. He labels everyone who disagrees with him as “islamists” who are secretly plotting to usher in Sharia Law.
For instance, he counts among his friends radical islamophobe Frank Gaffney - seen here with Fatah on a Fox News special entitled “Stealth Jihad: Terror From Within.”
Fatah is is just another noise machine seeking to “expose radical islam” where none exists.

 What say you now, T-Fat apologists? It's ok, go grab some extra thick kleanex. And biryani boy, give my best to Reed Sternberg(med school students know what I mean). I stand behind every word I've posted, no apologies now or ever.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

T-Fat has cancer, and I'm loving it

2011 has so far not been a good year for the usual suspects. Western client regimes in the Middle East and North Africa are falling apart, much to to consternation of Judeofascists who are losing their valuable collaborators and flunkies. Who knew Mubarak and Gaddafi had such a huge western fan club? Decades of Anglo-American terrorism in the region(direct and indirect) has yielded exactly the opposite desired result. People are fed up and won't take it anymore, and I'm loving it. But its not just tinpot dictators for whom the bell tolls, it's time for Tarek Fatah, the warbling mass of biryabi addicted punjabi inanity to face the music, specifically the sweet symphony of immortal anaplastic cells dividing and spreading the metastatic love. He's been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic cells of the immune system. Once again, this is a beautiful example of bad things happening to bad people(eg. Christopher Hitchens), and T-Fat is most definitely not a decent person by any stretch of the imagination. I've surprised he didn't blame the phantom menace of "Islamism" on his latest misfortune. I figured given his sumo wrestler like mass, a combination of heart disease and diabetes would do him in after a sweaty night of freebasing haleem. He sounded off alarmist balderdash about "threats" from Twitter, and non-existent danger to the hospital he's been admitted to. Thankfully he had guards, who wasted no time catching up on sleep. More Canadian tax payer dollars wasted on a charlatan who's worth his weight in steer manure.
I remember my first and only interaction with him back in my third year of med school, during the hey day of the psuedo-Islamic pro-regressive movement circa 2005. I had infiltrated the diabolical PMUNA(Progressive Muslim Union of North America) email list moderated by the corpulent communist himself.  I emailed him a very simple question : "Where do you get your funding from?" In reply I got some arrogant gibberish about how he wasn't accountable to anyone, Islamists, petro-dollars, how Jenny Craig ripped him off etc. This Gaddafi like behavior would end up alienating the rest of the PMNUA to the point that the group collapsed in a year.
Over the years I've semi-documented Fatah's lies, failed career in Canadian politics, and promotion of Islamophobia in bed with the usual suspects, all the while cashing in on the hate. All of which established him as a pathological liar with delusions of grandeur. Well nothing like a cancer diagnosis to curb such narcissism. Before T-Fat's diagnosis, Muslim Canadians called his bluff and challenged him a debate only to get a no-show from the slimy simpleton. He knew that he would be utterly destroyed in a debate with a knowledgeable Muslim. T-Fat is no more capable of displaying a mastery of debate, logic and reason than any other obese, inferiority complex ridden, desi third world communist left over wearing philosophical blinders. And really, T-Fat is NOT a member of the Muslim community, and that's perfectly fine, but he doesn't have any right to make a living at our expense either. The following documentary proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Fatah and his half life supporters were blatantly lying through their teeth regarding the ill fated debate :

Pay particular attention to 37:15 -42:14 and 49:22 till the end(including Fatah's bizarre little dance number). I want to finish this post by wishing his cancer the very best of luck in relapsing and ravaging the evil, lying, hate mongering, bastard. May his suffering be long and pronounced. How could I as a normal human being(insert humility with a couple of standard deviations above the mean IQ) have any compassion for a gutter snipe who justified the murder of sister Marwa El-Sherbini by a German neo-Nazi by going on an anti-hijab rant? I simply can't, my sympathies lie with genuine decent, people not filthy political prostitutes and Marxist washouts from the 1960s.
Now it's back to watching history unfold in the center of the universe, praise the lord and pass the falafel.

PS : If anyone has information from T-bag's time in Saudi Arabia prior to his immigration to Canada, please let me know. I'm also interested in the claim that he's a convicted felon in Pakistan.

UPDATE : Well, the ailing septic sepoy has read(he's got the time to spare, not like he works for a living) this post and he isn't a happy camper. He's been TWITtering and Facebooking my humble blog as "evidence" of the ugliness of "Islamism."

Thanks for the plug T-Fat, I knew you'd react like the predictable cheap attention whore that you are. "Oh look, I've been demonizing the Muslim community for the past decade and they don't like me!" Cry me a river. Since you've sent so much additional traffic here I'm going give your cretinous fans some of your greatest misses :

Run Tarek Run...From Debate

Honest Interviews : Tarek Fatah 

Take heed Muslim boys and girls, this is where you end up if you're a lying, untalented, obese, homeless third world, inferiority complex ridden, green card seeking Communist dreg devoid of morals, principles, character, integrity, values, willing to sell yourself to the highest bidder.

Do NOT attempt to contact him because he's going to play the old death threat card to get you into trouble. Instead, sit back and let Lymphoma do the rest.



Thursday, February 03, 2011

Not THAT kind of Regime Change! The silence of the wolves as Arabs restore honor

It's good time to be alive, and a bad day for Islamophobes. The silence of the wolves is deafening. The sheer lack of enthusiasm amongst various Western state media in reporting the historic events across the Arab world could not be more blatant. From Tunisia to Yemen, we've gotten a lot of spin, none acknowledging the dirty secret that all these corrupt, secular,( including Saudi Arabia) client regimes in the region are western installed and maintained. That this is a religious uprising against a criminal and unnatural western-secular imposed order on the peoples of the region. Mubarak's eroding thirty year dictatorship is not at all being greeted by the self proclaimed champions of "freedom and democracy." Whats the matter, neocons and neolibs? At a loss of words or is that an "israeli" appendage you're choking on? Oh, and "sand monkey," don't think posting empty slogans on your third rate, Atlas Shrugged linking, blog and absolves you of being a wolf in sheep's clothing, you treacherous neocon bastard. Seriously, does anybody in their right mind believe this obese, pro-Bush frat boy is fighting Mubarak's thugs in Tahrir Square? I hope they string your fat posterior up along with Mubarak and his cronies inshallah. This is a revolution by REAL Egyptians, not a bunch of white washed, secular self-hating house Arab yuppies fumbling around with iPhones, sipping lattes from Starbucks pretending to be freedom fighters. Also a worthy hat tip to the young bloods over at Ikhras for putting Wolfowitz go go girl Mona Eltahawy on notice.
Speaking of judeofascist skunks, they're running about worrying what this means for "israel." You'll also notice a conspicuous lack of phony twitter accounts being set by the usual shlomos. The Muslim Brotherhood will take over if Mubarak is overthrown they declare with fear in their raspy voices. Good! I'm sure they'll do a hell of a lot better then the "israeli" mafia which has long terrorized the region. 
Get it straight you degenerate Zionist and shabbos goyim bastards : This is a revolution where Muslims are taking their country back. Also a shout out to those Christians who refrained from falling into Mubarak's sectarian trap via the false false terrorist attacks on their Churches, and who are fighting alongside the Muslims for freedom. 

It remains to be seen how this all turns out but I'm cautiously optimistic that things are headed in the right direction, inshallah. Time for some heads to roll. Qadafi, Bashar, you're next!.
Praise the Lord, and pass the falafel.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Run Tarek Run...From Debate

My old collaborator from the Living Tradition blog, AjSuhail left me a most pleasing comment concerning our old friend Tarek "T(bagger)-Fat" Fatah.  I'm reposting AJ's link to a fantastic article from detailing how T-Fat chickened out of debating an Imam after boasting how nobody would dare take him on. So what happened T-fat? Did a steaming pile of biryani incapacitate you? Or perhaps it was the icy chill which went down your back(you never had a spine) at the very real prospect of being exposed and humiliated by the Muslims whose demonization you've been selling and making your living of.
Remember folks, I said it first over 6 years ago that T-Fat is a filthy opportunistic anti-Muslim charlatan. 
Onto the excellent article(with videos(which obviously wont be broadcast on western state media) of the debate sans fat neocon chicken tibastard) :

Chasing Tarek Fatah, the Mirage

IN Urdu, “Tarek” literally means “quitter”.
Interestingly, we saw this definition play in reality on Saturday, January 29, 2011, when Tarek Fatah backed out from a debate with me at the last minute without informing anyone at the venue.
Shamefully, he has still not spoken a word to the organizers about his uninformed absence. All they have to go by is a “press release” by some organization he knows friends in, but one he does not officially represent in any way.
Assuming the press release letter voices Mr. Fatah’s views (the truth of which we may never know) it makes for an engaging read ( see attachment).
The clown on the letter by the name of Sohail Raza accuses NAMF of “turn(ing) a debate into a public inquisition”. This is a serious charge. How was this to be a public inquisition, I wonder? And why would it be public? Doesn’t the general public identify with Mr Fatah against the Big, Bad Islamists? Or perhaps, it is the public, not NAMF, which is full of anger toward you, Mr. Fatah, for the propaganda damage you cause them.
And since when did Mr. Fatah tie a “condition” of taking part at NAMF only after he approved of the moderator? Even if true, why did he confirm his attendance by phone two hours before the event? All we know is that he consistently made noise –  Yes –  over many things: the language, the venue, the format, his approval before any video recording, and the choice of moderator.
Hardly a martyr for his cause, he seemed to try every possible way to weasel out of this debate. (We have the entire email correspondence proving this, which we plan to make public soon)
I can go on about the lies of cameras not being allowed at NAMF (a press release to media outlets was sent on the Jan 24, 2011) or of NAMF withdrawing police officers, or of conspiring to “ambush” Tarek Fatah through an “inquisition”, but I wont (All this is extensively covered in an open letter by one organizer of the event).
I only want to express sympathy with those well-meaning, yet naïve folks before whom Tarek Fatah masquerades as some kind of Martin Luther of Islam boldly battling the Islamist boogiemen; folks who believed he would show up to uphold the very principles he keeps saying he fights for.
On his Facebook page, Mr. Fatah wrote:
This Saturday, January 29, I face another Islamic cleric in a public debate. Please do come and see for yourself the danger of allowing Islamism to spread its fascist cancer among the born-in-Canada Muslim youth in our country.
Consider the sympathy he gathers on the same page among some very simple-minded people:
“Tarek, you are a brave man and God is with you and he will protect you from evil”
“Tarek is one of the sane Muslims out there who is willing to smite down the terrorists who plague it”
“I am really horrified at the extent of threat Tarek is facing”
“Tariq. You are a brave man. We are with you be not afraid of these two bit molvis”
“@Tarek – I’m surprised the threat took this long but be well, my friend. Be safe & be blessed by Allah and continue on with your moral courage. The world needs you”
In my honest assessment, Tarek Fatah is inauthentic. He, like many self-styled Islamic reformers these days, wants to cash in on the publicity and martyr-status, but not at the expense of being exposed.
Alas, I truly believed the man, however wrongly guided, carried the potential to serve his community. But with his rude and shameful absence exposing his moral cowardice to face an opponent in debate following a challenge that he threw in November, 2010, and worse, getting others to lie to defend him, that hope has all but disappeared.
Imam Sheharyar Shaikh is the President of North American Muslim Foundation and Imam of Masjid Qurtabah.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cool facts about "israel" (true version)

I'm sure all of us have been "confronted" with those high flying claims of "israeli" accomplishments(hence justifying Jewish terrorism against Palestinians). Much like the horse manure email circulated by the usual shlomos claiming that Jews winning Nobel prizes makes them "smarter" then Muslims(got a post in the works on that). Without further ado, lets see how "israeli" these "israeli" inventions are :