Monday, December 20, 2010

"Quilliam Foundation" no more

Good news o lovers of truth, justice and the Islamic way. The British government backed charlatans known as the "Quilliam Foundation" have had their government funding pulled. As a result they've had to "let go of 80% of their staff," so that should leave approximately 1.8 members in operation.
Now if only agent provocateur Andy "MI6" Choudary could be retired...


MENJ said...

Their website is still up. I suppose it will take some time before they get buried for good.

As it is, I am starting a "think tank" myself:

lwtc247 said...

Hahaha. Eat crap Quilliam! Well done Dr M for your efforts spotlighting this slime. But where are the shadowy skunks headed for? Ed Hussain will I feel, not be simply disposed of - He's useful trash, VERY useful. He oozes PR-ness.

As for Anjem Choudary I admit I have a soft spot for this guy, who by my reconing, is just about the only reasonably known Muslim that stands up to the state and spotlights its crimes.

Dr M, do you really think he's a plant? :(

DrMaxtor said...


Salam Aliakum, long time no hear! Ed should go join the EDL scum. As for Anjem Choudhery, I believe the man does far, far more bad then good. While he's good at highlighting the hypocrisy of the state every now and then, his irresponsible behavior and statements makes him a favorite amongst the Islamophobic choir. I find him to be an obscure rabble rouser eager for the spotlight of western state media.
What dawah has he done, does he engage non-Muslims constructively and with hikma? No, he justifies stereotypes of Muslims. When was the last time we were saw Choudhery and his 12 followers at an anti-war/anti-EDL protest?
In short, I don't think the guy is legit. Kind of like the "Revolution Muslim" loonies.

lwtc247 said...

Waalaikumassalam Dr M (and many apologies that my wish to join in the celebrations of the demise of Quilliam, made me forget my Islamic manners and give you the proper greeting. My bad)

I spelt 'eddies' name wrong. It's Ed Husain, for anyone else interested in verminology research. I found this rather tasty morsel, whose claim wouldn't really surprize me, and yeah, he's probably moonlighting with those Israyhell waying flag EDL suckers.

I've been away from the Blogosphere. It was just eating my time, giving very little back in return, although I do still drop into one or two of my fave sites now and then.

Understood your concerns about AC. These are times of great deception. Who's part of that game (or help the opposition - knowingly or not) is sometimes not so easy to positively identify. A number of authors (themselves possibly establishment tools) suggest supposed 'radicals' were working with Mi5/6. The ways of man (todays guideless man) are full of deception, hummm, that reminds me of a kind of rotten motto.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Wow! 80% of the staff fired due to a loss of government backing. Just shows how little independence they really had!

And given the actual views of William (Abdullah) Quilliam, even their very name was a joke -- "Quisling Foundation" more likely!