Saturday, October 30, 2010

Business as unusual? Meet the Tea Baggers favorite "Moslems"

No, I’m not referring to the spiffy new blog theme, or the latest bomb scare strategically timed just days before the midterm elections(I was expecting SITE to release another one of their exclusive doctored OBL audio tapes) but the predictable behavior of familiar fraudsters, some of whom have graduated to FOX news. For years others and I have highlighted the criminal associations of these scabs, and their approval of the hysteria of the “Ground Zero Mosque” once again reveals their true colors. At a time when Islam and Muslims are being viciously maligned along come four familiar charlatans seeking to cash in on the Islamophobic rage. Takfir time anyone?
As for embattled puppet Imam Rauf, he insists that if the center isn’t built, it would “outrage radicals in the Muslim world.” Reality check Rauf, Muslims don’t care about your little project, what concerns us is the precedent set by this case : that all it takes is a hand full of lying Judeofascist scum to whip up an ignorant mob of racist trash to stop the construction of masjids.  
Without further ado, lets find out who the tea baggers favorite “Moslems” are :
Big surprise that gutter gestating, slimy political transvestite Tarek “T-Fat” Fatah has come out against the “Ground Zero Mosque.” Who asked this Pakistani communist pig in Canada to weigh in on this? FOX news of course! Apparently they couldn’t find a liar with a Muslim name(Zuhdi Jasser was out of town). That's Brian "all terrorists are Muslim" Kilmeade he's snuggling with on FOX. You see, he has a new book out(a set of Zionist loo reading cliff notes endorsed by the likes of Whorowitz and company), of which I’ve obtained the original cover, so nothing like a little free publicity.  T-fat is the sort of low life who would dig up his own mother’s corpse if it could get him some attention. He complained on Facebook(where he’s also posted uncharitable pictures and cartoons of hijabi and niqabi Muslim women) that Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR had called him a “neocon sock puppet.” Nothing debatable about that as Fatah has a long history of lending support to Judeofascist anti-Muslim propaganda.  Ah, but what does CAIR know? They supported Bush in 2000, protests the lipidy one. Fair enough but why are YOU in bed with the same neocons which actively supported Bush TODAY, Tarek?  It’s because you’re a crooked liar and a filthy hypocrite devoid of any shame and morals.
Required reading :
Raheel Raza is another corpulent Pakistani charlatan holed up in Canada playing “diversity consultant,” which I suppose is a step up considering her only accomplishment in life has been being a diabetic desi house wife freebasing gulab jamoons and snorting haleem. She was pro-regressive Moslim idiot #9 of 2006 and has a long running association with neocons. Just like T-Fat, Raza is a member of the Marxist Canadian Congress with no interest or links to the Muslim community. Some silly shabbos goyim have also made some noise that Raza “confronted” Tariq Ramadan at some event in NYC, when in fact she made a lousy personal attack on him. So who flew her in anyway? Oh that’s right she was taping a show with O’Reilly, who we all know just loves Muslims. Now I’m no fan of Ramadan but Raheel Raza is about as much an intellectual threat to him to as a maggot to a can of Raid. Then again she’d be out of her depth in parking lot puddle.
 Required Reading :

Zionist media whore Asra Nomani has justified not only the opposition to the Islamic center by spreading false rumors but also the desecration of the Holy Qur’an by anti-Muslim bigots. Disgusted and angry? Get over it she says. Not only that but she demands that certain verses be torn out because they don’t mesh with her degenerate mindset. It’s the classical out-of-context citation in the style of Robert Spencer of Geehad Watch Nomani utilizes to justify this. Not that she’s a member of the Muslim community, so there’s no need to issue a fatwa since that’s exactly what she wants. This sort of dishonesty can’t just be attributed to Nomani’s total lack of character, theological illiteracy, or those that sign her pay checks, but also the half dozen or so STDs she’s contracted over the past two decades. Tertiary Syphilis affects the brain and is not cheap to treat. 
Required Reading :

Then we come to another third rate journalist and aging bimbo trying to make a fast buck selling the recycled horse manure which has long offended the nostrils of the educated and intelligent. I’m talking about none other then Wolfowitz go go girl Mona Eltahawy. As usual it’s child’s play to take apart Eltahawy’s screed that the Islamic center should be built in the same manner as the Danish hate cartoons were published.  No Mona, there’s a clear difference between opening a masjid to serve the area’s Muslims which some beer belly, meth and mayonnaise indulging mutant may not like and printing bigoted images to deliberate provoke more than a quarter of the world’s population. Let me simplify it further, it’s the difference between a principled journalist like Helen Thomas and a RAND tabloid tramp like you. But she’s a “big fan of offense,” you know things like supporting the desecration of the Qur’an at Gitmo and supporting the Iraq War. Perhaps all that hair dye has altered the pH of your cerebrospinal fluid, or your neocon paycheck just isn’t what it used to be.Hopefully a front row seat to menopause will serve as a reliable life guard to prevent you from polluting the gene pool. 
Required Reading :
On that lovely note I must make haste as  Halloween approaches. This year I plan on dressing up as a Rabbi from New Jersey, I won’t be asking for candy, just livers, kidneys, and other organs for trafficking. 


Anonymous said...

I was hoping they would successfully block its construction, preferably through constitutional amendment.

Ibn said...

Dr.M, have you any posts on Zuhdi Jasser?

Adam said...

Think your hard on Mona. True she she's extreme on things like the Niqab.

But she is also more likely to defend the deen than tarek or Reza. She isn't as likely to bash Islam and muslims shamelessly, she doesn't ally herself with people as bad.

Loga'Abdullah said...

I reviewed Irshad Manji's book here - I think you may find it interesting

I also reviewed Asra Nomani's book as well, here:

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions about this book review.

Anonymous said...

For more gems from Mona Eltahaway please see her twitter page:

She engages mostly with other house Arabs and their slave owners.

Grande Strategy said...

haha good one. I like the term "house arabs". That is the perfect term for them. I'm going to have to include that in my list:

Adam said...

Exellent book reviews.

Though i would like to comment that, according to islamic history, the pagan arabs USED TO practice monothiesm. This wasn't even much of a secret.

They simply disregarded it, and were annoyed when the prophet just gave them a reminder of what their roots were. Remember, according to 'the sealed necter' monothiesm is an age old religion. Hell Pre-islamic arabia was very sophisticated until a specific point in time, when the society and civilization crumbled and fragmented.

SO those fools who say islam has pagan roots, simply say paganism has islamic roots.

For those who say that pre-islamic arabia was great before the advent of islam, simply state that...this was hundreds of years before mohammeds time. When the prophet brought islam to arabia, he brought it to a culture that forgot where it came from.

ajsuhail said...

This should be interesting if Tarek actually shows up!