Sunday, August 08, 2010

PMNUA Debate returns with a new friend

After what seems like an eternity PMNUA Debate has returned to the declining world of blogging with a bang(not the kind which judeofascists whine about when a bottle rocket hits a settlement of askheNazi squatters). This "bang" is the introduction of a hard hitting, no nonsense blog called Ikhras(Arabic for "shut up") which takes on not only the usual shlomos but has a message the House Moslems and Imperial boot licking Ay-rabs : Shut up. My kind of blog. Has it really been six years since we embarked on a similar mission? Time flies when you're having fun. Go get em young bloods. Coming soon is a trashing years in the making, a deconstruction of Fareed Zakaria. Yes, that Fareed Zakaria of desi bootlicker fame.


JDsg said...

Salaam 'alaikum and an early Ramadan mubarak.

But at least Fareed did the right thing by giving back the ADL's award and cash prize for their denunciation of the Park 51 complex.

DrMaxtor said...

Waliakum Asalam and Ramadan Mubarak JD!

Long time no see, brother! Zakaria may have done the right thing but he made a calculated move to assert himself in a manner to case himself as an "independent." Better question is why would the judeofascist ADL give this joker a prize in the first place?
Zakaria's rap sheet is a study in boot licking and a guide to being a sycophant. More on this later, inshallah.

Hussam said...

Ramadan Mubarak DrM. Hope all is well.

I give Zakaria a pass because he does not claim to speak for Muslims unlike the other charlatans.

Anonymous said...

salaam 'alikum DrM,

I absolutely love your blog- thank you so much for providing confused souls-like myself critical and humors perspectives. I was wondering if there's a way I could contact you on this blog? Like, send you link of articles/videos that you may be interested in? Also, I've always been a T-Fat-manji-hiris hater, and you've articulated my frustration beautifully!I'm waiting for your posts on Zakaria, midestyouth, t-fat's article on "GZM" mosque( that was tweeted by SARAHEFINPALIN, and SO MANY THINGS. Thank you so much and jazak allah ALFFFFFFF KHAIR.

In solidarity,

Adam said...


Anonymous said...

your comments, please. I couldn't take him seriously with the ABCD shirt LOL. I'm sorry, but this dude just pisses me off.

DrMaxtor said...


Sorry but the moment I saw T-Fat's name I didn't bother(don't want to get iman get this late into Ramadan). Check out my "interview" with him :

I will say this much though Fatah is worth his weight in a steaming pile of kosher bull feces, and he knows it.