Sunday, August 08, 2010

PMNUA Debate returns with a new friend

After what seems like an eternity PMNUA Debate has returned to the declining world of blogging with a bang(not the kind which judeofascists whine about when a bottle rocket hits a settlement of askheNazi squatters). This "bang" is the introduction of a hard hitting, no nonsense blog called Ikhras(Arabic for "shut up") which takes on not only the usual shlomos but has a message the House Moslems and Imperial boot licking Ay-rabs : Shut up. My kind of blog. Has it really been six years since we embarked on a similar mission? Time flies when you're having fun. Go get em young bloods. Coming soon is a trashing years in the making, a deconstruction of Fareed Zakaria. Yes, that Fareed Zakaria of desi bootlicker fame.