Saturday, July 10, 2010

The benefits of Esophageal cancer : Hitchens deserves it

Who says bad things don't happen to bad people? The nocturnal regurgitation of undigested food got you down? Lets be clear on this, esophageal cancer is no laughing matter, and comes with a poor prognosis, and I would never wish it on anyone. Of course if you happen to be a war mongering trotskyist popinjay like Christopher Hitchens, pardon me for not giving a damn. This is the same neocon presstitute who was at Bush's side calling for the invasion of Iraq, WMD lies and all. For an atheist, he sure had no problem believing in the unseen. This is the same individual who was dancing on the graves of hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, the same so called "free thinking-humanist" when challenged about the number of Iraqis casualties, couldn't resist but to mock the number advanced by two respected international academic organizations.
I know it's quasi sacrilegious for anyone with a human heart to criticize the atheist overweight sacred cow, but I don't care. I never liked Hitchens. You don't have to be a Christian to be disgusted at his attack on Mother Teresa, a humble woman who would have selflessly given care to the ailing Hitchens. Equally repulsive was his defense of Bush's negligence of Hurricane Katrina victims. Reading the child like praise many fools shower on Hitch one has to ponder how intellectually bankrupt the "new atheists" are. They'd have you believe that Hitch is a hardcore street fighting kind of guy, who took on Syrian "fascists" in a fist fight on the streets of Beirut. In reality, Hitch and two other neocons on a visit to Lebanon got the daylights beat out of them by one guy after they were caught defacing some political posters. The best part was when they all jumped into the same taxi to flee the scene. Now he is very good at bullying some mental midget on TV, but without a script and within an environment he cannot control, the papier-mâché tiger is harmless as an 8 track. Proof? check out the trashing he received at the hands of George Galloway :

No doubt Hitchens will receive the best medical care available, can Iraqi men, women, and children whose lives were destroyed by the war he was relentlessly called for and promoted say the same? Of course not.
My medical advice to Hitchens is to hit the bottle extra hard, with a few thousand packs of Menthols thrown in to speed things along nicely. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Once the world cup is over, expect more posts.


Natasha said...

Ha! Love it.

Even Hitchens-watch is dancing around the issue. Yes. If anyone deserves it, it's him. It might be bad taste to say it, but it doesn't mean its not the truth.

Looking forward to more posts. (Go Spain!)

fahad said...

I can't say I disagree with those sentiments. However, I will give him credit for his book The trial of Henry Kissinger, which I thought was a good expose of U.S. involvement with the Pinochet regime. Even a broken clock is right twice a day I suppose.

Free Infidel said...
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So basically, you are saying that anyone who supported the Iraq war deserves to get cancer.


I very much hope that you're not being serious about this. Do you really believe that the hundreds of millions of people around the world who supported the war deserve to die a horrible death at the hands of cancer?

I am no fan of the Iraq war. But I think your viewpoint is reprehensible and utterly insane. If you really are being serious - if you really do wish death upon hundreds of millions of people because you disagree with their political views - then you really ought to see a doctor. We have a word for people like you: fascist crackpot.

DrMaxtor said...

Save the atheist with Tourette's Syndrome act for someone remotely interested in your childish antics. Galloway rocks. You're a pathetic hyper emotional and pesky little Hitchens cultist who's desperation only equals a profound sense of insecurity, and the way you behave online is quite revealing on how you must behave in the real world.
Have a drink and let dysplasia do the rest.

@Ryan Perkins,

I can assure you I'm being very serious. You make it sound like the war in Iraq was extremely popular with world wide support, it was not. Pick up a history book and learn how unpopular and widely condemned it was. All the antiwar demonstrations and pleas for peace were for naught and the criminal Anglo-American invasion of Iraq went ahead as scheduled.
Nothing pleases me more then to know that the giddy supporters of mass murder get to suffer. Some call it karma, I call it just desserts.
I find it interesting that you have more sympathy for the scum who supported a war based on lies, then its millions of victims, 7 years on, and counting. You lack clarity and a moral compass, Ryan. Reread my post if it wasn't clear enough for you the first time. And look up what the meaning of "fascist crackpot" when you're, it fits your hero Hitchens and his semi-educated, prepubescent, gullible minded fanboys perfectly.
May his suffering me long and hard. Is that the division of anaplastic cells in metastasis I hear? A beautiful symphony as the curtain falls on the wretched life of an imperialist scumbag.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.


I want to reiterate that I do not support the Iraq war. I have enormous sympathy for the victims of the war, and the victims of the many other examples of immoral American militarism.

But I still think that your viewpoint is utterly insane. Although the Iraq war was globally unpopular, it was still supported by hundreds of millions of people - at least 50% of the USA, along with between 20% and 30% of most European countries. I think that these people were deeply mistaken, but I certainly do not hope that they get cancer. Many of these people are my relatives and friends.

I think that there are people throughout the world who hold immoral views. Some Iranians wish the the USA was wiped off the face of the earth. I think this is insane. Some Palestinians wish that Israel was wiped off the face of the earth. I think is insane. Some Israelis wish that Palestine was wiped off the face of the earth (they've pretty much gotten their wish). I also think that this is insane! But I don't want any of these people to get cancer and die a miserable death. Indeed, I think that *you* are insane for believing that supporters of the Iraq war deserve to die, but I don't want you to get cancer either!

You claim to be a Muslim. And, quite rightly, you often remark that Muslim are unfairly demonized and portrayed in the media, as bloodthirsty zealots willing to declare a fatwa against anyone they dislike.

And yet, listen to yourself! Here you are, overjoyed that a fellow human being has gotten cancer! Can't you see that you are actually *fulfilling* into the fatwa-obsessed, bloodthirsty Muslim stereotype that the media have invented ? Don't you realize that you bring shame on more peaceful Muslims with your remarks? How can you claim to follow a religion which is compassionate and forgiving, when you say the things you do?

I am indeed an atheist, and if religion causes people to wish death upon those with different political views than their own, then an atheist I shall remain.

DrMaxtor said...

@Ryan Perkins,

let me just be clear that the first part of my original reply was aimed at some foul mouthed cretin calling himself "infidel whatever," not you. I have no issue or interest in your atheism. I'd rather deal with an honest atheist and then a phony theist any day.

Onto your deeply flawed argument. There's a very clear difference between wishing someone ill and actively agitating for murder. I very much doubt you understand what situation of 1.3 million dead Iraqis, 4 million refugees, millions orphaned, widowed, permanently handicapped or left to die. These are the people who have my sympathy and best wishes, not the scum who destroyed their country.

Anyone who supported the criminal war against Iraq is a supporter of terrorism and deserves and will get no sympathy from me. And if they do end up with cancer or some other debilitating disease, too bad. I don't care.

It's not like I stay up all night praying for their demise, but I wouldn't lose any sleep if they got a fraction of the misery they brought upon others. Not do I buy your line that I'm somehow fulfilling some moth bitten stereotype about Muslims westerners may hold. When it comes to Islam westerners are simply having a conversation with themselves believing their own lies and propaganda with zero interest in reality. They don't need my views to justify anything pertaining to Muslims.

Hitchens as far as I'm concerned is an outsider to humanity, he's no fellow human being of mine, and I wouldn't mind reading his eulogy at all. Besides, the fat friar of political transvestism himself didn't mince his words when Jerry Falwell died, in fact he was pretty happy about it (just like i was). I didn't hear any condemnations of his lack of compassion. Compassion is not an isolated concept, it's tempered by truth and justice. And I'm a big fan of poetic justice, which is the reason I have no problem seeing Goebellian propagandists like Hitchens waste away.   

It warms the heart to know the wicked get their just desserts. Whether its George Bush, Tony Bliar, Hosni Mubarak, Paul Wolfowitz, Christopher Hitchens etc, the world is better place without them.
Good bloody riddance.

oopele said...

Teresa of Calcutta wasn't in the business of giving care to people. She provided them with a place to die in agony, without any real medical attention. It's the very opposite of a hospital, and many people died there of easily treatable conditions, while the b*tch funneled donation money to new cult buildings. I curse that heartless woman.

DrMaxtor said...


Peddling Hitchens cynical rubbish about Mother Teresa? The only ones who take such myths seriously are members of the Hindu far right(who themselves do nothing for the "low caste") and sub par idiotic Hitchens cultists like you. Decent people around the world across religious lines have long recognized her service to humanity.
Stick to video games and leave the real world to the adults.

MENJ said...

Couldn't agree more (and I don't really make it a habit to wish ill upon others, no matter how much they deserve it -- but in Hitchen's case, I am making an exception).

Omer said...

"This is the same neocon presstitute who was at Bush's side calling for the invasion of Iraq, WMD lies and all. For an atheist, he sure had no problem believing in the unseen."

When I read this, I was like "lord have mercy!!!!!"

You're a freaking genius, I don't know how you come out with stuff, but keep it up man.

lwtc247 said...

The man who I believe leaped for joy at the slaughter of 1,000,000++ Iraqi people is no more.

Chris hiccup Hitchens, somehow I don't think he will be able to ignore or debate against the angels that will visit him in the grave asking 'who is your lord'?

Christopher Hitchens dies at 62 after suffering cancer.

DrMaxtor said...


You're always the bearer of good news.