Monday, June 07, 2010

This Week in Freedumb of Speech : Semitic Helen Thomas "retired" for speaking the truth about askheNAZI terrorists

The timing could not be better. Proof #5352328 that any criticism of "israel" is unacceptable in the West. As usual the phony "free speech" advocates are nowhere to found as a veteran journalist is penalized for saying whats on the mind of normal, decent and sincere people everywhere :

Notice how the Zionist video maker deceptively plays the age old holocaust card. Uh Shlomo, Jews in Europe aren't being fried in gas chambers in 2010 are they? So why misrepresent what Thomas said about askheNAZI settler scum TODAY? Oh, but I forget the Chosenites still live 5000 years in the past with a lease from a God they don't believe in. Thomas was one of the few journalists left in a compliant Western state media submerged in a swamp of filthy judeofascist censorship. Imagine having the nerve to challenge the ridiculous notion a bunch of treacherous, criminal, racist Khazar war mongers born and raised in Brooklyn, Kiev, Moscow had some "right" to steal Palestine territory.

Yep, "change is here" indeed. Also, the media saw fit to give coverage to a few hundred judeofascists making noise in downtown LA supporting "israeli" terrorism, all the while ignoring the worldwide demonstrations of solidarity with peace activists killed on Mavi Marmara. Gotta love America, where agents of a foreign power which is antagonistic to world peace can freely assemble to express their contempt for the rule of law.
Time for the Obamamaniac to live up to that Nobel Peace Prize he won and cut U.S. ties with "israel." Pardon me while I don't hold my breath.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"israel's" Piracy, Gaza's Starvartion and our Berlin Walls

This is the title of the short essay by the erudite Sheikh Imran Hosein. Take the time to read it. Onto to my own analysis of the latest act of barbarism by the judeofascist death cult, like I've said before, "israel" has no right to exist, and the events of the last few days are a clear example why.
Predictably there has been the usual muted "outrage" by western "leaders" with calls for inquiries, sanctions, condemnations etc. We all know how that turned out an American veto later(Obama sure is anti-israel isn't he?). The apologists for these lowlives are beneath contempt. Also the internet judeofascist vermin are up to their usual tactics trying to drown out the truth through their Talmud sanctioned lies. Who else can make up the lie that it was peace activists armed with kitchen knives in their defense that were at fault, and not the "israeli" terrorists who shot over 20 of them dead?
It's down to a science now, "israel" will get away with anything, including the murder of peace activists trying to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza, thanks in no small part to western puppets whose shabbos goyim credentials are unquestionable. Oh, and Turkey, how about cutting diplomatic relations with these askheNAZI animals and purging the Ataturd Kemalists who attempted a coup earlier this year? About time don't you think?

Dajjal's followers will gets theirs inshallah.