Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who wouldn't want to live with these things?

Judeofascist "manhood" in action. Click on the pic to see what these askheNAZI scum are up to. Peace with these animals? I think not. Nothing a Dick Cheney style buckshot approach couldn't fix.


Hussam said...

Wow! Delusional shlomos from Brooklyn who think they're ancient Israelites with claim to land that doesn't belong to them. The racist arrogance radiates in that picture! This is not the behavior of a few bad apples, but the attitude of Israeli society in general. The photo is merely an external reflection of the ugliness that is inside every Zionist's heart. At least they're showing their true colors and not hiding behind their fake democracy and liberalism.

Nice to see you're still around DrM. Are you planning to write any major stories?

Hussam said...


Zionism = Racism. Do you think the radical Jews in the photo view the Palestinian woman as their equal? Don't make me laugh! Zionism is based on Euro-Jewish chauvinism, the idea that European Jews are superior to the indigenous Palestinian Arabs (Muslim and Christian). How is that not racism? Even Arab, African and Asian Jews are discriminated against in "Israel" because they are not from European origins.

"islam isnt a race"

Did I mention Islam in my post?

But since you brought it up, Islam is not a race, but Muslims are often stereotyped as a race. And it's that stereotype that's racist. When you see pictures of Muslims at anti-Islam hate sites, do you often see a tall Finnish convert with blonde hair and white skin? Or do you see pictures of Arabs, Iranians and Pakistanis with black beards? You don't think there's a racist narrative at play here?

You remind me of the immigration nuts who say "Mexican is not a race! So we're not being racist!" It's a terrible cover.

DrMaxtor said...

Asalam Aliakum Hussam,

Well said. The behavior of "israelis" is in keeping with their long standing Talmudic hatred of gentiles.
Simply reflect on the issue of Latino immigration. Part of it, of course, is economic, but much of what is motivating the immigration hysteria is straight up racism. Regardless of how Hispanics are classified on the census, we all know that (most) Mexicans aren't white folk. Similarly, much of what fuels Islamophobia is not just religion–but race. In the mind of the “white man,” Islam is a religion of non-whites and white race traitors.

As for the neo-Nazi reject, he'll will keep getting his comments deleted. We have standards here. He's just trolling because he's upset at the hurting I put on him on Stef's blog a while back.

Anonymous said...


Why did most Middle Eastern countries expel their Jews after 1948? Could such an act not be considered a de facto recognition of the Zionist state?

These actions were also morally wrong (if it was wrong to dispossess Palestinians for Nazi crimes, it was equally wrong to dispossess Middle Eastern Jews for Ashkenazi Zionist crimes), and give ammo to Zionist propagandists seeking to equate Islam with Nazism.

DrMaxtor said...


False flag terrorism by Zionist Jews against Arab Jews forcing them to come to "israel." That's what got the ball rolling. Naem Giladi's(former Iraqi zionist) book on this subject is required reading.

Anonymous said...

It's disturbing how much of the "Eurabia" scaremongering comes from the western side of the Atlantic. Perhaps it is considered a way to promote bigotry against Hispanics in the United States without appearing obviously racist (because there is a good reason to oppose Muslim immigration into Europe -- namely fear of Shari'ah law -- which doesn't apply to Hispanic immigration to the United States).

The thing is though, the US problem with illegal immigrants is largely a self-inflicted one -- NAFTA devastated Mexican agriculture by forcing it into competition with highly-subsidized US produce, meaning millions of Mexican labourers were forced north in search of work.

On the racial makeup of Mexico -- actually there are a fair number of white Mexicans, but because Mexico's wealth distribution still reflects the racist past under the Spanish empire, Mexican immigrants to the United States are disproportionately dark-skinned.

Islamophobia actually pre-dated (and led to) state racism - the world's first racist state was Spain, which in 1609 expelled all inhabitants descended from Muslims (even though they were 'officially' converted to Christianity a hundred years prior).

Hussam said...


False equivalence. A few points.

1. Many of the Jews that left Arab lands were hardcore Zionists and wanted to live in a Jewish State. To equate the situation with Jews making aliyah to the dispossession of native Palestinians, many of whom were raped, tortured and killed is pretty disingenuous. Keep in mind that although Turkey (which was controlled by Jews) recognized Israel in 1949, most of its Jewish population emigrated to Israel. The same can be said of Iranian Jews before the Islamic Revolution in '79. Many of the Jewish immigrants came from "friendly" Muslim countries.

Also, high profile Arab Jews in Israel are offended by the comparison.


"We are not refugees. [Some of us] came to this country before the state was born. We had messianic aspirations." ~ Yisrael Yeshayahu

"I don't regard the departure of Jews from Arab lands as that of refugees. They came here because they wanted to, as Zionists." ~ Shlomo Hillel

"I have this to say: I am not a refugee. I came at the behest of Zionism, due to the pull that this land exerts, and due to the idea of redemption. Nobody is going to define me as a refugee." ~ Ran Cohen

2. There were a number of false flag attacks done by the Mossad (for example the bombing of an Iraqi synagogue) which drove Jews away from Arab countries. Iraqi Jews were fine living among Iraqi Muslims and Christians. But Zionists have always been known for their intimidation. After the bombing, leaflets were handed out urging Iraqi Jews to run for their lives... to Israel of course. It should be noted that in 1975, the Iraqi government issued a plea for Iraqi Jews of Israel to return to Iraq.

3. The preference of the Zionists was to attract more European Jews to Israel after 1948, but many of them preferred to emigrate to America so they had to turn to Arab Jews (and later Ethiopian and Russian Jews). It's not like the Euro Zionists cared about Arab Jews (who were forced to live in tents in the early years of Israel), they wanted Arab Jews in Israel in order to create a narrative that Arabs are simply radical Jew haters and most importantly, to undermine the Palestinian right of return by creating a moral equivalence between Palestinian Arab refugees and Jewish refugees. That's what this is all about.

4. There was a great deal of bribery of local Arab and Muslim officials to facilitate the transportation of Jews to Israel, orchestrated by the Jewish Agency for Israel.

There are many other minor points, but I think you got the idea.

Anonymous said...


People often change their outward political views for reasons of expedience. Most Britons supported the appeasement of Hitler in 1938, but I expect very few would have been willing to admit to it in 1945! Similarly, modern Greeks blame the Turks for the blast damage to the Parthenon, even though it happened during a war with Venice, which Greeks at the time viewed as a worse evil than the Ottomans.

The Zionist movement viewed traditional Jewish culture with contempt (arguing it made Jews easy prey for their enemies) and sought to create a new, militaristic version of Jewishness.

As part of this, Holocaust survivors were vilified as "soap" in early Israel for not making aliyah before the war started. That's probably why Israeli Jews originating from other parts of the Middle East were reluctant to view themselves as refugees.

I suspect though you're a Jew-hater yourself, as Kemalist Turkey (despite its persecution of practising Muslims) was by no stretch of the imagination "controlled by Jews".

(That's not to say you don't have a valid point in pointing out that the emigration of Turkish Jews to Israel is unlikely to have been a forcible deportation.)

Hussam said...


Valid points, but there is still a preference to European Jews in Israel. That really has not changed. Zionists like to see Israel as a Western country that happens to be in the Middle East divorced from indigenous values while still being a Jewish State in the homeland of ancient Hebrews. Strange experiment imo.

"I suspect though you're a Jew-hater yourself, as Kemalist Turkey (despite its persecution of practising Muslims) was by no stretch of the imagination "controlled by Jews"."

Yes, that was wrong to say. My apologies. My point was that there was plenty of Zionist collaboration with Muslim officials which facilitated the immigration of Jews to Israel, meaning no forced deportation. I did not mean to suggest that Jews controlled everything. I don't hate Jews (I will spare you the bogus "I have Jewish friends" line). With regard to a solution for the Israel/Palestine conflict, I support a one-state solution for Arabs and Jews. The only true peace is the end of Zionism.

Swordsmen said...

Salaams bro - couple of things

1. Keep up the blogging - we need alternative media in a Zionist world we live in

2. This is a form of struggle for the truth to write and helps in our communication skills, knowledge

3. Have you heard about the "Flotilla Freedom" going to give Gaza Aid - 700 volunteers from 40 nations are ready to help - the "Israeli" navy will intercept this even though it will not enter Israeli waters. See

4. You heard of the book by SHLOMO SAND callled "THE INVENTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE"....I think it is worth a read