Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tea Party, "taqwacores," and other profiles in stupidity

Any hope that the Tea party would be able to offer a viable alternative to the two party dictatorship has been dashed. Why you ask? Sarah Palin for starters. The woman makes Dubya look like an intellectual, and that's no easy feat. The movement for a third political party has been hijacked by the right wing to pester the Obamaniac(who is nothing more them America's Gorbachev), meaning it won't in any way change the way things are done in Washington. These Republican clowns are no threat to the establishment, give or take a white suicide bomber who flies straight into the nearest IRS building.

I hear the "taqwacores," a group of desi losers languishing in obscurity for the last 8 years, trying to make it in the world of music have a movie coming out. Who? These are basically a crew of ABCDs(American Born Confused Desis) who are atheists and agnostics but use the Muslim label to promote themselves as "punk Muslims." Think of them as the remnants of the failed pro-regressive movement of the early 2000s. These guys are so untalented they couldn't con their way into a Carribean Medical School(maybe a desi one through a hefty "donation"). I guess it's a step up if the only other accomplishment in life is either pulling a 007-11 at liquor store or chilling at a fat desi uncle's funky sweets and spices store pirating Bollywood DVDs. Nobody heard of them until they were given free publicity by the fake Muslim known as "Michael Muhammed Knight," a dabbler in pseudo-Islamic cults and wannabe fake wrestler ala WWE. Recently Umar Lee issued a challenge to him with some exceptional trash talk thrown in. Knight ran to the FBI with his tail between his legs citing the "threat." In the end, Knight turned out to be nothing more then a yuppie poseur playing street smart urbanite.
Moral of the previous paragraph? If you stay in school, work hard, keep your connection with Allah(swt) strong, you may become somebody, otherwise you'll end up in the dumpster like the "taqwacores." Reality check chutiyas, there is no Muslim "punk underground," the whole rebel act is played out and wont get you far in your balding unemployed 30s. See you on the side walk, I promise to bring enough loose change to help you go wild on the dollar menu at Mcee dees.

Recently Hillary made the statement that "Iran is turning into a military dictatorship" from....Saudi Arabia, a pro-American puppet client dictatorship, as well as a secular state masquerading as a religious one. Jet lag I'm sure.

Next up, the judeofascist antics at UCI, among other places.....hold on to your passports(especially if you're anywhere near Dubai).

Monday, February 08, 2010

Pakistani "democracy" at work

This is just too good not to post. This is exactly the sort of "leader" they want for us. Don't you just love dhemockazy?

PS - Fear not, regular blogging to restart soon. Better get that kosher tissue paper box ready, shlomos.