Monday, December 20, 2010

"Quilliam Foundation" no more

Good news o lovers of truth, justice and the Islamic way. The British government backed charlatans known as the "Quilliam Foundation" have had their government funding pulled. As a result they've had to "let go of 80% of their staff," so that should leave approximately 1.8 members in operation.
Now if only agent provocateur Andy "MI6" Choudary could be retired...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why I Support The TSA Touching YOUR Junk

That's right, YOUR junk, not mine or any other Muslims. Just good ol' "mainstream America," about time you had your civil liberties trampled. Welcome to reality, morons. This is exactly what a complacent brain dead society too infatuated with American Idol, and Dancing with the semi stars/has beens deserves. Instead of paying attention and raising hell, Americans sat on these obese posteriors and simply accepted the police state which crept in over the last decade. Granny being groped? 3 year olds being searched? Welcome to the Israelification of America, foolish gentiles. If you can go along with warrantless wiretapping, rendition flights, torture, illegal wars, why not a little sexual assault at the airport? Let criminals, molesters and rapists enjoy their new found power. Thanks Obamaniac!

Don't get me wrong, I salute John Tyner for standing up to the TSA(Thousands of Sexual Assaults) but feel it's too little, too late. Had Tyner been a Muslim, I can guarantee he would be behind bars and declared a terrorist on some trumped up charge of "threatening national security," and no uproar would have taken place. An Al-CIAda tape courtesy of SITE would have popped up right on schedule to inject just the right dose of fear.

Last year I was informed by a TSA minion: "DrM you've been randomly selected to go through the Back Scatter body scan." With a wry 10 shekel smile I replied "Actually you've been selected to do a pat down on me, cowboy." He chuckled and proceeded with the pat down, he was professional about it but I decided to punish this high school drop put anyway. As I started to walk away I left the TSA a silent token of my gaseous esteem, thanks to a seven layer burrito I had consumed at Taco Hell an hour earlier. And yes, this really did happen. Might want to keep this civil disobedience maneuver in mind.

Now were I in charge of the TSA there would be no problems at all. Only certain types would be profiled. You know, "dual loyalist" traitors who engage in espionage, false flag terrorism, blood diamonds, harvesting organs, you know, and that sort of thing. I'm talking about "israelis" of course. I'd irradiate the matzo out of Judeofascists, hitting them with every rad in the electromagnetic spectrum making sure they come out looking something like a stage 4 cancer patient, or a Hulk-like monstrosity. Tea baggers, Christofascist Armageddonists, house "Mozlem" and other shabbos goyim should be put through a similar atomic rapture. A possible benefit is that fecaliths T-fat and Pam Geller can evolve into primates.

But hey, the machines are safe right? The manufacturers and CNN's wide smiling token desi Dr.Sanjay Gupta want you to think so. Gupta ought to have his license revoked because he knows that numerous studies prove the over-use of imaging studies is directly linked to higher cancer risk in patients. This is why doctors across the nation are being urged to be more discrete in ordering such tests. Let me break it down for the nerds : The X-ray scanning machines use the same 100kV X-ray generator as a CT machine or other hospital X-ray machines. To say that in one case the X-rays bounce off the clothing while in the other case they penetrate the body is nonsense. The dose is lower than a CT machine because the beam is tightly collimated.

Still think I'm overdoing it? Fine, just don't complain when a TSA thug plays rock, scissors, paper with your junk or tells your pregnant wife it's a boy. Me, I'm going to eat a pair of those 7 layer burritos before taking my A.M.D (not the chip maker, dummy, use your imagination) to the airport.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Business as unusual? Meet the Tea Baggers favorite "Moslems"

No, I’m not referring to the spiffy new blog theme, or the latest bomb scare strategically timed just days before the midterm elections(I was expecting SITE to release another one of their exclusive doctored OBL audio tapes) but the predictable behavior of familiar fraudsters, some of whom have graduated to FOX news. For years others and I have highlighted the criminal associations of these scabs, and their approval of the hysteria of the “Ground Zero Mosque” once again reveals their true colors. At a time when Islam and Muslims are being viciously maligned along come four familiar charlatans seeking to cash in on the Islamophobic rage. Takfir time anyone?
As for embattled puppet Imam Rauf, he insists that if the center isn’t built, it would “outrage radicals in the Muslim world.” Reality check Rauf, Muslims don’t care about your little project, what concerns us is the precedent set by this case : that all it takes is a hand full of lying Judeofascist scum to whip up an ignorant mob of racist trash to stop the construction of masjids.  
Without further ado, lets find out who the tea baggers favorite “Moslems” are :
Big surprise that gutter gestating, slimy political transvestite Tarek “T-Fat” Fatah has come out against the “Ground Zero Mosque.” Who asked this Pakistani communist pig in Canada to weigh in on this? FOX news of course! Apparently they couldn’t find a liar with a Muslim name(Zuhdi Jasser was out of town). That's Brian "all terrorists are Muslim" Kilmeade he's snuggling with on FOX. You see, he has a new book out(a set of Zionist loo reading cliff notes endorsed by the likes of Whorowitz and company), of which I’ve obtained the original cover, so nothing like a little free publicity.  T-fat is the sort of low life who would dig up his own mother’s corpse if it could get him some attention. He complained on Facebook(where he’s also posted uncharitable pictures and cartoons of hijabi and niqabi Muslim women) that Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR had called him a “neocon sock puppet.” Nothing debatable about that as Fatah has a long history of lending support to Judeofascist anti-Muslim propaganda.  Ah, but what does CAIR know? They supported Bush in 2000, protests the lipidy one. Fair enough but why are YOU in bed with the same neocons which actively supported Bush TODAY, Tarek?  It’s because you’re a crooked liar and a filthy hypocrite devoid of any shame and morals.
Required reading :
Raheel Raza is another corpulent Pakistani charlatan holed up in Canada playing “diversity consultant,” which I suppose is a step up considering her only accomplishment in life has been being a diabetic desi house wife freebasing gulab jamoons and snorting haleem. She was pro-regressive Moslim idiot #9 of 2006 and has a long running association with neocons. Just like T-Fat, Raza is a member of the Marxist Canadian Congress with no interest or links to the Muslim community. Some silly shabbos goyim have also made some noise that Raza “confronted” Tariq Ramadan at some event in NYC, when in fact she made a lousy personal attack on him. So who flew her in anyway? Oh that’s right she was taping a show with O’Reilly, who we all know just loves Muslims. Now I’m no fan of Ramadan but Raheel Raza is about as much an intellectual threat to him to as a maggot to a can of Raid. Then again she’d be out of her depth in parking lot puddle.
 Required Reading :

Zionist media whore Asra Nomani has justified not only the opposition to the Islamic center by spreading false rumors but also the desecration of the Holy Qur’an by anti-Muslim bigots. Disgusted and angry? Get over it she says. Not only that but she demands that certain verses be torn out because they don’t mesh with her degenerate mindset. It’s the classical out-of-context citation in the style of Robert Spencer of Geehad Watch Nomani utilizes to justify this. Not that she’s a member of the Muslim community, so there’s no need to issue a fatwa since that’s exactly what she wants. This sort of dishonesty can’t just be attributed to Nomani’s total lack of character, theological illiteracy, or those that sign her pay checks, but also the half dozen or so STDs she’s contracted over the past two decades. Tertiary Syphilis affects the brain and is not cheap to treat. 
Required Reading :

Then we come to another third rate journalist and aging bimbo trying to make a fast buck selling the recycled horse manure which has long offended the nostrils of the educated and intelligent. I’m talking about none other then Wolfowitz go go girl Mona Eltahawy. As usual it’s child’s play to take apart Eltahawy’s screed that the Islamic center should be built in the same manner as the Danish hate cartoons were published.  No Mona, there’s a clear difference between opening a masjid to serve the area’s Muslims which some beer belly, meth and mayonnaise indulging mutant may not like and printing bigoted images to deliberate provoke more than a quarter of the world’s population. Let me simplify it further, it’s the difference between a principled journalist like Helen Thomas and a RAND tabloid tramp like you. But she’s a “big fan of offense,” you know things like supporting the desecration of the Qur’an at Gitmo and supporting the Iraq War. Perhaps all that hair dye has altered the pH of your cerebrospinal fluid, or your neocon paycheck just isn’t what it used to be.Hopefully a front row seat to menopause will serve as a reliable life guard to prevent you from polluting the gene pool. 
Required Reading :
On that lovely note I must make haste as  Halloween approaches. This year I plan on dressing up as a Rabbi from New Jersey, I won’t be asking for candy, just livers, kidneys, and other organs for trafficking. 

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

9/11 lunacy : “Ground Zero Mosque,” Judeofascist hatemongers, Tea Party Einsteins, and Hitler loving Hindu idiots

Yep, it’s official, we’re taking over. The Manhattan Mutawas are coming for you, armed with batons made out of miswaks. Time to make some dhimmis, people. Hamburgers will be replaced by shawermas, with mandatory biryani for dinner. Kiss Hebrew National goodbye, yes, you will still answer to a higher authority : us. Shows like American idol and the random sissy-vampires-
running-in-the-the-woods foolishness will be replaced by classics such as My favorite Kafir and the The Sayanim Slayers. There will be no shortage of amputee bankers as Sharia Law is brought to Wall Street. We’ll be taking jizya in gold please, not that worthless paper money crap. We even got Marvel’s signature arachnid here talking like us.

Originally I had planned to write a series of posts on all this “Ground Zero mosque” hysteria, but due to time constraints, work, and Ramadan I’ve decided to do it all in one shot. Let me make it clear that I am no fan of blinged out multi-million dollar masajids as they infringe upon the simplicity and spirituality of our Deen, nor am I fan of Imam Rauf(btw clueless liberals, Sufis, and authentic Sufis at that are not the hippies of Islam.) but this is no longer about him or one Islamic community center. This is about the future of Muslims in America, our rights, our masajids and other institutions. This is a manufactured controversy, and we have all sorts of malcontents in the mix, everything from the usual Judeofascists(the top of the Islamophobic totem pole) ) and inbred trailer trash(Tea party dimwits, politicians seeking office and other useful Shabbos goyim idiots) to pro-regressive Mozlem neocon bootlickers(Zuhdi Jasser, Stephen Schwartz, Raheel Raza, and the pungent Tarek T-Fat is on FOX!” Fatah) and Hindutva lunatics on a slurpy run. Fortunately for you all I’m here to administer the DrM 3 step take down(yeah I know the formatting and picture size sucks, just click on them for full size but blame blogger for that), where all the players, agendas and propaganda will be exposed and rubbished back into the gutter they emerged from.

Exhibit A : Judeofascists aka Zionist Jews aka the Choosenites aka the Blight of nations aka filthy “israeli”(the lower case and quotation marks are intentional) scum. No surprises here. Let there be no mistake that this is the head of the snake, folks. From organizing racist mobs to creating an atmosphere of hatred which has let to racist harassment, stabbings and even arson, they’ve really thrown their backs into this effort to demonize Islam and Muslims. Even Loonwatch has not gone the full distance in exposing the collective role played by this vile group in stoking up anti-Muslim hatred(Update : they just started). Yes, they’ve identified the syphilitic plastic Pam Geller and her SIOA antics as a driving force in this manufactured controversy but that’s about it. She was also behind the phony behind "Muslims against Sharia" site. But is it really just one neurotic Jewish slattern behind all this? Is the money from her car dealership scam enough to finance anti-Muslim bus and taxi ads? Of course not, the usual shlomos from Pipes, Bat Yeor, to the ADL have all voiced their predictable disapproval. Follow the money. Nor is it a coincidence that many of the cretins were sporting anti-Turkish signs and slogans at one of their protests. So what does Turkey have to do with the “Ground zero Mosque”? Nothing, but if the “Mavi Marmara” rings a bell, that’s your answer. Check out this group of senile shlomos :

Keep in mind, these are same vermin who were falsely calling the Khalil Gibran institute a “madrassa,” in order to get it shut down a few years back. The same group was responsible for the Iraq war and the current Iran-has-nukes myth. Zionist Jews have been doing this for decades, everything from buying your local politicians to peddling phony “ex-Muslims” in their war against Islam. No longer can their criminal nature and actions be ignored or swept under the rug. What’s needed is to unapologetically and aggressively oppose and excise this Talmudic cancer once and for all. A “Stop the Israelification of America” campaign sounds like a good place to start at. Follow the money, as all roads lead to “israel.”

So what about Mayor Bloomberg? Isn’t he being brave by standing by this project? On the surface yes, but in reality this is just politics. Don’t be fooled by his lovey dovey speeches about inclusiveness and tolerance. The area for the proposed community center is a dump which could sure use some cleaning up thereby revitalizing real estate values. Here we have Bloomberg sharing some quality time with Geller in “israel”:

Surely a coincidence, right?

Ok fine, so it's not a coincidence. Let me make it extra easy on you all, their saber rattling on this “Ground Zero Mosque” is a case of “liberal” Zionist Jew(progressive on everything EXCEPT when it comes to “israel”) verses a “conservative” Zionist Jew( mentally deranged racist lunatics 24/7). What’s got the “liberal” ones worried is that people will start to make a connection and recognize the fingerprints of Zionism in promoting Islamophobia to advance “israel’s” agenda. That wouldn’t bode too well for the tailor made image of the “eternal victims” now would it? Makes no difference to me, as I find both groups to be slightly different shades of terrorist khazar excrement.

Exhibit B : I've lived abroad the majority of my life, in many different countries on several continents, and nowhere have I encountered a society in which such a significant percentage of the population is so pathetically and willfully stupid as in the good old US of A. In what other developed country do the likes of Jerry Falwell, Tammy Faye and Jim Baker, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, etc., ad nauseam, attract such adoring hordes? In what other country is the intelligence of a politician a liability in the electorate's eyes? The Tea Party movement is to American politics what Taco Bell is to Mexican food, it's a cheap populist substitute that leaves you full of crap. I ran into some of these goons and was amused to see people getting so motivated yet not know the first thing of what they were yelling about. There are plenty of intelligent reasons to oppose the puppet Obamaniac but these nutters haven’t a clue and are an utter disgrace. I saw more dirt baggers, pot bellies and missing front teeth, worn old seed hats and misspelled signs than a convention of grade school drop-outs. It is a movement being manipulated by media corporations and lobbying firms but the people with the signs are too dumb to realize they are being had. Not only should these immensely idiotic and dangerously ignorant, inbred hillbilly butter hogs be prevented from procreating but also voting. Typical Shabbos goyim sheep, much like Nazi scum being mobilized in Europe. Think I’m being harsh? Look at this video :

I rest my case. Here are the specs of the typical specimen. Fire and Brimstone redneck Baptist Evangelists, White, 2 to 3 kids - all out of wedlock (“I was drunk” is the usual excuse); no education beyond high school; height of career - promotion from shelf stocker at Walmart to cashier; usual address: Trailer Home anywhere USA. Typical past-time: Drive up and down a common Town road or "drive", chewing tobacco, smoking Marijuana, drinking beer and ever so often, copulating by the road side in the back of a Ford - Very American. Favorite food: Twinkies or pork skins. Usually 2 to 3 misdemeanors on record for lewd behavior, indecent exposure or for violence on Mexicans. Friday’s agenda: After a ‘hard days work’ at local “oil rig” or brewery, drinking, hoaring and smoking marijuana and beating up “foreigners’. Saturday’s agenda: more drinking, more hoaring and cap off the day with a few fist fights. Sunday’s agenda: Church in the am. Stoned and drunk in the pm. Late for work on Monday.

As for those who love to bring up Saudi Arabia in all their lame arguments to justify islamophobia is the West, here are 3 facts :

1)Saudi Arabia is a secular state which masquerades as an Islamic nation, a puppet client state created by Britain and under control by the US. Sound far fetched? Who do you think installed the Saudi “royal family” and has kept it in power for decades?

2)And why this desire to open Churches in a country which has so few Christians, primarily Americans and Europeans? These are the most secular and irreligious people in the world and all of a sudden get religious and want to build a church? Yeah right. it’s utterly preposterous how any idiot can even make such an argument or make demands at a time when Anglo-American terrorists are slaughtering people in the region. Europeans and Americans live in high end compounds segregated from the rest of Saudi society making 3 to 4 times what a Saudi or any non-western ex patriot earns. They make little effort to interact with the locals or learn the language or customs. They get their booze and pornography through their respective embassies. The only ones who live better are the Saudi “royals.” So no, you don’t get to build a church. You got more than enough perks already.

3) ..and finally last, but not least : I didn’t know western backed and installed dictatorships like Saudi Arabia(US sponsored monarchy) and Syria, Tunisia, Algiers, Morocco(all Francophone secular dictatorships)were the role model for the self proclaimed freedom lovers. I guess so when it comes to Muslims.

The Islamic world has a long history of tolerance for minorities which is unmatched and boasts more Churches then Europe and America combined. Simple facts I don’t expect knuckle dragging, Walmart clothes buying, Fox News watching, assault rifle shooting brainiacs to know or be interested in. Here’s another interesting factoid, Bethlehem remained a Christian majority throughout centuries of Muslim rule, yet in just a few decades of “israeli” occupation that is no longer the case. But who gives a damn about Palestinian Christians anyway, right?

Speaking of which, the Rapture Doctrine can nowhere be found before circa 1800s, hence Evangelical Armageddonist lunatics are wasting their time. More broadly, no orthodox Christian branch, be it Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic or Protestant, ever believed "israel"
in the New Testament and its prophetical application, meant anything but the Christian Church. Disappointing I know, but hey when the Blessed Son of Maryam(a.s.) does return inshallah, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Exhibit C : Enter Hindu extremists who’ve spent the last few decades building an alliance with “israel,” and many have also set up shop in the US seeing Uncle Sam’s patronage. Read this article on Saffron dollars before proceeding. One such saffron simian is insurance agent Arish Sahani. I noticed this loon’s picture on Geller’s site and decided to investigate. This decrepit dung beetle fancies himself as sort of sort of Hindu heavyweight. He, along with some other extremist jokers set up a Hindus only “Indian American Intellectuals forum, “ which btw hasn’t been active in years, but you can still make a donation. I cut the DrM mukhabarat unit loose to do some intel on this fecal fascist, and what a goldmine of information he's left online. Sahani’s rantings are all over web, found on news sites, blogs, forums and extremist hate sites. He like the average Hindu fanatic wants a Hindu only India. To him, Every Indian Muslim is an Arab invader, and every Indian Christian is a subversive sent by the Pope. Pogrom’s against Muslims(Gujarat) and Christians(Orissa) are totally justified as far as he’s concerned. Not to mention the daily war crimes committed by Indian occupation terrorists in Kashmir. It’s perfectly acceptable for Hindu mobs to rape, mutilate and burn men, women and children alive. Sahani’s got a lot to say, none of which is relevant but is instructive for those curious about the gutter infested, callous mindset of Hindutva criminality and fascism. His membership in numerous Hindu extremist groups (RSS, VHP, BJP, Sang Parivar etc) isn’t surprising at all, and who btw were all inspired and great admirers of Hitler and Mussolini, and still revere them to this day. They also assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. That should make their Jewish allies of convenience feel real comfortable. Not that that matters to Judeofascists who have a long history of collaborating with Nazis, and Apartheid South Africa.

Let’s take a look at Sahani’s “intellectual musings.” :

Putting on a 99c tie in a cheap attempt to come off as a patriot :

Comments on one of the Bollywood’s many Khans :

Paying tribute to his master :

Comments on Muslim citizens of the West :

Here he gets his behind handed to him by a brother fed up with his trolling. Notice the dig at Africans :

Doing an “interview” with plastic Pam on the street, thinking “I yam wery hepy to be getting attentions of crazy vhite joohish ledy on the ishtreet” :

More bigoted lies :

On Hindus converting to Christianity in Nepal :

His violent response to a Hindu writer promoting peace and reconciliation:

And this concluding gem :

Yes, he actually types with an accent. Deepak Chopra he most certainly is not. All jokes aside, Arish Sahani is an incredibly stupid, hypocritical, paranoid bigot high on extremist retarded Hindutva fables, with no interest in freedom and rights of any kind unless it’s to advance his own fanatic agenda. I read many of his other comments and the sheer amount of lies, contradictions and hatred is enough to make even a HasbaRat nauseous. How this low class opportunist was allowed into this country is beyond me. It’s high time Hindu extremist bastards like these have their feet held to the fire following a full investigation by the authorities. Time to deport slumlord millionaire wannabes back to India with complimentary copies of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. While they’re at it they can toss these two computer coolies/amatuer snake charmers playing agents 007-11 with him :

Notice the sign asking “what is a mosque?” Of course, the answer is incorrect and is an excerpt from a poem Erdogan wrote in the 1990s. Once again, the effort to demonize Turkey is a reflection of the “Israeli” nature of this anti-mosque movement. Placing a few token immigrant brown clowns in the mix to give a false sense of “diversity” is an old failed tactic which can’t hide the stench of the kosher script.

The bottom line is that Muslims are NOT going to put up with these provocations any longer. As law abiding, tax paying citizens of the state we don’t have to beg anyone for our rights to practice our Deen. In fact, forget the whole community center deal, put up a masjid with huge minarets. And since we’re on the subject, 911 was NOT done by Muslims, we’re not going to accept responsibility for the lies and actions of powerful, murderous, governments committed to perpetual war to rob the world of its freedoms and resources via phantom menaces like Al-CIAda. If you’re dumb enough to believe the “official” story despite all evidence to the contrary you might as well believe that OJ is looking for Nicole’s killer, and go live in a place called Disneyland, o members of “The Cheetos-Eating in My Mom's Basement While Salivating to Internet Porn Institute for the Defense of America, Free Enterprise, and Western Civilization.”

In closing all these plots will fail, Inshallah. We’re not going anywhere, as our community grows by leaps and bounds, we will build MASSIVE mega masjids to accommodate our needs. No amount of Zionist Jewish lies and hate mongering is going to change this. Banning hijabs, niqabs, and burkhas will only strengthen our resolve to practice the deen. Burning Qur’ans will not diminish the iman of a single Muslim. We need to step up and redouble dawah efforts to educate our non-Muslim friends, neighbors and colleagues about the truth of Islam. This will serve as the intense chemotherapy to the Judeofascist cancer many are metastasizing on. So yes, plenty of “Islamization” is on it’s way : masjids, minarets, falafel stands, biryani joints, kosher pork, the works. Oh, and dhimmis, don’t forget we want that jizya in gold.

Eid Mubarak!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

PMNUA Debate returns with a new friend

After what seems like an eternity PMNUA Debate has returned to the declining world of blogging with a bang(not the kind which judeofascists whine about when a bottle rocket hits a settlement of askheNazi squatters). This "bang" is the introduction of a hard hitting, no nonsense blog called Ikhras(Arabic for "shut up") which takes on not only the usual shlomos but has a message the House Moslems and Imperial boot licking Ay-rabs : Shut up. My kind of blog. Has it really been six years since we embarked on a similar mission? Time flies when you're having fun. Go get em young bloods. Coming soon is a trashing years in the making, a deconstruction of Fareed Zakaria. Yes, that Fareed Zakaria of desi bootlicker fame.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apes, pigs and judeofascist lies against the Qur'an

This is a part of day 3 of my first Judeofascist Awareness Week from 2007. I've decided to repost a portion of it just as a reminder :

Apes, pigs and judeofascist lies against the Holy Qur'an
That was the warm up, shlomos. Lets get down to business. A common lie put out there by the usual suspects is that the Holy Qur'an calls Jews and Christians apes and pigs. Really? Lets take a look shall we :

"And ye know of those of you who broke the Sabbath, how We said unto them: Be ye apes, despised and hated! And We made it an example to their own and to succeeding generations, and an admonition to the Godfearing." Holy Qur'an 2:65,66.

The occasion mentioned here is generally thought to be the same one described later in 7:163.

“And ask them about that town which stood by the sea: how its people would profane the Sabbath whenever their fish came to them, breaking the water’s surface, on a day on which they ought to have kept Sabbath - because they would not come to them on other than Sabbath-days!...And then, when they disdainfully persisted in doing what they had been forbidden to do, We said unto them: ‘Be as apes despicable!’’’ (7:163-166)

So its referring to a specific group of jews from a specific town. Methinks the judeofscists doth protest a bit too much. It was a transgression of food-getting, which is fishing on the Sabbath and thus parallels the transgression of gathering manna on the Sabbath as reported in Exodus 16. And guess what the penalty for that is according to their own books?

Exodus 31:14 Keep you my sabbath: for it is holy unto you: he that shall profane it, shall be put to death: he that shall do any work in it, his soul shall perish out of the midst of his people.

Numbers 15:32. And it came to pass, when the children of Israel were in the wilderness, and had found a man gathering sticks on the sabbath day,
Numbers 15:33. That they brought him to Moses and Aaron and the whole multitude.
Number 15:34.
And they put him into prison, not knowing what they should do with him.
Numbers 15:35. And the Lord said to Moses: Let that man die, let all the multitude stone him without the camp.
Numbers 15:36. And when they had brought him out, they stoned him, and he died as the Lord had commanded.

I could go on with more revealing passages but you get the idea. So what are these degenerates complaining and misrepresenting the Holy Qu'ran for? Is it guilt due to the fact 90% of the them violate the Sabbath anyway and would be condemned to death by their own scripture?
Lying Hypocrites! This is one of the reasons why I take the no holds barred approach when it comes to these gutter snipes. There is NO debating with liars like these, folks. Based on their behavior, calling them apes and pigs would be an understatement. Speaking of which, what have we got here...

Any takers? No? I didn't think so. Case closed, Donkey Kongstein.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The benefits of Esophageal cancer : Hitchens deserves it

Who says bad things don't happen to bad people? The nocturnal regurgitation of undigested food got you down? Lets be clear on this, esophageal cancer is no laughing matter, and comes with a poor prognosis, and I would never wish it on anyone. Of course if you happen to be a war mongering trotskyist popinjay like Christopher Hitchens, pardon me for not giving a damn. This is the same neocon presstitute who was at Bush's side calling for the invasion of Iraq, WMD lies and all. For an atheist, he sure had no problem believing in the unseen. This is the same individual who was dancing on the graves of hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, the same so called "free thinking-humanist" when challenged about the number of Iraqis casualties, couldn't resist but to mock the number advanced by two respected international academic organizations.
I know it's quasi sacrilegious for anyone with a human heart to criticize the atheist overweight sacred cow, but I don't care. I never liked Hitchens. You don't have to be a Christian to be disgusted at his attack on Mother Teresa, a humble woman who would have selflessly given care to the ailing Hitchens. Equally repulsive was his defense of Bush's negligence of Hurricane Katrina victims. Reading the child like praise many fools shower on Hitch one has to ponder how intellectually bankrupt the "new atheists" are. They'd have you believe that Hitch is a hardcore street fighting kind of guy, who took on Syrian "fascists" in a fist fight on the streets of Beirut. In reality, Hitch and two other neocons on a visit to Lebanon got the daylights beat out of them by one guy after they were caught defacing some political posters. The best part was when they all jumped into the same taxi to flee the scene. Now he is very good at bullying some mental midget on TV, but without a script and within an environment he cannot control, the papier-mâché tiger is harmless as an 8 track. Proof? check out the trashing he received at the hands of George Galloway :

No doubt Hitchens will receive the best medical care available, can Iraqi men, women, and children whose lives were destroyed by the war he was relentlessly called for and promoted say the same? Of course not.
My medical advice to Hitchens is to hit the bottle extra hard, with a few thousand packs of Menthols thrown in to speed things along nicely. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Once the world cup is over, expect more posts.

Monday, June 07, 2010

This Week in Freedumb of Speech : Semitic Helen Thomas "retired" for speaking the truth about askheNAZI terrorists

The timing could not be better. Proof #5352328 that any criticism of "israel" is unacceptable in the West. As usual the phony "free speech" advocates are nowhere to found as a veteran journalist is penalized for saying whats on the mind of normal, decent and sincere people everywhere :

Notice how the Zionist video maker deceptively plays the age old holocaust card. Uh Shlomo, Jews in Europe aren't being fried in gas chambers in 2010 are they? So why misrepresent what Thomas said about askheNAZI settler scum TODAY? Oh, but I forget the Chosenites still live 5000 years in the past with a lease from a God they don't believe in. Thomas was one of the few journalists left in a compliant Western state media submerged in a swamp of filthy judeofascist censorship. Imagine having the nerve to challenge the ridiculous notion a bunch of treacherous, criminal, racist Khazar war mongers born and raised in Brooklyn, Kiev, Moscow had some "right" to steal Palestine territory.

Yep, "change is here" indeed. Also, the media saw fit to give coverage to a few hundred judeofascists making noise in downtown LA supporting "israeli" terrorism, all the while ignoring the worldwide demonstrations of solidarity with peace activists killed on Mavi Marmara. Gotta love America, where agents of a foreign power which is antagonistic to world peace can freely assemble to express their contempt for the rule of law.
Time for the Obamamaniac to live up to that Nobel Peace Prize he won and cut U.S. ties with "israel." Pardon me while I don't hold my breath.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"israel's" Piracy, Gaza's Starvartion and our Berlin Walls

This is the title of the short essay by the erudite Sheikh Imran Hosein. Take the time to read it. Onto to my own analysis of the latest act of barbarism by the judeofascist death cult, like I've said before, "israel" has no right to exist, and the events of the last few days are a clear example why.
Predictably there has been the usual muted "outrage" by western "leaders" with calls for inquiries, sanctions, condemnations etc. We all know how that turned out an American veto later(Obama sure is anti-israel isn't he?). The apologists for these lowlives are beneath contempt. Also the internet judeofascist vermin are up to their usual tactics trying to drown out the truth through their Talmud sanctioned lies. Who else can make up the lie that it was peace activists armed with kitchen knives in their defense that were at fault, and not the "israeli" terrorists who shot over 20 of them dead?
It's down to a science now, "israel" will get away with anything, including the murder of peace activists trying to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza, thanks in no small part to western puppets whose shabbos goyim credentials are unquestionable. Oh, and Turkey, how about cutting diplomatic relations with these askheNAZI animals and purging the Ataturd Kemalists who attempted a coup earlier this year? About time don't you think?

Dajjal's followers will gets theirs inshallah.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who wouldn't want to live with these things?

Judeofascist "manhood" in action. Click on the pic to see what these askheNAZI scum are up to. Peace with these animals? I think not. Nothing a Dick Cheney style buckshot approach couldn't fix.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why 3/17 matters

Today marks the 7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. On March 17th 2003 Anglo-American terrorists in the service global Zionism launched their unprovoked attack on a weak, defenseless nation, based on a pack of lies. It was today seven years ago, after twelve years of crippling sanctions that killed over half a million children, that a war of terror against the people of Iraq was launched.
We failed to stop the war and watched helplessly as the lives of millions of innocent men, women and children were destroyed. After seven long years the war criminals are still struggling to portray their invasion and occupation of Iraq as a victory through a new puppet regime, phony elections and mercenary death squads.
It's a miserable failure, and will never succeed.
Victory to the people of Iraq, and may those who are occupying and killing them, and conspire to expand the war burn in the fires of hell forever. Ameen!