Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tarek Fatah lies yet again

We all know Tarek "T-Fat" Fatah is a shameless opportunist( you know, the whole homeless third world Communist immigrant turned failed politician turned native informant neocon boot licker) but he's really gone off the deep end. Turns out the greasy curly is TWITering these days. Of course it's pure nonsense, cheap rhetoric, and hatred of all things Islamic but I had to laugh at his insistence that the Dubai economic meltdown is the result Sharia banking. Did I mention that the fat bastard used sister Marwa El-Sherbini's murder to bash hijab? Not that being a certified buffoon has ever stopped biryani boy from commenting on issues, but the hungry hippo is brazenly lying through his teeth. The reality is that Dubai is the victim of its own greed, fraud and riba, the same factors which fuel Fatah's sycophantic delusions of grandeur. I for one am glad to see the globalized Dubai crony capitalist casino come grinding to a halt. T-fat will meet a similar fate once his shelf life expires.
For those wondering I have a post in the works about the racist neanderthals in Switzerland.


Man From Atlan said...

You know, I attended Karachi University the same year as Tarek. He wasn't such a buffoon then, though I do remember other activists who were a little more er, daring.

bilal.shamsi said...

This is what the sycophant Tarek Fatah e-mailed on Thursday March 25 to his MCC and Muslim Chronicle list, which is about the same handful of people he misrepresents as "organizations".

Good people,

As you might know, I am in Poland visiting the Nazi Death Camps in the company of some prominent Canadians, including NDP MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis; Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair; Holocaust Survivor Max Eisen; OISE Dean Jane Gaskell; Vaughan Mayor Linda Jackson; York Police Chief Armand Labarge; Barrie Mayor David Apsden; Asper Foundation head Gail Asper; author Marina Nemat; Liberal MP Anita Neville; Prof. Amanda Gryzb of UWO; and Avi Benlolo of the Simon Wiesenthal

I was amazed to discover the number of Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turks, Kirghiz and Albanians who died in these death camps along with the six million Jews. Here are some of the pictures I took in the last few days.


Tarek Fatah