Tuesday, October 20, 2009

...so much for Keith Ellison

pictured here with shabbos goy Irshad Manji.


RZ said...

lol where do you find these photos

Gambit57 said...

salaam aleikum,

Not really surprising at all. One need only look underneath the surface and beyond the hype of Ellison to uncover this.

Ellison (who is heavily promoted by ISNA here and here, the hamza yusuf worshipping cult, the jam'aat ee Islamic American branch, ICNA, many other American Islam groups) has gone on record as having:

a. supported homosexuality and gay marriage as "fully compatible with his faith":

The following quote is from this site:

GLBT Equality
Keith has always been an outspoken support of equal human and
civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.
Keith was a co-sponsor and whipped votes for the Employment
Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a bill which protects employees
based on their real or perceived sexual orientation. At present, it
is legal in 31 states for an employee to be fired for being gay (or being perceived as) gay. Keith looks forward to the time when
Congress can add gender identity to the bill, completing its
protection of the rights of thousands of Minnesotans .

And here is the video:


b. Prior statements about Hamas/Islamic groups (since removed from his site mysteriously):

"Hamas represents the greatest obstacle to this path, and until
Hamas denounces terrorism, recognizes the absolute right of Israel to exist peacefully and honors past agreements, it cannot be considered legitimate partners in this process. Sensible and
moderate elements in Palestinian society could possibly provide
credible negotiating partners. The United States should encourage
dialogue with peaceful Palestinian leaders that recognize Israel,
condemn terrorism, and honor past accords.

Terrorism is the greatest impediment to peace. At this point the Palestinian Authority (PA) has yet to dismantle the terrorist
infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank. The United States cannot
support any government that condones or embraces terrorism.
However, the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian people cannot
be neglected, and the United States should respect these needs
through the use of non-governmental organizations (NGOs)."


c. Israeli lobby pays for Ellison's trip to Israel:


d. And the fact that he, like Carson above, still maintains links with Louis Farakkhan and the Nation Of Islam (NOI), which NO serious muslim believes is mainstream (belief that WD Farad is Allah and that Elijah Muhammed is the last prophet):

"One concern is his prior associations with members of Louis
Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, which many Muslims do not consider
mainstream. Ellison explicitly denies having been a part of the
group, though he admits working with many of its members in
helping to coordinate the Million Man March in 1995"



e. Please consider posting this video on this post as well, it summarizes where he should be placed by Muslims:


lwtc247 said...

Assalamualaikum Dear DrM
PArtially related to this thread is this...

Quilliam Foundation Lawyers Threaten Libel Action Against This Blog Craig Murray's website.

Craig, in case the US media does what I fully extect and keep news of Craig pretty hush hush, was a former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, who blew the whistle on the UK govt and intelligence[sic] agencies use of information from torture. Craig also opens up a number of cans of worms on related issues, e.g. torture transits or extraordinary rendition as is it's euphamistically known as.

The QF's mask slips (as we knew it would).

Salam DrM and other informed brothers and sisters who come here.

Mohamed said...

The need of creating some kind of theoretical justification for what so far had been an instinctive reliance on the opinions of the majority, led, from the first decades of the second/eighth century onwards, to the living tradition being retrojected, and to its being ascribed to some of the great hgures of the past. This process, too, began in Kufa, where the stage of doctrine achieved in the time of Hammad b. Abi Sulayman (d. I20/738) was attributed to Ibrahim al-Nakha'i (d. 95-6/7I3-I5). The Medinese followed suit and retrojected their own teaching to a number of ancient authorities who had died about the turn of the century, some of whom later became known as the 'seven jurists of Medina'. At the same time as the doctrine of the school of Kufa was retrospectively attributed to Ibrahim al-Nakha'i, a similar body of doctrine was directly connected with the very beginnings of Islam in Kufa by being attributed to Ibn Mas'ud, a Companion of the Prophet who had come to live in that city, and Ibrahim al-Nakha'i became the main transmitter of that body of doctrine, too. In the same way, other Companions of the Prophet became the eponyms of the schools of Medina and of Mecca. One further step in the search for a solid theoretical foundation of the doctrine of the ancient schools was taken in 'Iraq, very early in the second/eighth century, when the term ' Sunna of the Prophet ' was transferred from its political and theological into a legal context, and identified with the sunna, the ideal practice of the local community and the corresponding doctrine of its scholars. This term, which was taken over by the school of Syria, expressed the axiom that the practice of the Muslims derived from the practice of the Prophet, but it did not as yet imply the existence of positive information in the form of ' Traditions ' (Hadith), that the Prophet by his words or acts had in fact originated or approved any particular practice. It was not long before these Traditions, too, came into existence, and the persons who put them into circulation were the Traditionists.

Mohamed said...

The ancient schools of law themselves represented, in one aspect, an Islamic opposition to popular and administrative practice under the later Umayyads, and the opposition group which developed into the Traditionist movement emphasized this tendency. As long as a Companion of the Prophet had been the final authority for the doctrine of a school on a particular point, it was sufficient for a divergent doctrine to be put under the aegis of another Companion of equal or even higher authority, as happened in Kufa where all kinds of minority opinions were attributed to the Caliph 'Ali, who had made Kufa his capital. But after the general authority of the Prophet himself had been invoked by identifying the established doctrine with his sunna, a more specific reference to him was needed, and there appeared detailed statements or 'Traditions' which claimed to be the reports of ear- or eye-witnesses on the words or acts of the Prophet, handed down orally by an uninterrupted chain of trustworthy persons. Very soon the emphasis shifted from proposing certain opinions in opposition to the ancient schools to disseminating Traditions from the Prophet as such, and the movement of the Traditionists, which was to develop into a separate branch of Islamic religious learning, came into being. It was the main thesis of the Traditionists that formal Traditions from the Prophet superseded the living tradition of the school. The Traditionists existed in all great centres of Islam, where they formed groups in opposition to, but nevertheless in contact with, the local schools of law. Initially the ancient schools offered strong resistance to the disturbing element represented by the Traditions, but they had no real defence against their rising tide; they had to express their own doctrines in Traditions which allegedly went back to the Prophet, and to take increasing notice of the Traditions produced by their opponents. Finally the outlines and many details of Islamic law were cast into the form of Traditions from the Prophet. In this way, one of the greatest and most successful literary fictions came into being.

lwtc247 said...

Assalamualaikum Bro.

I came across this and thought you might like to spend a few mins on one of your favourite people.

Lesbian Muslim Goes to Yemen

Reply to Lesbian Muslim in Yemen

There's a few other clips of Mad Minx Manji

DrMaxtor said...


Waliakum Asalam bro. Already know about it. Sickening.