Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Audacity of Hype

We are now officially in bizzaro world. Not that I put much stock in a prize named the inventor of dynamite but Obama being given the Nobel peace prize is nothing short of a farce(unless the criteria for peace involves escalating war). I read somewhere that the shabbos goy idiot who runs the "American Thinker" blog has been carping about how the prize didn't mean much since Yasser Arafat got one in the 90s. I would agree but add that any committee which would award a prize to a terrorist like Yitzhak Rabin can't be taken seriously.

I guess his nomination for the Nobel prize in economics would be Bernie Madoff.


ibrahim said...

As salaamu alaikum bro:

JazakAllahu Khair bro this blog, and all of your posts. Please keep it up.

Anyway bro, when I first saw that this blood stained, war criminal, killer of thousands of innocent Muslimeen, including the daily slaughtering of innocent women, children, and babies, this hypocrite extraordinaire (the zionists terrorists can keep their hundreds and hundreds of nuclear weapons, and he won't make a mention of this so-called "secret" per an alleged agreement made 35 + years ago – in which there seems to be no actual proof of BTW - while at the same time threatening bloodshed, more invasions, and straight up WAR (!!!!), NOT EVEN RULING out USING NUKES (!!!) against a nation that does not even have nuclear weapons at the moment - Iran), this puppet and slave of the criminal zionist entity and their war/peace criminal thugs, and their modern day Nazi like war crimes etc., had actually won the Nobel “peace” prize, I thought that it was some sort of "joke," maybe something put up by the Onion or something...

BUT no, this is the reality!!!!!

What will the Muslims (especially in the US) who supported this war criminal say now??? The ignorant Muslims claiming to follow the Sunnah, although drowning themselves in such very unIslamic, jahiliyah concepts as extreme “asabiyah” (nationalism) just because this war criminal, leader of the modern day Crusaders, is “of color?” or a “black man?” (someone send a memo to these clueless folks that the Hindu supremacists/fascists that have been committing pogroms against the Muslims of India/Kashmir, are darker then most African Americans, or that the Ethiopian Crusader Army invaders and occupiers in the last 3 years who have been slaughtering the Muslims of Somalia, are not exactly blond haired and blue eyed Nordics, etc.)

And during the 2008 elections going on and on, and on and on, that Ron Paul (May Allah (swt) guide him to the straight path, as he is one of the very few politicians that seems to actually have ethics, morals, is very honest and is not a political whore of one of the various lobbies, etc.) was not “progressive” enough, was “too white,” or whatever ignorant, stupid rubbish they were talking about, etc.? (Not that I am condoning voting per se) I guess these Muslims who will have no choice but to congratulate their leader, their “Emir” on his “prestigious” award... May Allah guide these “Muslims” and all of us, and the many principled non-Muslims who see this ridiculous farce for what it really is... Ameen

Islamic Learning Materials said...

Assalaamu Alaikum,

Look, so long as this guy doesn't cheat on his wife with a white woman, African Americans will love him like he was Jesus.

I'm African-American with many Christian family members. I know my people. We'll kill each other in a second, but will protect our own till the Dajjal rears his head.

We stuck by that killer O.J. until he was acquitted and cried like babies when M.J. died.

Liberals in this country will love him so long as he talks about saving the polar bears and protecting gay rights.

Hollywood will love him so long as black folks, faggots, and liberals love him.

American Muslims will love him so long as we continue to believe that this is actually a democracy and that our votes count.

So, for the time being, his popularity is safe.

I think I heard today that he agreed to send more troops to Afghanistan.

So much for that whole peace thing.

Vigilante said...

GR8 graphic, Dr. M!