Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Audacity of Hype

We are now officially in bizzaro world. Not that I put much stock in a prize named the inventor of dynamite but Obama being given the Nobel peace prize is nothing short of a farce(unless the criteria for peace involves escalating war). I read somewhere that the shabbos goy idiot who runs the "American Thinker" blog has been carping about how the prize didn't mean much since Yasser Arafat got one in the 90s. I would agree but add that any committee which would award a prize to a terrorist like Yitzhak Rabin can't be taken seriously.

I guess his nomination for the Nobel prize in economics would be Bernie Madoff.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sheikh or Sycophant? Sayyid Tantawi is a disgrace

If there are any doubts of the extent of decay at Al-Azhar, they can be put to rest as "Grand Imam" Sayyid Tantawi attempts to ban the niqab. Apparently this obnoxious creature has nothing better to do then humilate a young niqabi woman in school. The timing gives it away. Why is Tantawi making such a fuss over niqab when Muslim woman are being singled out by European racists and secular fascists(at the behest of their Judeofascist overlords) for persecution for the way they dress? Is it coincidence or merely a government(which itself is a puppet regime receiving instructions from its masters in the usual suspects) appointed jester staying true to form? Not surprisingly the pro-regressives have voiced their support by latching onto this outrage like flies on a turd eg- Tarek "T-Fat" Fatah and his opportunist MCC cronies. This is the same "scholar" who practically supported the draconian ban on hijab by the French. Doesn't he look adorable shaking "israeli" war criminal Perez' hand? Ofcourse he later claimed not to have known who he was shaking hands with...
Don't hold your breath waiting for Al-Azhar's scholars for dollars to say a word against the wildly unpopular Egyptian puppet client regime. Attempts to outlaw hijab, niqabs, beards and whatever else are going fail, you can bet your matza balls on it. What ought to be banned are bogus Ulama and their controllers. In conclusion I would love to see sister Yvonne Ridley let Tantawi have it with a frying pan she promised not too long ago.