Sunday, August 09, 2009


Must be a slow day as the racist French establishment are up in arms again...this time over a Muslim woman's "burquini"(which actually looks like a wet suit). The usual half-assed excuses follow. Hygiene reasons? I assume the French chlorinate their swimming pools. And really, this coming from the same people who think eating raw liver and sporting braided armpits are cool. Might be high time to limit and ban this inferior "culture" once and for all, starting in their former colonies. I'm sick of the frogs.

I should have done this a long time ago, so no more delays.
Living with Conspiracy 24/7 has been added to the blogroll. This brother doesn't beat around the bush. Fearless, truthful and exposing Judeofascism, and not being apologetic about it, my kind of blogger.

Loon Watch has also been added to the blogroll. They do need to spice it up a bit like I did in Judeofascist Awareness Week, but otherwise do a fantastic job.

I've been reading about the "civil war" within the anti-Muslim blogosphere via this blog. The dominant faction(Atlas Sucks, Toilet seats of Vienna) has no problems working with European Nazis and fascists, while the other faction(Little Goyish fools) isn't too thrilled about it openly appearing in public with them. As far as I'm concerned both Judeofascists and neo-Nazis are like turds floating a sewer. Same crap, different sphincter.

An ADL lackey has been arrested for...

I guess they're trying to diversify their criminal activities.

Anyway I'll be back soon.


Sarah Alaoui said...

Hello, I found your blog after googling "Asra Nomani"...I'm currently reading her book 'Standing Alone in Mecca' and enjoying it so far--I wouldn't call her a failed journalist. I'm not finished with the book yet, but great blog!

Anonymous said...

On the French burqini case - I remember reading about Alton Towers (English theme park) planning to ban speedos in its water park. I was shocked to read an article referring to it on this German website, where many commenters seem to view this plan as appeasement of Islam. I wasn't aware that Muslims had anything to do with it...

One commenter even referred to Britain (Grossbritannien in German) as "Dimmitanien" :o

I remember reading one Muslim blogger (I think it was either Umar Lee or Abu Sinan) who said that Germany (and Sweden) were not so much Islamophobic in the manner of France, the Netherlands or Denmark, but just plain anti-theistic. Would you agree with that?

Zaytoon said...

Dr. M, i would highly reccomend that you upload vids on this blog or Youtube. I would definately watch them!

DrMaxtor said...

Asalamu Aliakum, thanks for your comment. You're going to have to do more research into Nomani's behavior to see her for what she really is. She's a failed journalist given that she had to invent the persona of poor persecuted woman to gain fame instead of solid hard hitting journalism.

I think its a combination of multiple factors: xenophobia anti-theism and opposition in particular to Islam. One has to be seriously demented to think that banning speedos is "appeasement" to Muslims. The French are just petty minded xenophobic losers who need to grow up and cease this obsession with Muslim woman's clothing. I'm all for a cultural and economic boycott of the French until they start behaving civilized human beings.

Asalamu Aliakum. Jazakallah khair, but I don't know about making videos. its way too time consuming, but who knows....we'll see inshallah.

Sally said...

Assalamu alaikum Dear Dr M:
Found this brother's blog recently:
Hope you might find his style punchy and refreshing, as I do.