Monday, August 17, 2009

No "twittering" for Afghanistan's election fraud...

Can you hear that? It's the sound of silence as Afghanistan's phony election is underway. The usual suspects don't seem to think its newsworthy when puppet client regimes engage in electoral fraud. Not that there's any such thing as a free and fair election under a foreign occupation. Perhaps the "israelis"(quotation marks are intentional) are too busy this week stealing Palestinian land then setting up fake twitter accounts trying to replicate carbon copied color "revolutions" of Lebanon, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria.
Speaking of twitter, Pear Analytics study shows that 40% of twittering is "useless babble." You need a study to determine that? I'd say that 85% of it is crap, just like 90% of email is spam. It's the continution of the globalization of stupidity.


seemi said...

Assalaam-u-alaykum Wa Rahma!

Yet again an impressive post :).

I wonder why do they even bother with this election drama? Maybe too much of leisure time?!

fee amaan Allah


Ghulam said...

Its amazing how the credibility of the governmental elections wasn't even raised by the media, or the insanity of the "Islamic" laws being passed in what is supposed to be a constitutional democracy.

Dude, how you been keeping? You've been scarce. I trust Ramadaan has been treating you well.