Monday, August 24, 2009

more Judeofascist organ harvesting fun and the Rifqa Bary "honor killing" hoax

First and foremost, I'd like to say Ramadan kareem to all the Muslims. Now on to the main course. Judeofascists in "israel" have been caught harvesting the organs of Palestinians they kidnap and kill. Sound familiar? It should. And of course the usual charges of "anti-semitism"(including Spencer's Geehad Watch turds who worship "israel") were hurled at the Swedish reporter for breaking the story, and simply for reporting something which has been going on for years. I guess the term "parasite" is well earned. The silence of western state media is yet another example of freedumb of speech.
I've been hearing about someone called Fathima Rifqa Bary. Who? Bary is a teenage runaway who was essentially kidnapped and brainwashed by a creepy Evangelical pastor she met on Facebook. As expected her "conversion" to the Evangelical cult has led to the usual chorus of horse manure over "apostasy" and "honor killing" being drummed up the usual shlomos. Death for apostasy in Islam is aimed at discouraging fake converts, only those who wish to enter the religion to subvert and destroy it as the hypocrites of Medina tried to do. Also theres no such thing as "honor killings" in Islam, this is a bogus term designed to present domestic violence in the East in an exotic and misleading way(theres a post in the works on the much touted "honor killings" which will not be pretty). In fact Islam prohibits such acts of violence, especially against against one's own children.
Now lets take a look at her antics:

Talk about over-acting, this coached performance makes Asra Nomani look almost sane. There's nothing I dislike more then a liar, and a really bad one at that, which is why I don't believe this charade for a second. Heck, it's practically a commandment for Judeofascist bastards to lie. Remeber the lie about "Gaza child brides"? And really, since when did scum like this give a damn about Muslims? Remember this is the same crowd which cheers every time IDF terrorists pump Palestinian school children with bullets. Only an idiot would believe that those who advocate Islamophobia and the murder of Muslims on a daily basis genuinely care about Rifqa Bary.
I really feel bad for the Bary family not only for losing their daughter but for being smeared as extremists and potential murderers. May Allah(swt) give them strength in their time of turmoil, and punish those who seek to harm them and other Muslim families.

I give Rifqa a couple of years before her Waco style brainwashing wears off. Just remember you'll still have to answer to Allah(swt) for the lies coming out of your mouth and the pain and suffering of your family, the same parents who moved to the US just to get you the proper medical treatment for your damaged eye.
Speaking of child endangerment, I think it's high time Pamela Gellar's(the racist khazar harlot of "atlas sucks" fame who's been promoting this hoax, and who BTW believes puppet Obama is Malcolm X's love child) children be taken away from her by the authorities. I can't think of a worst form of abuse living with a nuerotic Jewish lunatic and being indoctrinated and infected with the pathological mental disorder known as Zionism.

Monday, August 17, 2009

No "twittering" for Afghanistan's election fraud...

Can you hear that? It's the sound of silence as Afghanistan's phony election is underway. The usual suspects don't seem to think its newsworthy when puppet client regimes engage in electoral fraud. Not that there's any such thing as a free and fair election under a foreign occupation. Perhaps the "israelis"(quotation marks are intentional) are too busy this week stealing Palestinian land then setting up fake twitter accounts trying to replicate carbon copied color "revolutions" of Lebanon, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria.
Speaking of twitter, Pear Analytics study shows that 40% of twittering is "useless babble." You need a study to determine that? I'd say that 85% of it is crap, just like 90% of email is spam. It's the continution of the globalization of stupidity.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Must be a slow day as the racist French establishment are up in arms again...this time over a Muslim woman's "burquini"(which actually looks like a wet suit). The usual half-assed excuses follow. Hygiene reasons? I assume the French chlorinate their swimming pools. And really, this coming from the same people who think eating raw liver and sporting braided armpits are cool. Might be high time to limit and ban this inferior "culture" once and for all, starting in their former colonies. I'm sick of the frogs.

I should have done this a long time ago, so no more delays.
Living with Conspiracy 24/7 has been added to the blogroll. This brother doesn't beat around the bush. Fearless, truthful and exposing Judeofascism, and not being apologetic about it, my kind of blogger.

Loon Watch has also been added to the blogroll. They do need to spice it up a bit like I did in Judeofascist Awareness Week, but otherwise do a fantastic job.

I've been reading about the "civil war" within the anti-Muslim blogosphere via this blog. The dominant faction(Atlas Sucks, Toilet seats of Vienna) has no problems working with European Nazis and fascists, while the other faction(Little Goyish fools) isn't too thrilled about it openly appearing in public with them. As far as I'm concerned both Judeofascists and neo-Nazis are like turds floating a sewer. Same crap, different sphincter.

An ADL lackey has been arrested for...

I guess they're trying to diversify their criminal activities.

Anyway I'll be back soon.