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Five years later, Asra Nomani is still a lying and manipulative Zionist media whore

I know its a harsh thing to say but lets be dead honest : Asra Nomani is a lying and manipulative Zionist media whore. Quick refresher : Asra Nomani is a failed journalist who has been milking the murder of WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl for the last several years while promoting herself(in no small part thanks to the usual suspects) as a Muslim "reformist." Muslim haters love this woman, as she justifies the flea bitten orientalist caricatures of bearded, misogynist, religiously observant, Muslim males oppressing brave little liberal gals like herself. Before all this, the wild eyed bimbo was a nobody struggling with her multiple failed relationships(zina included) with men while pontificating about Tantric sexual practices. It's like watching a bad SNL skit go on forever.
Both Pearl and Nomani were on assignment In Pakistan when she managed to get herself knocked up and pregnant by some unnamed guy(it's a long shot but I would not be surprised if it was Pearl). Since returning to the U.S. and having the baby, the self-proclaimed "bad girl of Islam" became part of a manufactured cottage industry of "reformist moslems"(95% of whom aren't even Muslim) whose sole purpose was to "change" Islam into a cultural club of inferiority complex ridden liars and sycophants who would not oppose wars of terror and imperialism, instead demonizing all facets of Islamic spirituality and practice. And of course every one of them is a Zionist bootlicker(the number one prerequisite in this line of work) aka Shabbos Goyim. Color me unimpressed.
The red carpet was rolled out for anyone reading from the same old tattered kosher
script : Irshad Manji, Waleed Shoebat, Wafa Sultan etc. Interesting how the "radical Muslim reformer" has not said a thing about the Iraq war, the decline of Muslim civil rights(especially the woman) in the West, Zionist terrorism in the Middle East, the AIPAC choke hold on freedom of expression etc. Silence is complicity, folks. Yet she seems to have no problem expressing support for slanderous tripe like the "Jewel of Medina." She has demonstrated time and time again that she doesn't know Islam or live Islam. The perfect pezz dispensing muppet for western state media. Is it at all surprising that Judeofascists like Phylis Chesler are supporting her?
One of the reasons I got into blogging was to take on the rubbish put out by the neocon/RAND supported Nomani and her pro-regressive MWU cohorts back in their "hey day" circa 2004ish. The pro-regressives didn't last as their lies and schemes were exposed one after the other, alhamdulilah. So why post about Nomani now? Well, it turns out she has a "documentary" out on PBS about her "heroic struggle"(aka antics at the Morgantown masjid). Odd considering that PBS
no longer hosts religious based programs. It should has been called "the world according to Asra Nomani : 80 ways to throw a post-menopausal tantrum in over the top theatrical fashion." It's a basically a vilification and harassment campaign by this tramp against the Morgantown Masjid for resisting her nonsense. The manufactured attempts to solicit sympathy through straw man arguments, emotional manipulation, intellectual dishonesty are truly pathetic(as her laughable performance at the "Doha Debates" proved). The woman has the charm and wit of a hard chancre. Conveniently left out from the mockumentary are the following simple facts :

Nomani started her "crusade" against the Morgantown masjid not because of issues related to "equal access" but because of her unpopularity and inability to win a position on the masjid's board of directors. Yes, your daddy may have contributed some money to the masjid but that doesn't guarantee you any kind of position, Asra. This isn't a western client regime based on hereditary dictatorship. Go con a Gulf "emir"(preferably the idiot who blew $10 million on a license plate) into marriage to get that sort of argument rolling.

Nomani lies about her ancestry. She is NOT related to Allama Shibli Nomani, a renowned scholar of Islam from India. His family has confirmed this.
Sheikh Shibli Nomani completed his education in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Usul (Islamic principles), Hadith (traditions of prophet Mohammad), Munazra (comparative religious debate), Maqulat (rational science) and astronomy under illustrious scholars like Maulana Farooq Chiryakoti, Hakim Abdullah Jairajpuri and Maulana Irshad Hussain of Rampur. He was also an ardent anti-colonialist. To put it mildly, he was the complete opposite of the sycophantic slattern pretending to be his descendant(not that that helped the son of Nuh(a.s.)). By the way, I'm a descendant of Adam(a,s,), can I make zina halal?

Woman and men praying separately is based on the Sunnah of the Prophet(s.a.w.), and not some straw man arguments about perceived ineq
uality. Stealing terms from the civil rights movement and throwing them into the ignorant mix to create a draconian portrayal l of Islamic practices is beneath contempt. Remember that fake Jummah for show Nomani and Wadud pulled off? If you're a Hadith rejector, then where did get the specifics of praying salah? Let Sheikh Imran Hosein explain to you :

The reason there is no barrier in Mecca is because of the impossibility of managing millions of people coming and going at different times from multiple gates, and even then men and woman are separated in Salah.

In a soft ball interview at Brandies university, a "liberal" Zionist institution, Nomani refers to Hajar(r.a.) as a single mother. This is untrue and reflects her gross ignorance about Islam. Hajar(r.a.) was the second wife of Ibrahim(a.s.) and the mother of Ismail (a.s.), even Muslim children know this.

Now lets be clear, we all make mistakes, but how many of us use them as badges of honor to shamelessly promote ourselves? Pull agent provocateur tactics by dragging a camera crew into the masjid to intimidate and harass worshipers? Can promiscuous bed hoppers go into a house of worship and make obnoxious demands of the faithful? Can dead beat fathers go into a masjid and demand a place on the board of directors while bragging about their dalliances? Can liquor store owners show up at Jummah and declare that their money is clean? Can those who do not follow the Qur'an and the Sunnah honestly call themselves Muslims? Can I pretend to be a victim because I can't
change the religion to my paymasters whims? Of course not. So Ms.Nomani, what made you think you could pull your shenanigans and be not called on them? Because you're a woman? You feminists can't have it both ways, behaving like a dog in heatone instant and then playing damsel in distress when in trouble. Yes I'm going to be judgmental about your promiscious life because you put it out in public(with no shortage of personal attacks on those not on the bandwagon) and it just doesn't pass the stink test. You're a liar, a monumental fraud and an attention seeking whore selling yourself by demonizing a community you were never a part of. You're not some starry eyed persecuted young girl fighting for your rights but a middle aged opportunist exploiting the ignorance and fear of Islam in the West to make a living. Having a soft spot for biryani and baklava doesn't make you a Muslim(her pathetic excuse for parents never taught her the difference between culture and religion). Are there Muslims, both men and woman fighting for our rights? Yes, but you're not one of them and never will be anything more then a bazaari aurat. We know you're bought and paid for, munafiqa.

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lwtc247 said...

Assalamualaikum Dr Maxtor.

I am so glad when I see you have a new post, because invariably, I know that I'm about to have another new door of the Zionist house of horrors open before me, and it's a house I want to learn about, understand, denounce and fight against.

Thanks for you're efforts in exposing these 'reformist' self claimed Muslims who strangely are never short of a TV interview offer - or three!

I owe you a lot already for what you have posted here and may Allah SWT reward you for your efforts in confronting the worlds ruthless and heartless pimp.

Your list of Zionist crimes was superb and I've informed a number of others about it in recent times.

I don't know Asra Nomani, but I know Asra Nomani's and now I'm happy to be able to add another one, Asra Nomani herself, to the list.

I came across Irshad Manji on Fora TV ( without knowing anything about her, but her call for reform and reinterpretation of Islam made me cold. Dalia Mogahed countered well saying re-interpretation was what the supposed 'terrorists' had done, so Manji's line was checkmated. Mogahed said a return to classical teaching what the answer.

One thing I should say was that the most significant impact upon Islam, the USUK and it's bastard child the Zionist entity, didn't get the prominence it deserved.

Manji's line reminded me of a story about a year ago about a Turkish movement to reform the understanding of the Qur'an which at the time I equated to re-writing of the Qur'an and horrified me.

Salam bro.


Shahid said...

Salaam bro,

Utterly brilliant. Utterly, utterly brilliant.

"middle aged" - harsh. LOL


With respect,


Salmaan said...

bro, leave a comment on any of the posts at and in the email field, leave a valid email addy I can contact you on .... I have a really humorous proposal I think you'll love

Lord of Leoness said...

Amazing. Simply Ostentatious. Horrifically Delightful.

DrMaxtor said...

Asalamu Aliakum all,


You're too kind. I try, bro.

@Shahid bhai,

No ageism here, lol. Btw your recent presentation on the Ahmedis was nothing short of fantastic.


Will do.



lwtc247 said...

Salam DrM.

I guess you're already on the case, but just in case you've got stuck in a time capsule or something:

Actually, I think you did some kind of Ziomafia story a few months back about a meth factory or something. Is this related (other than the ziofraks of course).

Imagine the outrage if it had been Muslims? It is surprising that Rabbi's have been been arrested. I was beginning to think all of them were untouchable.

There not likely to get a juicy presidential pardon for quite some time yet... unless.....

ajsuhail said...

Asra, in her own words, admits to fornication

Enough said.

ali said...

ya i watched her doha debates ,
she outrightingly denied basics of islam shamelessly

i appreciate the patience of the islamic scholars outhere for her

Abu Turab said...


This isn't about Asra Nomani, who I disagree with on many things, but about your writing.

It's embarrassing to read such hateful, malevolent and often vulgar speech from a Muslim. This goes against not only the Holy Qur'an, but also the traditions of the Prophet (saw), who never spoke in such a tone to anyone - let alone someone who claims to be Muslim. You seem critical of Nomani for what you see as slights on Islam, but your own ignorance of the most basic principles of Muslim character is more of an insult to the faith.


DrMaxtor said...

@Abu Turab,

The post IS about Asra Nomani, and I am well within my right to call her a charlatan and a whore. Theres nothing hateful about it, in fact its well past due that someone calls it like it is. If you really had any real objections to the FACTS I've reported you would have brought them up by now. If you don't like my writing, you're more then welcome to scram because I have no intention of changing my posting style. It will be just as vicious and unforgiving towards the usual suspects.
Given the amount of times your own blog uses the the F-word(cuss words are banned on my blog) I find it hilarious that you're trying to lecture me on adab.

Abu Turab said...

About my own blog: I have never used that word; it appears in one post, in the context of a quote from the infamous "Hadji Girl" song, which was the subject of the post. Apples and oranges.

The Qur'an says it better than I ever could:

"[But whatever they may say or do,]repel the evil [which they commit] with something that is better: We are fully aware of what they attribute [to Us]." (23:96)

"[But God has full knowledge of the true believer] and of his [despairing] cry: "O my Sustainer! Verily, these are people who will not believe!"
Yet bear thou with them, and say, "Peace [be upon you]!" - for in time they will come to know [the truth]." (43:88-9)

"AND TELL My servants that they should speak in the most kindly manner [unto those who do not share their beliefs]: verily, Satan is always ready to stir up discord between men - for, verily, Satan is man's open foe!" (17:53)

"Endure, then, with patience [all that they who deny the truth may say] - always remembering that it is none but God who gives thee the strength to endure adversity - and do not grieve over them, and neither be distressed by the false arguments which they devise" (16:127)

"Hence, do not contend with those who are false to their trust, but pray God to forgive [them]" (4:106-7)

"But [since] good and evil cannot be equal, repel thou [evil] with something that is better - and lo! he between whom and thyself was enmity [may then become] as though he had [always] been close [unto thee], a true friend!" (41:34)

Salaam ~

Abu Turab said...

By the way I share many of your criticisms about Nomani. I don't want to come off as defending her views, and in fact I'm working on a quite long critique of her at the moment. Anyway, I hope you can take whatever is positive in my comments - which is from Allah swt, and leave whatever is negative - which is from myself. Salaam bro~

DrMaxtor said...


Well, well, what have we here, another anti-Muslim pig who doesn't know a thing about Islam, yet comes here to tell us big bad Muslim men how oppressive we are because we, like our Muslim sisters aren't fans of the colonial feminism a hukster like Asra Nomani peddles. BTW Nomani is NOT a member of the Muslim community so who are you insist that she is? The usual Talmudic tricks at work. FYI moron, Allah(swt) is not a man, nor a woman. I would be happy to break it down for you but I have a feeling a brain dead yenta with one foot in the grave is a wasted effort.
I also wasted a minute of my life to check your crappy blog and surprise, surprise, you're a filthy hate mongering Zionist Jew promoting Nonie Darwish, a shabbos goy Evangelical fraudster playing "ex-Muslim," whose lies(including claims of Iraq's mythical WMDs) were exposed a while back. So much for promoting lies and stereotypes against Muslim women eh, hypocrite? Who better to teach us about Islam then hate mongering Jews and their lunatic Evangelical Christian israel loving clergy?
Any other bullsh*t you want me to refute, "pawprinz," or is my foot print on your senile bigoted ass enough for today?

Aminson said...

God, it's people like you who make me ashamed to be a Muslim, not Asra Nomani. You do know that people without logical argument have a tendency to use curse word in their debated, right? And calling her insults be her gender is even more obvious--you are an attention seeking sexist man who knows that the days of patriarchal society are over. Women are smarter, stronger and surer, and you're scared because the only advantage you have in society is being a man and you use it to control people. By the way, I myself am a man, but I grew up with a strong mother who taught me to respect both genders and you seem to have that lesson missing from your repertoire.

DrMaxtor said...


For a guy who claims to have an IQ of 140 in his profile, you can't read too well. I doubt a learned Muslim would respond so pathetically. Your shallow opinions on my fact based deconstruction of Nomani's lies and willingness to used by neocon anti-Islamic propagandists means nothing. The fact that you have no interest in verifying the veracity of her slanderous claims tell me how much of a disingenuous, clueless fool you are. You can't dodge logic and drown out the facts by screaming sexism, patriarchy or other code words destructive western liberals(including their trained brown sahib elites) often use. Put up or shut up, I have zero tolerance for liars, frauds and house "Mozlems," male or female.
Do your homework before wasting my time with your childish far left wing inspired ignorance.

Anonymous said...

ایک حرامی جن کر ہو‌گئی میں خطبے کے قابل * میرے مخالف دہشت گرد ہیں ڈینئل پرل کے قاتل

Le Croyant said...

Dr. M,

You need to change the background or ur font color. It's so hard to read anything.

DrMaxtor said...

@Le Croyant

Press ctrl + to increase the size of the font.

Le Croyant said...

It' s not the size but the dark blue background image with black font. I have to select all before I can see any thing written.

Regi said...

Dear Dr Maxtor,

I am working on a book about the neocons. I am impressed with your site. Please contact me. You don't have to post this comment.

MENJ said...

Seems that all these proggie scum are crawling out of the woodwork again. Sigh.

King said...

Someone finally had the balls to call out the worthless Zionist whore Ass-rat No-Man.

Kudos to you, sir.

Saleem said...

Ideot M.
I guess your mother did not do a good job of raising you. Pue filth is pouring out of your mouth. I am man father of two daughters. Since I read Asra Noamani's Standing Alone I gift her book to every female that I care for. I think she comes through very sincere and rightfully critiszes the practices of like stonning etc for zina and their biased application on women. In seventh century life was very violent and it is conceivable of harsh punishments but it does not justify today. Its about time someone stood against it. Womens bill of rights is a brilliant idea. I get disghusted in most of North American Islamic Centers where smart and learned sisters sitting behind a barrier in lessthan adequate space while fat assed male showinist ignorant pigs sitting giving low IQ halaqa and Khutba. Muslims like you have cut the hans and legs of a great religion. I think you should hush and stop insulting your mother.

DrMaxtor said...

It's painfully obvious that your parents raised you on a diet of lead chips. Critical thinking is not forte and it shows. If you need a zionist media whore like Nomani(that's exactly what she is, and I challenge you to prove otherwise given her history of lying and misrepresenting Islam, and the Muslim community, including her support for Islamophobia eg. racial profiling, burning the Quran, and Peter King's anti-Muslim witch hunt on Capitol Hill) to teach you about "how to respect women" you're got serious problems. Hard to believe you could actually read her book(or any book for that matter) given the Oxford level grammar you've displayed here. You even type with an accent.
The punishments for zina are totally justified unless you happen to be a byprodict of such a liason. There's nothing inferiority complex suffering desi Tom dollar types like you can do about it. Where did you learn about your religion, pirated Bollywood DVDs? Islam doesn't come from you or Nomani, it comes from Allah(swt) through his Nabi(swt). The Message is eternal and in no need of "updating" to satify the corrupt nafs of munafiqs. Islam has already given men and women their respective rights, and we're NOT going to change the Deen to fit the whims of consumerist, politically correct, secular, white western culture and it's mindless "house moslem" slaves like you.
I challenge you to read the Qur'an and Hadiths before vomiting ignorance towards your betters. You ought to be thankful that guys like me do the research and analysis that imbeciles like you are incapable of doing. Feel free to comment when you're less impaired.

abudaniyal said...

bravo brother! May Allah (swt) keep you in His protection. You make me proud.

melinda said...
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Asra Nomani said...

Hello, this is Asra Nomani. So you get a good laugh calling someone a "lying and manipulative Zionist media whore." But I'm curious: Who are you "Dr. M"? You seem to have made it your hobby to mock others. Why don't you have the courage to identify who you are? Are you ashamed of your work that you don't reveal your true identity? Seems only someone ashamed of themselves would hide. Thanks, Asra

Abu_Tamim said...

Salamu alaikum.
Some more stuff about this hireling here:

Laila said...

I dont know what to say about your posting style but what i know is your posts about this A**a No***i always make me sleep better. Thankzzz

docfrog said...

Two words

Simply Awesome.

May Allah bless you

Unknown said...

Islamophobia is a big business and there are muslims for hire by Zionists...ask Asra Nomani

Muhammad Umer Toor said...

@ Maxtor!

JazakAllah for this post !

Not trying to blow my pipes, I had some doubt about the moral validity of my own harsh criticism of bigots and clear enemies of Islam and Muslims who wish to follow it. But after reading this post, which is much tougher on munafiqeen of highest order (in terms of their clear deviation) - i feel satisfied about my own style. This is nothing but little we can do through writing !

"we're NOT going to change the Deen to fit the whims of consumerist, politically correct, secular, white western culture and it's mindless "house moslem" slaves like you. "

Allahu Akbar !