Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oy Vey! Mayors, Rabbis, and Organ Trafficking

I'm honestly shocked that the Feds actually made these arrests(considering that they're too busy trying to set up and entrap Muslims by attempting to sell them stinger missles in Walmart parking lots). Well its about bloody time! Judeofascism pretty much gets a free ride here but I guess this was just too big to ignore. Talk about taking a pound of flesh...literally. I could definitely get used to seeing more shaggy shlomos dragged off to jail. I got the Hebrew National hot dogs and popcorn ready. This is one murky matza ball soup which just wont clear up. Time to open the lid on human trafficking, prostitution, slavery, the drugs trade(Kosher meth labs anyone) etc and other fun Kosher business practices the "chosen ones" have been up to for far too long. Follow the trail :

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Five years later, Asra Nomani is still a lying and manipulative Zionist media whore

I know its a harsh thing to say but lets be dead honest : Asra Nomani is a lying and manipulative Zionist media whore. Quick refresher : Asra Nomani is a failed journalist who has been milking the murder of WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl for the last several years while promoting herself(in no small part thanks to the usual suspects) as a Muslim "reformist." Muslim haters love this woman, as she justifies the flea bitten orientalist caricatures of bearded, misogynist, religiously observant, Muslim males oppressing brave little liberal gals like herself. Before all this, the wild eyed bimbo was a nobody struggling with her multiple failed relationships(zina included) with men while pontificating about Tantric sexual practices. It's like watching a bad SNL skit go on forever.
Both Pearl and Nomani were on assignment In Pakistan when she managed to get herself knocked up and pregnant by some unnamed guy(it's a long shot but I would not be surprised if it was Pearl). Since returning to the U.S. and having the baby, the self-proclaimed "bad girl of Islam" became part of a manufactured cottage industry of "reformist moslems"(95% of whom aren't even Muslim) whose sole purpose was to "change" Islam into a cultural club of inferiority complex ridden liars and sycophants who would not oppose wars of terror and imperialism, instead demonizing all facets of Islamic spirituality and practice. And of course every one of them is a Zionist bootlicker(the number one prerequisite in this line of work) aka Shabbos Goyim. Color me unimpressed.
The red carpet was rolled out for anyone reading from the same old tattered kosher
script : Irshad Manji, Waleed Shoebat, Wafa Sultan etc. Interesting how the "radical Muslim reformer" has not said a thing about the Iraq war, the decline of Muslim civil rights(especially the woman) in the West, Zionist terrorism in the Middle East, the AIPAC choke hold on freedom of expression etc. Silence is complicity, folks. Yet she seems to have no problem expressing support for slanderous tripe like the "Jewel of Medina." She has demonstrated time and time again that she doesn't know Islam or live Islam. The perfect pezz dispensing muppet for western state media. Is it at all surprising that Judeofascists like Phylis Chesler are supporting her?
One of the reasons I got into blogging was to take on the rubbish put out by the neocon/RAND supported Nomani and her pro-regressive MWU cohorts back in their "hey day" circa 2004ish. The pro-regressives didn't last as their lies and schemes were exposed one after the other, alhamdulilah. So why post about Nomani now? Well, it turns out she has a "documentary" out on PBS about her "heroic struggle"(aka antics at the Morgantown masjid). Odd considering that PBS
no longer hosts religious based programs. It should has been called "the world according to Asra Nomani : 80 ways to throw a post-menopausal tantrum in over the top theatrical fashion." It's a basically a vilification and harassment campaign by this tramp against the Morgantown Masjid for resisting her nonsense. The manufactured attempts to solicit sympathy through straw man arguments, emotional manipulation, intellectual dishonesty are truly pathetic(as her laughable performance at the "Doha Debates" proved). The woman has the charm and wit of a hard chancre. Conveniently left out from the mockumentary are the following simple facts :

Nomani started her "crusade" against the Morgantown masjid not because of issues related to "equal access" but because of her unpopularity and inability to win a position on the masjid's board of directors. Yes, your daddy may have contributed some money to the masjid but that doesn't guarantee you any kind of position, Asra. This isn't a western client regime based on hereditary dictatorship. Go con a Gulf "emir"(preferably the idiot who blew $10 million on a license plate) into marriage to get that sort of argument rolling.

Nomani lies about her ancestry. She is NOT related to Allama Shibli Nomani, a renowned scholar of Islam from India. His family has confirmed this.
Sheikh Shibli Nomani completed his education in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Usul (Islamic principles), Hadith (traditions of prophet Mohammad), Munazra (comparative religious debate), Maqulat (rational science) and astronomy under illustrious scholars like Maulana Farooq Chiryakoti, Hakim Abdullah Jairajpuri and Maulana Irshad Hussain of Rampur. He was also an ardent anti-colonialist. To put it mildly, he was the complete opposite of the sycophantic slattern pretending to be his descendant(not that that helped the son of Nuh(a.s.)). By the way, I'm a descendant of Adam(a,s,), can I make zina halal?

Woman and men praying separately is based on the Sunnah of the Prophet(s.a.w.), and not some straw man arguments about perceived ineq
uality. Stealing terms from the civil rights movement and throwing them into the ignorant mix to create a draconian portrayal l of Islamic practices is beneath contempt. Remember that fake Jummah for show Nomani and Wadud pulled off? If you're a Hadith rejector, then where did get the specifics of praying salah? Let Sheikh Imran Hosein explain to you :

The reason there is no barrier in Mecca is because of the impossibility of managing millions of people coming and going at different times from multiple gates, and even then men and woman are separated in Salah.

In a soft ball interview at Brandies university, a "liberal" Zionist institution, Nomani refers to Hajar(r.a.) as a single mother. This is untrue and reflects her gross ignorance about Islam. Hajar(r.a.) was the second wife of Ibrahim(a.s.) and the mother of Ismail (a.s.), even Muslim children know this.

Now lets be clear, we all make mistakes, but how many of us use them as badges of honor to shamelessly promote ourselves? Pull agent provocateur tactics by dragging a camera crew into the masjid to intimidate and harass worshipers? Can promiscuous bed hoppers go into a house of worship and make obnoxious demands of the faithful? Can dead beat fathers go into a masjid and demand a place on the board of directors while bragging about their dalliances? Can liquor store owners show up at Jummah and declare that their money is clean? Can those who do not follow the Qur'an and the Sunnah honestly call themselves Muslims? Can I pretend to be a victim because I can't
change the religion to my paymasters whims? Of course not. So Ms.Nomani, what made you think you could pull your shenanigans and be not called on them? Because you're a woman? You feminists can't have it both ways, behaving like a dog in heatone instant and then playing damsel in distress when in trouble. Yes I'm going to be judgmental about your promiscious life because you put it out in public(with no shortage of personal attacks on those not on the bandwagon) and it just doesn't pass the stink test. You're a liar, a monumental fraud and an attention seeking whore selling yourself by demonizing a community you were never a part of. You're not some starry eyed persecuted young girl fighting for your rights but a middle aged opportunist exploiting the ignorance and fear of Islam in the West to make a living. Having a soft spot for biryani and baklava doesn't make you a Muslim(her pathetic excuse for parents never taught her the difference between culture and religion). Are there Muslims, both men and woman fighting for our rights? Yes, but you're not one of them and never will be anything more then a bazaari aurat. We know you're bought and paid for, munafiqa.

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pregnant Muslima murdered in German court by Nazi scum

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un انّا للہ و انّا الیہ راجعون

An extremely tragic and disturbing news out of Dresden, Germany. Sister Marwa al-Sherbini was stabbed to death in a German court, she had sued her Neo-Nazi attacker after he insulted her for wearing the hijab. Her husband was also stabbed and "accidently" shot my the cops. Via Suite 101 :

Dr. Marwa Sherbini was a star pupil at her Alexandria School, El Nasr Girls’ College (EGC), one of the oldest and most prestigious educational establishments for girls in Alexandria. Her personality and academic achievements led to her selection as Head Girl of the school before she joined the Faculty of Pharmacy at Alexandria University, graduating in 2000 with flying colors. After she got married to Elwy Okaz, a researcher at the Max Planck Institute, she moved with him to Germany.

Marwa Takes her Son to Play in the Park

In a Dresden park, Marwa took her 3-year old son Mostapha to play. A German man, probably piqued by her headscarf, insulted her and called her a terrorist. She filed a case against him in German courts. When she won the case and the court fined him 750 Euros for having abused her, he appealed against the verdict.

Marwa Stands in Dresden Court to Give Evidence

As Marwa stood in court on July 1st, 2009, to give evidence, the 28-year old man took out a knife and stabbed her 18 times. Present were her son and her husband, who ran to rescue her. But the assailant stabbed him 3 times. A German security officer in court shot the husband in the leg probably mistaking him for the assailant. The husband Elwy Okaz, who was scheduled to defend his Ph. D. thesis in genetic engineering in a couple of weeks, lapsed into a coma and was taken to hospital suffering from serious injuries to the stomach and liver.

European state media has been trying to sweep this story under the rug while spinning it as an isolated incident. wonder where all the femenists went. Make no mistake about it, the murder of Marwa al-Sherbini, was the end result of the mainstreaming of Islamophobia, promoted by Judeofascists(like the Mossad midget in the last entry) and their shabbos goyim followers i.e. Neo-Nazis(BNP, Vlaams Belang, Geert Wilders etc) with whom they have formed an allience. They are responsible for her murder, and it my sincere hope inshallah, and each one of these sub-human bastards are dispatched in a similar manner. Had the killer been a Muslim, I can guarantee it would received widespread coverage along with usual "call to arms" over "Islamization" via "Eurabia" conspiracy theories.

Whether its Jewish supremacists and/or white supremacists, let us reflect on this quote by the late El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz :

"There is nothing in our book, the Qur'an, that teaches us to suffer peacefully. Our religion teaches us to be intelligent. Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. That’s a good religion."

Amen to that. No integration or assimilation with murderous Nazi and fascist scum. Fry the vermin in gas chambers round the clock.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

France's Mossad midget doth protest a bit too much...

Hmm, I don't see much separation of "Church and State" here, do you? Enter Nicolas Sarkozy, a Hungarian Jew pretending to be a French gentile, and all around alcoholic womanizer. Recently the Mossad midget was ranting about banning the burqa. Ho hum, yet another feeble attempt to pander to the extremist vote. One would think that the President of France would have more urgent matters to tackle, like the pathetic state of the French economy instead of worrying about the clothing a few dozen Muslim woman CHOOSE to wear. Let's get a few things straight : the burqa is not a religious form of dress hence it in no way infringes upon the bogus "secularism" of the state. Grow up and stop behaving like a bunch of spoilt hypocritical brats, we don't live our lives to please the likes of you. If you really believe in freedom, you would let people go about their business instead of forcing your inferior sad excuse of a culture upon them. That's right, I said it. Putting aside wine, cheese, a 35 hour work week, selective hygiene, braided armpits, the French really don't have much of a culture. Instead what we have here are a downright nasty bunch, no longer having an empire. These days the cheese eating surrender monkeys get their kicks bullying minorities. Poll after poll shows that it is most racist country in Europe. Now I don't want to come off as mean spirited but this obsession with Muslim woman's clothing has gone far enough. Its time to highlight some harsh truths. Some may consider marinating in a puddle of one's own vomit at 2 A.M outside of pub "culture," we don't. We also don't think its civilized for grown men to go around stabbing each other in the buttocks after a soccer match. Call us party poopers but we don't think decriminalizing incest, beastiality, pedophelia is healthy for society. Rest on your faded laurels like an aging has been if you want to, but the rest of the world realises that not everyone wants to eat slugs, diseased cirrhotic goose livers and raw mince meat ..... sorry that would be ‘escargots’, ‘pate de foie gras’ and ‘steak tartare’, saying it with a French accent doesn't make it any less repulsive.
Now here's the bottom line, don't tell us what to wear, and we won't tell you go jump in a lake full of crocodiles. No integration or assimilation with Nazi and fascist scum. Est-ce que vous me comprenez?

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