Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Foiled Robber Begs For Mercy, Asks To Join Islam

...and today's good deed of the day is :

Incredible Video Shows Compassionate L.I. Deli Owner Turn Tables With Shotgun, But Then Offer Handout

Crook Then Pledges To Take Muslim Oath, Before Splitting

A shop owner decided to fight back -- with a shotgun and compassion.

When a baseball bat burglar threatened him with bodily harm, deli owner Mohammed Sohail unexpectedly turned the tables and pulled out a shotgun

The weapon wasn't loaded, but the desperate thief didn't know, as security cameras rolled, catching every second of the incredible crime, CBS station WCBS-TV reported.

"He tell me, 'Give me your money.' I say 'Hold on, drop weapon, get down,'" Sohail said.

The would-be thief suddenly surrendered, got down on his knees, blubbering and sobbing like a baby.

"He was begging, crying 'I'm sorry. I have no money, no food, no job. My family's hungry,'" Sohail said. "He's really crying, 'Please don't call police.'"

Sohail struck a deal with the assailant. He asked him to promise he'd never rob anyone again. Next, Sohail pulled $40 out of his cash register and threw it at the man.

"He said he wanted to convert to Islam, that he wanted to be Muslim like me," Sohail said, pointing to the video. "See? He is raising hand here, and taking oath."

Sohail said he and the assailant shook hands on the oath.

He told the burglar to help himself to bread and milk. When Sohail turned to open the cooler, however, the man turned and fled.

Sohail called 911, but decided not to file a complaint, WCBS-TV reported.


lwtc247 said...


I wonder what he did after he escaped. InsyaAllah he was sincere in the shop, and the act of kindness by the shopkeeper will revolutionize the robbers life.

Allah huakbar.

Salmaan said...

I think the most outrageously funny part of the whole incident was that the would-be thief was given a new name comprised of two of the biggest thieves in Pakistani history! AHAHAHAHA PRICELESS!

lwtc247 said...

Well you know what it's like...
I mean pick any Paistanti politican.

They must be rubbin their hands at all that useless d0llar bills flooding into thir pockets as payment for killing thousands of people and displacime millions.

There lovin' it. (to adapt a pharse)