Friday, June 19, 2009

"Ahmadinejad won. Get over it"

At least that's the title of the article by the Leverettes. Now I have my own reservations about Ahmadinejad and how truly "Islamic" Iran is, but for the usual suspects to complain about its elections is nothing short of a bad joke. The same people who consistently install and prop up dozens of dictatorial client regimes all over the world(not to mention WMDs lies and other draconian Zionist propaganda) are in no position whatsoever to cry foul. How many of these disengenuous idiots can even find Iran on the map, let alone give us the fine details about the electoral process and the alleged rigging? None whatsoever. It's simply about Ahmedinejad, and nothing else. How many people are actually familiar with Mousavi's foreign policy outlook, and how similar it is to Ahmedinejad's? The shaggy shlomos will definitely curb their enthusiasm once they realize that Mousavi doesn't care for "israel" and won't negotiate nuclear enrichment. What's happening in Iran is a clash of classes, urban elites(primarily Rafsanjani backed) versus rural masses(who support Ahmadinejad).
I'm also very pleased to see that the folks in my blogroll are up to speed on the disinformation campaign being perpetuated by Judeofascists and their loyal shabbos goyim in Western state media. Revolution you say? Please, this is bad coup attempt gone wrong. Real revolutions are made by real people, not riots orchestrated and egged on by unelected oligarchs or by tech savvy city slickers with phony "twitter" accounts. Anybody remember Operation Ajax?
Apparently it's not "democracy" unless they say so. Just ask the Palestinians.
Now do yourself a favor and get the real facts by following the links below :

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JDsg said...

One of the better posts I've seen on this topic is To You, the new Iran 'expert'

Steph said...

I agree. The point that the media conveniently ignore, is that there are over 70 million people in Iran and a few hundred thousand are on the streets demonstrating. There have been bigger demonstrations in Britain, France and Spain.

Zaytoon said...

excellent analysis. i guess people are projecting their sick neocolonialist fantasies on the situation in Iran. sad really.

lwtc247 said...

Assalamualikum Dr M.

The USUKZ (US, UK and Zionist entity) never stop with their 'nationalistic masturbation' so to speak. Harping on about how sovereign they are, immuning themselves from International law and general morality, yet (as we know) the meddle and meddle then meddle some more in any country that takes their fancy.

It is nauseating that countries who have perpetrated the most prolific and heinous evils upon mankind and the environment in the whole history of the planet, can interfere with Iran this way.

I too have issues with Iran, and question the concept of 'nations' as we know it today, but Iran has proven itself to be a far more respectable country than the dirty crooks and crims like those who lied their ass off, hell-bent to launch a war upon Iraq and its people.

Craig Murray (ex-Ambassador to Uzbekistan) has an extraodrinary 277 comments of mostly very historically informed and intelligent people on Iran. (apart from one strange resident troll)

But sadly, there are too many zombies soaking up the corporate MSM who hate anyone with a skin colour that generally signals they arn't under the white jackboot of Imperial ball crushers.

Is it the same over there? Fox doing what Fox does?

lwtc247 said...

link was truncated...

Lord of Leoness said...

The Queen is a Man!

Lord of Leoness said...

The media is spinning this bloody event out of control. How miserably fascinating indeed. Where is the marmite?

Anonymous said...

How can you suggest Israeli involvement in the Iranian riots, when head of Mossad Meir Dagan said he'd prefer that Ahmadinejad remain in office?

VeritasLuxMea said...

What is going on in Iran is NOT A CLASS STRUGGLE. It is a philosophical struggle between those who demand a prosperous country and those who would give up anything to stand up against the West!!!

I am an Iranian. I voted for Mousavi like most of my friends because we wanted a job, hope and a bright future. Ahmadinejad gave us none of that. In fact, he sacrificed so much of our national wealth just to get re-elected.

You can read this article by Hamid Dabashi to realize the truth behind this uprise: