Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The "Kosher tax" scam exposed

Kosher rubbing alcohol, kosher hydrogen peroxide and kosher bottled water...right. Heck, they even have Kosher Meth lab. Imagine the outrage if we were doing this, tricking non-Muslims into paying for halal certification...

...then again, deception is not a part of our faith. Btw this halal keyboard is amazing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

"Ahmadinejad won. Get over it"

At least that's the title of the article by the Leverettes. Now I have my own reservations about Ahmadinejad and how truly "Islamic" Iran is, but for the usual suspects to complain about its elections is nothing short of a bad joke. The same people who consistently install and prop up dozens of dictatorial client regimes all over the world(not to mention WMDs lies and other draconian Zionist propaganda) are in no position whatsoever to cry foul. How many of these disengenuous idiots can even find Iran on the map, let alone give us the fine details about the electoral process and the alleged rigging? None whatsoever. It's simply about Ahmedinejad, and nothing else. How many people are actually familiar with Mousavi's foreign policy outlook, and how similar it is to Ahmedinejad's? The shaggy shlomos will definitely curb their enthusiasm once they realize that Mousavi doesn't care for "israel" and won't negotiate nuclear enrichment. What's happening in Iran is a clash of classes, urban elites(primarily Rafsanjani backed) versus rural masses(who support Ahmadinejad).
I'm also very pleased to see that the folks in my blogroll are up to speed on the disinformation campaign being perpetuated by Judeofascists and their loyal shabbos goyim in Western state media. Revolution you say? Please, this is bad coup attempt gone wrong. Real revolutions are made by real people, not riots orchestrated and egged on by unelected oligarchs or by tech savvy city slickers with phony "twitter" accounts. Anybody remember Operation Ajax?
Apparently it's not "democracy" unless they say so. Just ask the Palestinians.
Now do yourself a favor and get the real facts by following the links below :

Ahmadinejad won, Get over it.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Foiled Robber Begs For Mercy, Asks To Join Islam

...and today's good deed of the day is :

Incredible Video Shows Compassionate L.I. Deli Owner Turn Tables With Shotgun, But Then Offer Handout

Crook Then Pledges To Take Muslim Oath, Before Splitting

A shop owner decided to fight back -- with a shotgun and compassion.

When a baseball bat burglar threatened him with bodily harm, deli owner Mohammed Sohail unexpectedly turned the tables and pulled out a shotgun

The weapon wasn't loaded, but the desperate thief didn't know, as security cameras rolled, catching every second of the incredible crime, CBS station WCBS-TV reported.

"He tell me, 'Give me your money.' I say 'Hold on, drop weapon, get down,'" Sohail said.

The would-be thief suddenly surrendered, got down on his knees, blubbering and sobbing like a baby.

"He was begging, crying 'I'm sorry. I have no money, no food, no job. My family's hungry,'" Sohail said. "He's really crying, 'Please don't call police.'"

Sohail struck a deal with the assailant. He asked him to promise he'd never rob anyone again. Next, Sohail pulled $40 out of his cash register and threw it at the man.

"He said he wanted to convert to Islam, that he wanted to be Muslim like me," Sohail said, pointing to the video. "See? He is raising hand here, and taking oath."

Sohail said he and the assailant shook hands on the oath.

He told the burglar to help himself to bread and milk. When Sohail turned to open the cooler, however, the man turned and fled.

Sohail called 911, but decided not to file a complaint, WCBS-TV reported.