Sunday, May 24, 2009

My meeting with ex-Gitmo guard Terry Holdbrooks, and other mini rants

Meeting Terry Holdbrooks
Guess who I ran into at Jummah Salah while in California? Ex-Gitmo guart Terry Holdbrooks. Who? Why in the world would someone who served at the notorious torture camp be at a mosque of all places? Terry converted to Islam, and the Army let him go(sounds like a great way to get an early discharge). We spoke for a good 20 minutes and I must say I was impressed with the brother. TJ is the establishment's worst nightmare : a white convert not afraid of speaking his mind. He was scheduled to give a talk later in the evening but I couldn't make it due to other commitments. I hope to see him again whenever I'm in the southwest again inshallah.

The FBI's bogus NY terror plot
Robert Dreyfuss has the lowdown on the latest terror "plot" courtoesy of the Feds. Given the heavy judeofascist infilitration in so many areas of government I'm not surprised. Jane Harman anybody? I'm working on a post about the recent shenanigans of the FBI(The Federal Bureau of Intimidation) in our community sending criminals and fake converts to entrap innocent people while creating fear and disunity amongst ourselves. They'd would rather create fake terror then go after the real McCoys.
So what to do with someone tries to sell you a stinger missle? I'd punch the guy as hard as I could and proceed to kick the daylights out of him, make a hell of scene and call the cops(and try to water board him before they arrive) and go to the media. Forget restraining orders, a nice beat down should suffice. Thats how you blow their cover instead of reporting them quietly to their masters at the FBI who in turn would do nothing.
The post will be titled How to catch an agent provocatuer.

Thie Week in Freedumb of Speech
Just when I was about to add it to my blogroll the Frustrated Arab's diary went offline. I smell the stink of the JIDF internet hasbara turds at work. I hope to see sister Rocaquayah revive her fearless anti-Zionist blog. The cats out of the bag, shlomos :

The DrM Dogs?
I've been thinking about getting a German Shepherd or two. Dynomutt, Katyusha, Slumdog and Darth Labrador sound like perfectly acceptable names to me(you have to admit its better then Sputnik). The Turkish Shepherd is way too big to keep around. So much for the canard about Muslims hating dogs(I just don't like the two legged ones who think they're living in 5000 B.C.). Also check out Rob's posts.

Star Trek

So my zany friend Dr.H, being the sci-fi geek that he is, conned me into watching the new Star Trek movie(he had free tickets). I rarely go to the movies(still haven't recovered from Transformers) and had absolutely no expectations from this film whatsoever. I was pleasantly surprised as Star trek rocked. It was a fun film which I predict will revive the aging franchise. I grew up watching reruns of the original series but never considered myself a trekkie, and here's the reason why...

Uh I'll let Shatner say it for me :


lwtc247 said...

Salam DrM.

I read the Terry Holdbrooks article. Alhamdulillah Islam bloomed in his heart. Pity to hear of him drinking after that, but although stumbling, Terry is InsyaAllah heading in the right direction.

It was strange reading the article as it came across that the tortured prisoners had periods of respite but I didn't want to see that as Guantanamo bay's Camp Delta, like Zionism, is something that is am utterly opposed to, yet at the same time It was good to see that showing their torture wasn't constant.

Loved the trekkie videos. Hahah.

Who's the dude with the Homer? I've seen a few freeze-frames of him before but never had the opportunity to watch him. On grabbing the opportunity this time, I get a feeling I'm going to really like him :)

A dog? My Parents (non-Muslims) had one. As a creature it was kind of alright but a real pain if it licked you and it generated a LOT of dirt. If you are going to get one, I would suggest you try and get as clean a breed as poss. Alsatians may meet that bill, but I dunno. My Parents dog was a kind of sheep-dog.

P.S. tried making Mutabak yet? - the dough is the most tricky thing. I think you will need strong white flour.

A friend went to Yemen some months ago. She loved it and said I'd love it. She had the good fortune to hear Imam Bilal Phillips give a Khutba. Their life is (I think - that is from what I've been told) the kind of thing I think the human race should re-establish.

P.S. Do you know of Hamza Yusuf? (of Zaytuna institute). If you have, what's your handle on that guy? I can't really figure him out.


Steph said...

Why is that Muslims are regarded as hating dogs?

Are you thinking of getting a dog and a bitch?

DrMaxtor said...


Walikaum Asalam,

The gentleman with the homer doll is Joe of the SludgeReport. He makes excellent videos and doesn't mince words.

Haven't made mutabak yet, I've assigned a pair of cronies to the task though. You're right, it is delicious!

I have mixed feeling on Hamza Yusuf. He's a knowledgeable scholar but few can dispute that Hamza Yusuf was a changed man post-9/11. I don't care for political correctness to appease the wrong crowd.

DrMaxtor said...


The canard about Muslims hating dogs came from the same losers who claim that we want kill all the "infidels." Contact with dogs, especially the saliva is considered unclean and nullifies the ablution needed to perform prayers. Otherwise they are allowed as pets, guards and guides for the blind etc. My dad had 3 German shepherds as a kid.

I'm not sure which gender to go with. My concern is the training, and fulfilling the rights of the dog(training, diet, exercise etc). Rob's posts on the subject have been highly informative.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Yusuf Smith write an anti-dog article on his blog though?

I thought that Muslims were more cat people - I wonder if my work-mate Omer Younas (he's the only Muslim in my workplace) has any pets?