Sunday, April 26, 2009

Looking for Mutabak

Yes, I'm on vacation in case anyone's been wondering(fear not, I'll be back soon). But enough about that, lets get down to the real reason of this post : Mutabak. Pictured below is this fine Yemeni dish which I devoured many times when I had gone for Umrah a few years ago.

Trust me, it tastes just as good as it looks. Unfortunately I have been unable to locate it in the U.S. So here's the deal, anyone who gets me the recipe for this get my heartfelt thanks, and a signed Dr.M picture.
Hook a brother up.


HW said...
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HW said...

Living in India, this is the recipe I got from a friend.

What you'll need: (for one plate)

- Rumaali Roti (Which is made from fine flour, or maidah in urdu)
- Minced Chicken or Mutton half-cooked 100gms
- 2 eggs
- Green Onion - 100 gms
- White Pepper
- Salt to taste


Mix all the ingredients (except roti) and keep the mix ready
Place the Roti on a heated pan with some oil
When the roti begins to cook slightly, spread the mix on top and cook further
You'll need to fold the roti as it cooks.

I'm sorry if this sounds amateurish. I'm not too adept in the kitchen :)

JDsg said...

In Singapore it's called Murtabak. Try this recipe. (I don't know if the recipe is any good, but it's pretty hard to screw up murtabak. ;) ) Actually, there are several types made here, the most common being beef, chicken and mutton. I prefer the beef (without onions).

A couple of comments on how to make murtabak. When the roti (i.e. bread) is placed on the griddle, it's about 2' square. At this point it's extremely thin, like the thickness of one or two sheets of paper. The oil is already on the griddle, and the cooks will drizzle the roti with a little more oil and rub two eggs onto the roti as well. Then, of course, the meat mixture is placed on the roti and then the roti is folded into a rectangularish shape. The roti is then grilled for about five minutes; I have no idea what the temp for the griddle should be. (I've watched people make murtabak many times, but have never asked for specifics.)

BTW, the roti dough can also be made into prata, which is very tasty as well.

JDsg said...

OT: You might find this blog post of interest.

Lord of Leoness said...

Salam Alykum Dr. M. Kehale Sahib,

Here is the actual video from youtube on how to make mutabak. For the first time in recorded history did YouTube actually came in handy. Do I get a signed Dr. M picture with the 3-D glasses and the color decoder spy ring?????LOL...

Lord of Leoness said...

Hey Dr. M Buddy:

Here is the best recipe along with the history. The Muslims from Arabia who opened up India are the ones who introduced it to the subcontinent according to this piece. It don't matter who introduces it as long as I get to enjoy it.

Amad said...

Dr. M, can you email me... i seem to have misplaced your email address

DrMaxtor said...

Asalamu Aliakum and jazakallah khair everyone,

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the feedback. Glad to see this blog came in handy for once. I'll have the DrM chef experiment with the recipes you've all submitted.
I'll do a follow up on the results.