Thursday, March 05, 2009

What happened to the Khilafah?

The ever erudite Steph has a fantastic post up titled "Who defines Islamic extremism," in which we are told that :

According to the leaked draft of “Contest 2″, a revision of the UK government’s 2003 counter terrorism strategy, which is due to be publicly released next month, an Islamic extremist is defined as someone who advocates a caliphate; promotes Sharia law, believes in armed resistance anywhere in the world, specifically in Palestine; believes that homosexuality is sinful or banned in Islam; or fails to condemn the killing of British forces illegally occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.
Talk about casting a wide net which would include the vast majority of Muslims, but also plenty of non-Muslims who aren't high on the kool aid. Going by this ludicrous "definition," Mahatma Gandhi would be a bonafide "Islamic extremist." Considering the role spearheaded by the British in destroying the Khilafah, none of this should come as a surprise. Confused? Not following me? Who better to explain this mess then one of the finest Muslim scholars around, Sheikh Imran Hosein. Yes, thats the same dynamic personality who exposed the banking system years before it became a hot topic of discussion. So what exactly is this British obsession with the Khilafah about?

Fascinating isn't it? Do consider purchasing the DVD for the entire lecture, its worth every penny. But fret not cheapskates, you can download the entire book on the subject free from Sheikh Imran's website.
If there is some confusion(which zionists and anti-Islamic propagandists often exploit) on the subject of friendship between Muslims, Christians and Jews based on Surah Al-Ma'idah 5:51 from the Holy Quran, the following video clears it up.

Hope that cleared a few things up. Next up, the DrM bail out plan.


Steph said...

I watched the first video with Rob and he pointed out that Britain was trying to encourage a Palestinian uprising against the Turks as far back as 1850.

Sheikh Imran is absolutely correct that that the British plot to to overthrow the Caliphate was part of a Judeo-Christian Zionist alliance. The the Rothschilds were the architects of the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement and the Balfour Declaration. This is what many people forget that the creation of Israel didn't just happen in 1948 because the Jews defeated the Arabs , it was part of a process which began with the dismantling and occupation of the Ottoman empire. Sheikh Imran doesn't mention the Anglo-French genocide but millions of Turks and Arabs died defending the Ottoman empire.

Man From Atlan said...

I wonder why, with the failure of Nasser's Arab nationalism,the Khilafat movement never came back into vogue. Perhaps because there's no mechanism for such a leader to appear?

Lord of Leoness said...

Nasser's Arab Nationalism is a very potent poison that hss disrupted the mechanisms you speak of (Man from Atlan). He was very much part of the colonialists plan like everyone else. Same pile of feces with a different smell or package.

Yes, Steph it was a dismantling process of the Ottoman Empire. Keep in mind that the Ottoman's were not legitimate heirs to the Khilafah because their rule was corrupt no different then anywhere else in the Western and Eastern worlds, also they were not mandated but spirituality but rather by military conquests which is why it was easy to dismantle them. The Ottoman's never proselytized their religion unlike the Arabs who spread the word of God through non-violent means (Trade, etc..), which is why the areas of the world where Arabs went Islam is still strong today (i.e. India, Pakistan, etc..) and the areas where the Turkish military machine went Islam is very very weak (i.e. Bosnia, etc..) I mock religious leaders who claim that Sultan Abdul-Hamid was the last Cliph in Islam, because he unlike Omar, Abu-Bakr, etc.. was as corrupt as they get along along with all the intrigue and royal non-sense the Ottoman's court displayed on daily basis.

lwtc247 said...

Akum folks.

To my shame I have never read of the history of the Ottoman 'empire', but have of course when reading about the collapse of the Khalifah come across the problems of that last Caliph, so what you say seems perfectly in tune with factuality. That Allah(swt) would collapse a worthy Khalifate is a no-no, but at risk of repeating myself, it certainly wasn't perfect.

As for Nasser. I was beginning to hold him in regard. I had to halt this swing towards him based on what a Hizb-ut Tahrir chap told be - that Nasser could have defeated the Zionist occupation, but actually pulled back! My friend is a trusted source of information and I've not had time to investigate that myself (we must rely on trust at times for it's not possible to reinvent a few hundred thousands 'wheels') So once what is said of Nasser here w.r.t. nationalism seems to fit also.

Steph said...

Has anyone read Sayyid Qutb's Ma'alim fi al-Tariq? He was a supporter of Nasser's 1952 Revolution but quickly found that it was a fascist state and that Nasser was as anti-Islam as King Farouk. Ultimately Nasser assassinated advocates of the Sharia, like Qutb and other members of the Muslim brotherhood.

DrMaxtor said...

You're on the money, as usual. Keep in mind this is just a clip from a two and half hour DVD which covered a lot of material. This "Judeo-Christian" alliance the Sheikh speaks of is a political one since they are irreconcilable theologically. I'm not familiar of Sayyid Qutb's Ma'alim fi al-Tariq. It's probably considered "extremist" material by the same powers who would just as easily brand Gandhi an "Islamic extremist" for his involvement in the Khilafah movement.

@everyone else,
Well said, gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

You may be interested in recent exposes' of fake Muslims who are really members of a Jewish terrorist organization (the JDL). See the following links:

Lord of Leoness said...

I have heard of a movement called Jews for Gas Chambers

Anonymous said...

As to Jews for Gas Chambers, I cannot find any reference that such a movement exists. I found 3 references where the phrase was used in a satirical manner, but not in referring to any organization.

If you could provide a link to any info about such an organization, I'd be glad to see if it exists and what they're about. My site exposes hate groups of any type, no matter who they are.

DrMaxtor said...

Rev Sutter,
Greetings! I'm aware of your efforts to expose "Muslims against Sharia," so you have my thanks. I will blog on these charlatans in the future and will cite the work you've done.
Leoness is joking..LoL!

Anonymous said...

I see my cyberstalker is over here, now. Ever since I exposed her rabid hatred of Muslims she's been following me all over the web with her trash talk. You can find out exactly what her problem is at:

DrMaxtor said...

I remember reading about this stalker of yours, Rev.Sutter. No good deed goes

Anonymous said...

LadyPredator doesn't know how to read a court decision. Read the link she supplies for the appellate court decision. Mr. Musa's religion wasn't even known during the expose on his rip-off scheme, it didn't come up in the lawsuit, and his lawsuit, both at the trial court level and at the appellate level, failed, because there was no defamation. Both courts ruled against him.

But you can expect much more from Ms. Runyon, and perhaps even her accomplice-in-slime Glen Reinsford, who is another cyberstalker. They will spam the comments section with their obsessive-compulsive trash talk, trying to troll, trying to find a place, any place on the Internet where someone, anyone, takes them seriously. To date, no luck.

DrMaxtor said...

Rev. Sutter,
I checked out the link, I didn't see religion as a factor in the report. Nice try LP, almost as laughable as the "Muslim nightclub" you claimed to have worked at.
Isn't Glen Reinsford, the neo-Nazi behind the "religion of peace" website?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dr. M, Reinsford is the religionofpeace idiot. My report on him showed his hatred of all things Islam, and how he jiggers the numbers in his infamous "jihad counter." He and LP are "partners-in-slime".