Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Week in Freedumb of Speech : Judeofascist fifth column sabotage Freeman nomination

Change is here! Well, not really, but lets keep pretending that Obama's Presidency will unleash the winds of change. Enter Charles Freeman, a veteran diplomat on his way to become the top US intelligence analyst. One problem though, Freeman has a history of being critical of "israel" and advocating a more reality based approach to the Middle East. Well the Judeofascist fifth column wasn't having any of that and engaged in a protracted smear campaign against the man, resulting in his withdrawal of the nomination. Truly a freedumb of speech moment, and yet more proof of Zionist subversion of American politics. But Freeman isn't going quietly :

Notice how squeemish US state media is in even admitting there is such an entity as the "israel lobby." Also notice how Fareed Zakaria's attempts to shift attention away from Zionist malcontents. This man is a disgrace, and to call this slumdog millionaire wannabe a journalist is a smear against the profession. But hey, that's what passes for the forth estate these days. Fortunately there are still some Americans who have the moral and testicular fortitude that Zakaria and shabbos goyim sorely lack, and they're speaking out :

Joe from the SludgeReport


Stephen Walt

But all is not lost, this is a pyrrhic victory for the usual suspects as more and more people see figure out and see who the true enemies of freedom are.


Lord of Leoness said...

What a bunch of evil lunatics. I represent my church's (Baptist) group and we are teaching our congregation about these evil people. Bad enough they crucified Christ.

Moon said...

someones noticing your title. But this site looks like it's going to be a doozy: