Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The DrM bailout plan

Yes, it's time to save America and your behind in one shot. for too long America has been dumbed, dulled and tranquilized into a state of semi-conscious existence. No matter how much money those in power throw at it, the hole at the bottom of the bucket will always be there unless there is a fundmental change in the way the country works. Hot on the heels of my guide to voting comes the DrM bailout plan! Here's how it works:

No bailouts for crooks and criminals.

All debts are null and void. Credit cards are a thing of the past.

Bye bye Federal Reserve, and a return to the Gold standard and precious metals.

All Zionists and the members of their Shabbos goyim network are arrested and detained at Gitmo(with the mandatory matza soup boarding torture). No plea bargaining for "dual loyalist" traitors.

The salaries of all politicians is slashed by 70%, and all lobby groups disbanded.

The insane military budget is sharply slashed. It cannot be overstated how badly the military industrial complex has hurt the US. As of 2009, the United States government is spending about $1 trillion annually on defense-related purposes. This is unsustainable and suicidal. Instead hundreds of billions of dollars will be better spend on far more important sectors of society.

Education all the way through college is free. The catch being that standards will be super high.So slackers don't have a chance of making it.

There is no such thing as free medical care, but those on the extremities of life, children up to 12 and the elderly(60 and up) will be covered. The rest of us have to pay a hefty fee of $20 a month. Everyone over the age of 18 weighing over 300lbs will be placed on the DrM diet plan and be required to purchase a treadmill.

Lovely aint it?

Now if you're viewing this using a Windows operating system you have my sympathies(particularly if
you've infected your machine with Vista). Here's a mini computer bail out :
Remove all McAfee and Norton products from your machine. Stick with FREE programs which do the job way better then any of the crapware. The following are all you need :

Avira Anti-Virus

Comodo firewall

Malwarebytes anti-Malware

Spyware Blaster




Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Week in Freedumb of Speech : Judeofascist fifth column sabotage Freeman nomination

Change is here! Well, not really, but lets keep pretending that Obama's Presidency will unleash the winds of change. Enter Charles Freeman, a veteran diplomat on his way to become the top US intelligence analyst. One problem though, Freeman has a history of being critical of "israel" and advocating a more reality based approach to the Middle East. Well the Judeofascist fifth column wasn't having any of that and engaged in a protracted smear campaign against the man, resulting in his withdrawal of the nomination. Truly a freedumb of speech moment, and yet more proof of Zionist subversion of American politics. But Freeman isn't going quietly :

Notice how squeemish US state media is in even admitting there is such an entity as the "israel lobby." Also notice how Fareed Zakaria's attempts to shift attention away from Zionist malcontents. This man is a disgrace, and to call this slumdog millionaire wannabe a journalist is a smear against the profession. But hey, that's what passes for the forth estate these days. Fortunately there are still some Americans who have the moral and testicular fortitude that Zakaria and shabbos goyim sorely lack, and they're speaking out :

Joe from the SludgeReport


Stephen Walt

But all is not lost, this is a pyrrhic victory for the usual suspects as more and more people see figure out and see who the true enemies of freedom are.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

What happened to the Khilafah?

The ever erudite Steph has a fantastic post up titled "Who defines Islamic extremism," in which we are told that :

According to the leaked draft of “Contest 2″, a revision of the UK government’s 2003 counter terrorism strategy, which is due to be publicly released next month, an Islamic extremist is defined as someone who advocates a caliphate; promotes Sharia law, believes in armed resistance anywhere in the world, specifically in Palestine; believes that homosexuality is sinful or banned in Islam; or fails to condemn the killing of British forces illegally occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.
Talk about casting a wide net which would include the vast majority of Muslims, but also plenty of non-Muslims who aren't high on the kool aid. Going by this ludicrous "definition," Mahatma Gandhi would be a bonafide "Islamic extremist." Considering the role spearheaded by the British in destroying the Khilafah, none of this should come as a surprise. Confused? Not following me? Who better to explain this mess then one of the finest Muslim scholars around, Sheikh Imran Hosein. Yes, thats the same dynamic personality who exposed the banking system years before it became a hot topic of discussion. So what exactly is this British obsession with the Khilafah about?

Fascinating isn't it? Do consider purchasing the DVD for the entire lecture, its worth every penny. But fret not cheapskates, you can download the entire book on the subject free from Sheikh Imran's website.
If there is some confusion(which zionists and anti-Islamic propagandists often exploit) on the subject of friendship between Muslims, Christians and Jews based on Surah Al-Ma'idah 5:51 from the Holy Quran, the following video clears it up.

Hope that cleared a few things up. Next up, the DrM bail out plan.