Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Week in Freedumb of Speech : The usual suspects target Imam Khalid Yasin, again(yawn)

There was a time I used to wonder whether these are genuinely stupid people or just such shameless liars. That was then, this is now. Now we can refine it to an exact science. While Dutch racist, and all around shabbos goy Geert Wilders running rampant trying to whip up anti-Muslim hysteria via his failed fitna propumentary, the usual suspects are hopping mad that Imam Khalid Yasin was allowed into the Netherlands. Now I know that the Dutch aren't the brightest bunch out there, but come on. Its these geniuses who nurtured illegal immigrant fraudster Ayaan Hisrsi Magan as token colored anti-immigrant mascot, only to have her bring down their government when her scam was exposed. Yeah, definitely not MENSA material. You have wonder why people who prefer to elevate nonsense to discourse end up with criminals like Wilders.

Here we have the self-admitted Dutch Mossad agent posing with fellow shabbos goy Robert Spencer, who increasingly looks like a miniature Jewish settler thug in the Occupied territories. Oh, and Wilders himself spent years on an illegal "isreali" settlement.

So let me get this right, Wilders' should be allowed to do whatever he wants while Imam Khalid Yasin should not. Wilders and his aim to "ban" Islam in the Netherlands is fine, but Khalid Yasin giving lectures on Islam is not. That's the judeofascist definition of free speech for you.
Free speech does not merely consist of the ability to voice your view, it is to have an EQUAL PLATFORM TO BE HEARD! They went even further and blatantly lied that Imam Yasin had called for Wilders to be whipped. In fact Yasin said that Wilders deserved a 'judicial slap on the wrist' for his antics. Check it out :

I'm sure its an honest mistake, just like I believe that the Yasin's detractors having the same political, ethno radical criminal agenda ala Frontpagerag is just a mere coincidence.
So whats so "radical" about Yasin anyway? Nothing. Like many Muslim speakers, Yasin has been vilified by the same media which gives free publicity and champions charlatans like Wilders. This is what they call "radicalism":

Now it becomes clear why he's a "threat." I haven't really done justice to Wilders, but I will during this years
Shabbos Goyim Awareness Week. And yes, it'll be just wholesome as the last one.

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Lord of Leoness said...

How come Judeofascists do these things? I don't understand. Oh my goooooddddddddd.