Monday, February 23, 2009

Meeting the recession in the eyes of a mother

I've seen a lot of things over the years at various hospitals. I've dealt with the patients who were terminally ill, mentally unsound, drug addicts, gang members, murderers etc so there are few things which would catch me off-guard, right? Wrong. I was loading groceries in my car last Friday afternoon when a woman approached me in the parking lot asking for money. She could not have been older then 40. Like many, I've been in this sort of situation before but this time it was different. She needed money to feed her children with whom she was living in a cheap motel. She had lost her job and was rendered homeless by the financial meltdown. Quite a sob story huh? I have a fairly good idea when someone is lying(the egos rampant in the medical field is no joke) but this woman was telling me the honest truth. Its hard to convey in words the sadness I saw in her eyes, her hesitancy and embarrassment in asking for help was evident yet the hunger of her children compelled her.
I gave her some money, and in retrospect wish I had given more. She apologized and thanked me, I smiled and told her it was alright and to take care. She then went off and approached an elderly couple. Now three days later I'm still in a bit of shock. Its one thing to read about the recession in the papers or watch it on TV but it was nothing short of devastating to see its effects in the eyes of this mother. And there are millions more like her. It is a shocking testament to the growth of poverty in the United States. The entire financial system is a fraud, and the criminals who run it have the nerve say its the best system the world has ever known. This is "best system"? One which traps millions in permanent poverty while the blood sucking predatory elite stays permanently rich? This is dhulm(oppression) and it has placed the majority of us in slavery. Bad enough that people are hungry but to watch their own children starve, that's nothing less then torture.
It also dawned on me that we Muslims despite all the work we've done, need to do more. Especially those of us who are fairly well off, living comfortably, not worried where our next meal is coming from. Prophet Muhammed(Sallah allihi Wa salam) said “Feed the hungry and visit a sick person, and free the captive, if he be unjustly confined. Assist any person oppressed, whether Muslim or non-Muslim.” Wherever she is now, I hope the mother I met last week is doing better and her children fed inshallah.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This Week in Freedumb of Speech : The usual suspects target Imam Khalid Yasin, again(yawn)

There was a time I used to wonder whether these are genuinely stupid people or just such shameless liars. That was then, this is now. Now we can refine it to an exact science. While Dutch racist, and all around shabbos goy Geert Wilders running rampant trying to whip up anti-Muslim hysteria via his failed fitna propumentary, the usual suspects are hopping mad that Imam Khalid Yasin was allowed into the Netherlands. Now I know that the Dutch aren't the brightest bunch out there, but come on. Its these geniuses who nurtured illegal immigrant fraudster Ayaan Hisrsi Magan as token colored anti-immigrant mascot, only to have her bring down their government when her scam was exposed. Yeah, definitely not MENSA material. You have wonder why people who prefer to elevate nonsense to discourse end up with criminals like Wilders.

Here we have the self-admitted Dutch Mossad agent posing with fellow shabbos goy Robert Spencer, who increasingly looks like a miniature Jewish settler thug in the Occupied territories. Oh, and Wilders himself spent years on an illegal "isreali" settlement.

So let me get this right, Wilders' should be allowed to do whatever he wants while Imam Khalid Yasin should not. Wilders and his aim to "ban" Islam in the Netherlands is fine, but Khalid Yasin giving lectures on Islam is not. That's the judeofascist definition of free speech for you.
Free speech does not merely consist of the ability to voice your view, it is to have an EQUAL PLATFORM TO BE HEARD! They went even further and blatantly lied that Imam Yasin had called for Wilders to be whipped. In fact Yasin said that Wilders deserved a 'judicial slap on the wrist' for his antics. Check it out :

I'm sure its an honest mistake, just like I believe that the Yasin's detractors having the same political, ethno radical criminal agenda ala Frontpagerag is just a mere coincidence.
So whats so "radical" about Yasin anyway? Nothing. Like many Muslim speakers, Yasin has been vilified by the same media which gives free publicity and champions charlatans like Wilders. This is what they call "radicalism":

Now it becomes clear why he's a "threat." I haven't really done justice to Wilders, but I will during this years
Shabbos Goyim Awareness Week. And yes, it'll be just wholesome as the last one.

A Valentine for judeofascists

Since neo-Nazis have decided to rekindle their relationship with judeofascists(historically the two groups have worked together, and share much in common, their ethnocentrism, criminality and hatred of Muslims etc), I don't think the following clip will be deemed offensive. Nothing like a second honeymoon to spice up a stale marriage :

Notice the 3 shlomos running off at the sight of the prankster(had it been brothers, it would have been the opposite). Guess they'd have to call in the IDF for back up, and claim the clown fired a home made rocket at them.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Windows 7 : not good enough

I'm currently using Windows 7 beta, and I'm not impressed. Granted that we're a long way from the final product, but its still not good enough. The good news is that its a much better then the ill fated Vista. The bad news is that XP is still going to be the OS to beat, and I'm not sure 7 is up to the task.

RAM usage is still atroiciously high and I don't see any gains in performence in comparison to XP. 7 will do well for those afflicted with Vista but for the XP crowd it may well be the time for a migration to Linux. My only problem is learning some of the Linux programming involved, but there is no question that its the best OS out there, so much so that it can even emulate any other operating system. And the price is just right : $0. Viruses? Nope. Spyware? A thing of the past. Oh, and did I mention that it comes with its own FREE office suite?

Is this the end of Microsoft? I don't think so, but they will definitely lose market share as computer manufacturers ship their machines with Linux. I think Bill Gates has made more then enough money at our expense. Time to move on to bigger and better things.