Saturday, January 03, 2009

This week in Freedumb of Speech

The electronic iron curtain is coming down. As Judeofascist barbarians continue their murderous rampage into Gaza, their internet Haganists(including a censorship outfit calling itself "the Jewish Internet Defense Force") are working hard against any opposition to Israeli terrorism. What better place then the popular YouTube site? Dozens of accounts have been suspended with hundreds of videos no longer available. This really shouldn't come as a surprise as the criminal ADL has now partnered up with YouTube to combat "hate on the internet" aka "any opposition to Zionism and its crimes."

And its not only Muslims(the immensely talented sister Roqayah being one of the first causalities) on YouTube who have been targeted, but anyone critical of Israel. Wonder where "free speech" crowd disappeared to? Lets take a look shall we?

The Sludge Report



..and this re-uploaded "offensive video"

Its painfully obvious that the usual suspects won't be satisfied until they control the internet itself. If they can get away with this on YouTube, then Blogger is next. Both are owned by Google. So if this blog disappears, you know what happened(don't worry you'll still get your fix at My advice? Backup your blogs, and keep re-uploading your videos on other sites.
Next up, my definitive post on the "state" of "israel." And it won't be pretty.


sam said...

In light of the recent events in Gaza, am I the only one finding the timing of ADL-YouTube partnership very suspicious at best?

-December 14th 2008 ADL-YT partnership announced
-December 27th 2008 Israel bombards Gaza.
-December 29th 2008 IDF opens its channel on YT

regular YTber such as myself will tell you that in December an abnormally high number of critics of Israel and muslim channels were targetted sometimes with videos removed with no warning or suspended (those embedded above are indeed some of them).
And at the same time an increased activity of hardline pro-israel users started to bombard the videos they didn't like with propaganda comments or flagging. Look at a virtually insuppressible video (channel too visible $$$) comments section such as user representativepress
"If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!". Some zionists are litterally commenting there day in day out. Pushing that video in the top 5 most commented in a few weeks. It would be very interesting to get from representativepress the viewing pattern and statistics on that video since ADL came on board (YT Insight tool can help spot any unusual peak around Nov/December very easily).

In retrospective it looks to me as if the YT ground was prepared for this offensive for quite some time now.

sam said...

regarding the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza you might want to have a look at this piece.

It exposes the current operation as part of a larger plan known as "Dagan Plan".

If this analysis is correct what is unfolding right now is more sinister and calculated than anything most observers would admit yet. We're talking of the possible full execution of a "a 1948 style solution", nothing less.

The months long blockade on medical supplies, the targeting of the main Gaza hospital, and medics, the non stop flows of casualties into the hospital (check latest report from Dr. Mads Gilbert of Norwac on YT), the maintained chocking medical assistance through Rafah. All leads towards the creation of a major humanitarian crisis which Israelis are trying very hard (and for a planned reason) to deny every day.

DrMaxtor said...

I agree with you Sam, and thanks for your insightful comments. Sorry for the late reply.
The present Zionist censorship on YouYube is a reflection of whats been going on in Western state media for decades. Blogs will be next.
And thanks for the excellent link(I will be using it for my next incendiary post, with credit to you of course), please feel free to send me any other links.

Sally said...

Please note that the 2004 documentary "Zionist War Crimes: The Case For the Prosecution" is available free on google video, about 1hr.

The world does not know the extent of Jewish and Israeli brutality towards the Palestinians, and this film exposes it in heartrending detail.

Sally said...

This is what the Israeli-Zionist psychopaths are doing: horrific beyond belief:

Radio broadcasts on 6 Jan and 13 Jan 2009 from New York: "The Gaza Holocaust":

Part Two: The Weapons of Genocide: A conversation with James Brooks of Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, who is an expert on weapons used by the Israelis:

Part Three: Permanent War Against the Palestinian People: A Conversation with Hamdi Farraj, director and co-owner of Shepherd's TV, Bethlehem and correspondent for Al Quds newspaper, Jerusalem:

FreeMind said...

I hated their Hypocritical.

The Zionist and their allies censor everthing but they feel "censored" always cause someone has different oppion.

While their million of anti muslim Propaganda video which against 1,3 Billionen People, but if oure just show the crimes of the israelis goverment youre "Antisemit"

btw download such video via flashgot( Firefox) and may upload rapidshare or so.