Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "Muslim Canadian Congress" supports Zionist terrorism

I know I'm behind on my definitive post on the terrorist "state" of "israel," but I had to bring this to everyone's attention. The neocon front organization known as the "Muslim Canadian Congress" aka "aging and homeless Pakistani Communists eager for a dollar" has come out in full support of "israel's" assault on Gaza. What a surprise.
They've done this by repeating the bald faced lie that Hamas initiated hostilities and is responsible for the current carnage in Gaza. They completely ignore the FACT that "israel" violated the ceasefire by killing Hamas leaders, while keeping Gaza under a seige for nearly 2 years effectively starving the Palestinians. Here are some more FACTS. "Why won't Hamas fire rockets into Egypt for its role in the blockade?" they ask. Despite the Egyptian governments role in the seige, Egypt is the only lifeline Gaza has through its network of underground tunnels. Besides, is Egypt occupying Palestinian territory, building settlements? What a bunch of callous ignorant bastards the MCC are. They did throw in a half hearted in there about how "inexcusable" Israel's "response" is. Yeah maybe I'll believe that when I don't find the MCC's founder Tarek "I did it for the Biryani" Fatah in bed with Judeofascist maggot David Horowitz. This is the same MCC which is linked to the neocon affiliated "American Islamic Forum for Democracy," "Center for Islamic Pluralism," "British muslims for secular democracy" and other fraudulent outfits masquerading as legitimate Muslim organizations.

On a related note, Zionist censorship is still the order of the day on YouTube as our friend Joe of the Sludge Report updates us on his situation :

Well said, Joe. Theres more substance in this brave man's waste products then the entire sum of the MCC and the spineless sycophants I listed above.


Lord of Leoness said...

How come every third world communist relocate themselves to Canada?

Lord of Leoness said...

Canadians are nothing but confused Americans who inhale stale maple leaves. I heard that the Canadians acquired a submarine for their fleet. What are they going to do? Guard the Salmon?

Man From Atlan said...

NOW magazine reported on how Tarek Fatah trolls Toronto Synagogues with videos purporting to show "Islamic Fascism"

Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

Regarding the Intel situation, some of us buy whatever computers we can afford. I would have liked to have got an AMD in my new computer, but Dell don't do them at the price I needed in this country (and most other manufacturers don't have Dell's liberal warranty, for example, they void your warranty if you install Linux). Most electronics are made in the Far East anyway - Intel has just closed its last factory in California.

Also, I checked out whether AMD had Israeli investments before I bought my Mac in 2004, and they did. I doubt any big US company is free from one connection or another to Israel.

DrMaxtor said...

Waliakum Asalam Yusuf,

You commented in the wrong post, bro. Anyway I understand where you're coming from on this issue. AMD does have some "israeli" investment but by and large the company is still US based. Dell sells select systems with Linux. I bought a Dell a while back and the first thing I did was get Vista off it, warranty or no warranty. Dell will now charge you $150 to downgrade to XP. Talk about a rip off
I think its time Dell be placed on a boycott list, lol.
Customized systems rule.

Lord of Leoness said...

Tarek Fatah is nothing more than a "Human Golob Jamun" or a "Glycerin Brown Pac-Man", or more like a "Brown Saheb". Canada is nothing but an anarchist, socialist, insignificant excrement from the Great Britain. A useless land mass with too many fishing ports.

Zaytoon said...

Speaking of Tarek Fateh, check out this clip of him on Canadian television after the Gaza massacre :


Honestly, what is it with these RAND Muslims and Canada. Irshad Manji, Tarek Fateh.....I see a pattern here.