Friday, January 30, 2009

Erdogan knocks it out of the park

There may be hope for Turkey yet...! Shame on the "world economic forum" for giving "israeli" war criminal Peres 25 minutes speaking time while trying to silence Erdogan.


lwtc247 said...

Alas DrM, if you had the chance to examine the ball, you would find it was made of elsatic and the bat, well more than two and a half inches.

Still, for what it's worth, the pantomime corporealised the fleeting dream of what it should be like, so for that it was welcomed.

RZ said...

at least he has more balls that those so called arab rulers

Lord of Leoness said...

Dear RZ:

A corrupt Turkish politician can only say the things the masses want to hear in order to prevent getting his head chopped off. He will never have more balls than the Southern Lebanese dude if you know what I mean.

lwtc247 said...

If it was a charade, there is no element of balls in it. See how the flag waving Turks waved their little flags as a result, playing on Attaturk secular nationalism.

If Estrogen scrapped the military agreements, ceased diplomatic relations and imposed trade sanctions, then perhaps I'd share the admiration.

But none of those things have or will happen.

And yes, those other Arab leaders (leading the way to Hell) are unquestionably a disgrace to Islam, particularly those who deliberately keep the Palestinians in that concentration camp of Gaza.

whypatcondellisntfunny said...

"We really do need to get people to dinner"!!!! Give me a break. David Ignatious, the moderator was fawning over Peres whilst introducing him, (full video here and then let him take more time than any of the others. The first 3 speakers took about 39 minutes between them all, with Amre Moussa, Secretary-General, League of Arab States being told off for taking too long (13 minutes), whilst Peres took 21 minutes.

Note that at the end many people get up and walk out with Erdogan (though perhaps they wanted dinner), with Moussa spending a few furtive seconds on stage in an agonising internal debate between following Erdogan or staying on stage, lucky that Ban Ki-moon was there to tell him what to do, eh? And so the relationship between Arabs, the UN and Israel is exposed in a single hour of 'debate'.

Also note that Peres makes reference to 'hundreds of rockets a day' apparently raining down on Israel, when in fact, Hamas barely get through 100 a month. I'm not defending Hamas, but clearly, Peres is distorting the facts in order to justify what Israel has done. He also spoke of Israel being a victim of some sort of embargo or something, which may well be true, but clearly, no one has told the US or the EU about it. In the meantime, Israel enforces a crippling economic blockade on Gaza.

It is well worth watching the whole session. Peres came off as an intellectual lightweight compared to Erdogan and Moussa, whilst Ban Ki-moon, like the UN, was an irrelevant little inconvenience on the sidelines of the debate.

Maybe Erdogan was thinking ahead to the Turkish election, if so, it was a canny move, but all the same, that does not make him wrong in what he said and did on that stage.

lwtc247 said...

"that does not make him wrong in what he said and did on that stage." - agreed, it just make him appear a hypocrite.