Monday, December 29, 2008

PNAC pirate map

This was sent to me by a classmate from Med school. Some of the details are debatable but it should make for an interesting wall paper.

Click on it for higher resolutuon.


JDsg said...

Difficult to comment when the small print is so fuzzy. Do you know of a better, higher resolution file (image or pdf)? I've looked a little through Google but couldn't find anything offhand.

DrMaxtor said...

JD, click on it and you should see it at higher resolution, you can then save it to you pc.

Anonymous said...

The shenanigans of both Gazprom and PNAC are ample reason for any country that values its independence to build lots of nuclear reactors, plus either synthetic fuel plants or electric cars, so that it no longer needs to import oil.