Thursday, December 11, 2008

The 10 commandments of Zionism, and Mumbai madness

1) Thou shall commit BLASPHEMY
2) Thou shall MURDER Palestinians
3) Thou shall STEAL Palestinian land
4) Thou shall INCITE HATRED against Muslims
5) Thou shall commit FALSE FLAG attacks

6) Thou shall pretend to be SEMITES

7) Thou shall Call Anti-Zionist Jews SELF HATERS

8) Thou shall HIDE behind the U.S.(and false flag attack them as well)

9) Thou shall LIE about Bani Quinuqa and Bani Quraiza

10) Thou shall pretend to be SECULAR

Speaking of their 4th commandment, I am firmly convinced that the Mumbai attacks was a classical case of false flagging in the tradition of the
Lavon affair and attack on the USS Liberty. Its crystal clear that the objective is to both break up Pakistan and remove its nuclear capability. I realize this is going against most of nonsense put out by the MSM, but if there is one lesson to be learned in the last decade its that they simply cannot be trusted to tell the truth. And no, I am not a Pakistani. While we as Muslims condemn such acts, we should not apologize for them. Heres why :

India: Civil Rights or Civil War?
India shocked my discovery of Hindu RSS false flag terror cell
Mumbai False Flag Attack : Gathering Evidence
The Attack on Mumbai
The Pak Alert Press on the latest updates

Oh, and just what the heck are the Chabad Lubovich doing in Mumbai? The Chabad Lubovitchers have been implicated in a string of criminal activities around the globe - from money laundering to Ecstacy manufacturing and muling to diamond smuggling to immigrant labor violations at their now bankrupt medieval abattoir in Postville, Ohio. Lubavitchers have put together a network that is incomparable for corporate and international espionage as well as for the secret exchange of information. Because Chabad Houses could potentially act as safe houses, where there would be no record of a person's stay, the Lubavitcher outreach network is far superior to that of Aish HaTorah for covert operations. Nor is it a coincidence that the RSS, VHP Hindutva brigade and judeofascists are on excellent terms.
Since they don't proselytize, nor do they minister to Indian Jews(most of whom are in Israel), I'm curious as to what exactly do they mean when they claim to be doing "God's work" in Mumbai in the tradition of Mother Teresa. Last I recall Mother Teresa did her work in slums helping the poor and destitute, not living it up next to a 5 star hotel kicking it the high rollers in India's financial district. Perhaps they were catching up on the latest Bollywood flicks?
I'll let Ben Gurion answer that one :

The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological State is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. “This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan. “Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work there from against Pakistan. “It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.”

-David Ben Gurion, the first Israeli Prime Minister.His words, as printed in the Jewish Chronicle,9 August 1967


MJ said...

An interesting read here:

Jewish American Soldier refuses to fight for America

Solomon2 said...

Thanks for the "quote", DrM. It formed the basis for this post, my most successful (in terms of traffic) in weeks. I look forward to our future collaborative efforts.

DrMaxtor said...

I'm simply going to paste my reply to you from altmuslim, solomoan. The Ben Gurion quote is accurate and from the Jewish Chronicle, which was founded in 1841. Its one of the the oldest jewish newspapers in the world. How desperately pathetic of you to pass it off as the London Jewish Chronicle. Of course this is coming from a frothy mouthed neocon who compares the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq with the WW2 liberation of France.
This is the standard zionist response to anyone exposing their criminality. Just call any "quote" fake, and that's that. Many of the quotes have been researched by Israeli and Jewish historians, who extracted them from declassified Israeli and Zionist archives.
For those people who want to read the whole thing, check out :

Anonymous said...

I'm sceptical about the authenticity of the Ben Gurion quote, but "Solomon2" is clearly an extreme Islamophobe (he links to Walid Shoebat, Gates of Vienna, LGF and

Of course this is coming from a frothy mouthed neocon who compares the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq with the WW2 liberation of France.

Remember how Nazi propagandists on the one hand portrayed Jews as weak and contemptible, and on the other hand claimed they were close to world domination?

Seeing extremist Islamophobes* (as distinct from soft-neocons like Wolfowitz) write of America's "liberation" of Iraq etc has the same impression on my mind.

*By the way, I'd say anyone who says "We are all Israelis now" to Westerners is an extreme Islamophobe. Zionists always say "Save Israel from extermination" (never "Save Israel from dhimmitude"), so "We are all Israelis now" is a de facto claim that Muslim seek to exterminate all Westerners!

Presumably this is a pretext for anti-Muslim genocide (the only way to destroy Islam, given its tenacity outweighs all other religions and ideologies).

Without this accusation, even convincing Westerners that Islam has the desire and ability to conquer the West would come to nothing due to the final backstop of "Better dhimmi than génocidaire".

Holy said...

New Zionist 10 Commandments

1. Israel is G-d.
2. Only Zionism worships the true G-d.
3. You shall insult the names of all other gods.
4. You shall make War even on Sabbath.
5. You shall deny your forefathers and brothers.
6. You shall kill children as a sacrifice to G-d.
7. You shall kill and rape non-Zionist women.
8. You shall steal land until the earth is Israel. (including the moon)
9. You shall make false witness if no evidence.
10. You shall covet your neighbors stuff.
(stuff is a special word to mean, land, money, anything of value)

Holy said...

First 10 rules* of Zionism.
Zionist rule sheet when dealing with comments.

1. Never use real facts, you will lose the argument.
2. If someone says something smart - say “You are a muslim.”
3. If they talk about Zionists killing kids - say “You are a terrorist.”
4. If they talk about Zionists being terrorists - say “Your an Anti-semite.”
5. If they prove Israel broke cease fire - say “Israel has to defend itself.”
(If they bring up Zionists caused all this - dont answer it.)
6. If they say Zionist politics / policy isn’t Judaism - say “Your a Jew hater.”
7. If they talk about high civilian death numbers - say "they hide behind women and children."
(If they mention why we didn't cease fire knowing this or about dropping white phosphorus - dont awnser.)
8. If they say Israeli Media is like Nazi Propaganda - say "Dont compare Israel to the Nazis." (If they mention that Nazi's formed "political Zionism" 1935-1948 - dont awnser.)
9. If they post the truths about Zionism - say “you are a Nazi.”
10. If all else fails use any insulting word you can find to try to intimidate them and make insulting words out of their posting names.

Special Palestinian section.
11. If they talk about Palestinians being a race - say “it’s a lie.”
12. If they talk about Palestinians DNA evidence - say “its fabricated.”
13. If they talk about Palestine being a nation - say "it never existed."
14. If they say the Palestinians are going through a Holocaust - say "Your a Nazi" (If they say, If you really want to make sure it doesnt happen again, stop what the Zionists are doing - dont awnser.)
15. If all else fails call them a terrorist or any insulting name possible to try to intimidate them dispite any evidence.