Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chasing a dollar : The sycophantic delusions of Tarek Fatah

It’s been a while since we last visited our good friend T-Fat. You remember him don’t you? Refresh your memory here :

My interview with T-Fat

Crowned #1 pro-regressive idiot in 2005 and 2006.

Canadian Muslims blast T-Fat

T-Fat quits!

I recently told an idiotic communist on Altmuslim(I know, I really should quit that site, but the temptation to play whack-a-marxist is too great) : What did Marxism, this greatest of human social experiments, achieve for its poor citizens, at this most bloody cost in lives? Nothing positive. It left in its wake an economic, environmental, social and cultural disaster. One such disaster is the failure marred career of Tarek Fatah. For those people who thought I was rough with this warbling mass of Punjabi inanity, I present to you the Pillsberry dough boys uglier brown brother's final and full transformation from a goofy failed immigrant politician/native informant to a card carrying Neocon stooge. Communism is indeed the gateway drug to this pathology of politically motivated transvestism, and it pays well. Yes, I told you so.

You see, Tarek has published his "memoirs," a forgettable book being plugged by the usual suspects, sprinkled with the same old failed narrative about the phantom menace of "Islamism" we've been hearing about since forever. For those who don't know, Islamist is up there with jihadist and now wahhabist.A totally stupid meaningless word that attempts to Anglicize an Arabic word, advertise it as intellectual and with deep meaning while actually only superficially pretending to bypass the connotations that are invariably associated with it by its religious context. In reality, it's those connotations and the religious context which are being manipulated to put the religion of Islam in new, hateful, bigoted, misrepresented terminology.

Once Tarek's book ends up in 99c stores be sure to add it to your pile of loo reading classics. But what drew my attention was T-Fat's interview(google it) on FrontPageMag. Yes, thats the same internet neocon rag founded by judeofascist David Horowitz(remember "islamofascist awareness week"?), hosting the foam filled extremist rantings of Jewish terrorists and their supporters, Robert Spencer, Joe Kaufman etc. Reading the interview I couldn't help but laugh at what a bloody farce it was. This is truly Twilight zone material, folks.

Fatah claims to be a Muslim, yet throughout the interview demonstrates that he knows nothing about Islam or Muslims, instead he comes across as a bumbling sycophantic idiot reading from an old tattered kosher script. Nowhere is this better demonstrated when he was asked about the Banu Qurayza, the treacherous Arabian Jewish tribe which violated the treaty of Medina. In an apologetic tone Fatah admitted to being "embarassed" at this and utterly failed to present the facts. Here is the true story of Banu Qurayza :

So they were punished according to the laws of the Old Testament. There you have it, another judeofascist lie exposed and refuted. Read it and weep, Shlomos.

Back to to T-Fat...let there be no doubt this opportunist bottom feeder is bought and paid for. But where else could this turd of a charlatan go but into the arms of those who are open and hostile enemies of the Muslim community?

But we can still learn something from this fiasco: if you're a lying, untalented, obese, homeless, third world inferiority complex ridden, green card seeking Communist dreg devoid of morals, principles, character, integrity, values, willing to sell yourself to the highest bidder....you might just make it. You might be another Tarek Fatah.

Just don't come back crying when your shelf life has expired and you've been discarded like the useful shabbos goy idiot that you are, biryani boy.


publicdebate said...

hey, say what you want about Fatah, but where would we all be without a healthy dose of biryani every now and then? :-)

seriously, people like Fatah have become so transparently neo-cons that i think the only people still fooled are people just like him...

DrMaxtor said...

Thanks Publicdebate! BTW your post on the Hamza Yusuf/Blair fiasco was on the money.

Roqayah said...

I love this blog post bro - mashaAllah 3alek :)
Tarek Fatah is another shameful "moderate" Muslim (I do not understand why these vile creatures even exist)
I read his book "Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State" where he had the audacity to challenge the idea of Sharia,Calipha etc etc.
May Allah swt curse those who try and twist his words inshaAllah
Anyways I'm done with my anger rant lol
Kudos bro- you're doing an amazing job

Your sister

Sad Girl said...

As always: painfully correct analysis right to the bone....!

Shahid said...

"biryani boy" GENIUS!

Lord of Leoness said...

Simply Brilliant my good fellow. Your commentary on that "Brown Fat Man" was quite refreshing indeed. It was horribly wonderful. It was Frightfully Ostentatious. It was Marvelously Wicked.

Lord of Leoness said...

I think therefore I am. I am a poet but I did not even no it. Such powerful prose, Shakesperean no doubt. Anyone care for some Spotted Dick (English Dessert) with a spot of tea?

Lord of Leoness said...

I am sure T-Fat (AKA the Human Golob Jamun) will indulge himself with a generous serving of Spotted Dick. I wonder what fantastic things that would do to that old chap.

bilal.shamsi said...

Tarek Fatah's infraction against his (then) employer the New Democratic Party of Ontario (Canada) wherein he inserted his own campaign flyers into mail sent out by Party Leader Howard Hampton's office, without permission tells me everything I need to know about this man’s ethics.

There is a proverb in some Arab country that goes something like "Do no pretend at nobility until all the elders of the village have died".

Anonymous said...

LOL! I can't believe that I'm coming across this blog. The word funny, doesn't do your post justice. Hilarious, that doesn't either but its a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work!

Adam said...

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