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Immigration, Integration, and the illusion of Inclusion Part 2: The ULTIMATE guide to the Danish hate cartoons

A Muslim reaps the benefits of integration and tolerance at the hands of a drunken Australian mob. The sisters on the right aren't buying it, and neither should you.

Enough to give you an appetite for suhoor isn't it? Please read the introduction and part 1 before
proceeding any further. We've already established multiculturalism was a slick, PR fueled, flea bitten myth to present static, monocultural European societies as dynamic cosmopolitan states where everyone holds hands singing kumbaya. It’s all too easy to claim that one is tolerant of "diversity" when everyone in society looks and acts the same way, but the real test comes when different groups emerge and assert themselves. Keep in mind, Europe has never had a civil rights movement, and it shows. European peoples have had hundreds of years of distinct ethno-history and shared culture which have created social consensus that is now being “challenged” by immigrants from what were, until WWII, "subjects" from their overseas Colonies. How do the children of former colonial subjects come to identify with and be proud of the history of their "adopted country", which includes the oppression and exploitation of their ancestors, as recently as two generations ago? Oh, but Muslims have bent over backwards trying to “assimilate” into a “culture” which doesn’t want them unless they becomes slaves mired in ideological bondage. This draconian pipe dream may have worked on the immigrant generation but their children aren’t having any of it, and with good reason. They’re young, smart, educated and unwilling to be second and third class citizens languishing in ghettos. The European response has been to endlessly attack the community in a series of increasingly racist and dehumanizing provocations through media misrepresentation, ostracization, threats, assault, arson and even murder. Next time one of these idiots demand that you shed crocodile tears for Nazi pornographers like Theo Van Gogh, tell them about Özgür Dennis Uzun(L), the 17 year old boy who was murdered in broad daylight by Danes who called him a "black ape." His crime? Being a Turkish immigrant who sold newspapers while working his way through school.

How about Mohammed Al-Majed(R) who was murdered a week ago? His crime? Being a 16 year old foreign exchange student in England.

White Europeans cannot allow Muslims to be different in the way that they love to believe they are different (barbaric, women hating savages with values that "are incompatible with our own") but at the same time cannot abide the idea that Muslims are actually like everyone else. It's a hypocritical position born of a need to feel superior which expresses itself through discrimination by people who at the same time self-righteously lecture the Muslims they are victimizing about "enlightened values."

Enter Denmark, a small European country whose chief exports are dairy products and bad cookies. Hygge(cozyness) is a complete absence of anything annoying, irritating, or emotionally overwhelming, and the presence of and pleasure from comforting, gentle, and soothing things in Danish culture. Makes me just want to overdose on cotton candy. According to a goofy study, Danes are unrivaled in satisfaction with life. I can see why. Imagine getting paid to go to school, where you can take your sweet time getting a bachelors degree anywhere from 6 to 8 years(hey, the legal pot makes them forget!). Let’s not forget "free" health care with the tax rate at around 60%, what a socialist utopia! Being in diapers from birth till death was never so much fun! Danes are also notoriously xenophobic and racist, blaming immigrants and those perceived to be foreign for just about everything, while refusing to do the work themselves. There was an excellent documentary on WorldLink TV a few years ago on immigration in Denmark called "Home Sweet Home." The amount of jealousy, stupidity and narrow mindedness displayed by the Danes was astounding. Am I seriously supposed to sympathize with an unemployed far right Nativist with a degree in religion resenting an immigrant Iranian doctor? Truly a nation of adult delinquents. But the Danes weren't content merely being a nation of whiny loafers, their fascists went ahead after years of baiting to launch their worst provocation against not just the local Muslim minority, but the entire world of Islam. They bit off more then they could chew. So what did the Danes and their supporters do when the fit hit the shan? They lied their behinds off.

Before we delve into the subject Danish hate cartoons, there are a number of myths concocted by the usual suspects which need to be addressed, refuted, and relegated to the garbage bin where they came from. Anti-Islamic propaganda(all the way back to the Crusades) deeply rooted in the European psyche has brought neo-Nazis, neocons, shabbos goyim and their Zionist overlords together on both sides of the Atlantic hopped up on Krusader Kool aid known as the "war on terror." Lets deconstruct some of these lies:

Lie #243 Hijab “threatens” primitive secular fanaticism Hijab bans were up until late 2005 the most blatant indicator that Europe has declared war on its Muslim communities, contrary to popular delusion this started 20 years ago in France (the most racist, not to mention laziest country in Europe) as Communism collapsed. What better enemy now then a Muslim school girl? Hijab bans are essentially a Taliban like edict which denies education to girls. An incredibly stupid and mean spirited move which in fact politicizes young people, and do you think for a second that these kids will grow up respecting the state which put them between a rock and a hard place? I wouldn’t. Even idiotic french gynaecologists got into the act. Please spare me the manure laden secular pseudo argument that it’s against all “religious symbols” which the hijab is not. Crucifix? Cool. Kippa? No problem! Hijab? Hold it right there! When all is said and done, the hijab furor reflects a broader sentiment wafting across: it's fine to be Muslim, just don't remind us about it by the way you dress. Tough. We’re not going to change our Deen to suit your narrow minded racist backwardness.

Lie #486 Muslims are "taking over" the continent! That’s right, 50 million of us are taking over a continent of 730 million. So just how are Muslims "taking over" the continent? Having more kids then the average European? (Insert conspiracy theory here) No apologies there, we're family oriented people and consider children to be a blessing. Europeans have no one but themselves to blame for their material selfishness. Ironic really considering that Europeans tend to be rather promiscuous. Disingenuous demographic conspiracy theories aside, who's stopping you from having kids, or going to church? Oh thats right, it takes responsibility and personal sacrifice to raise a child doesn't it? This may explain why Europeans have negative population growth. Perhaps this is the reason for the dehumanizing European caricature of pregnant Muslim woman on the left? Yes indeed, we're going to take you over one halal restaurant at a time! Maybe that’s why this town of moronic Italians banned take out Chinese and Middle Eastern food. I guess Rumsfeld was onto something with that "old Europe" line. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Lie #502 : Muslims and crime statistics Crime statistics are also a common theme European racists and fanatics like to exploit. The vast majority of crimes, including rape are committed by the natives themselves. However when a member of a minority community is involved, a spectacular call to arms is made in true media fashion followed by the urgent need to "discuss" the "growing" problem of the colored masses. Just who do you think runs massive pedophile rings, the drug trade, prostitution rackets and human trafficking? Not the Muslims.

Lie#612 : Islam isn’t a race hence abuse of Muslims is in no way or form racist. My, my, my, aren't they so very clever? Insistence that Islam isn't a race and therefore representations of Islam cannot be racist is disingenuous rubbish. Religion is not only about faith but also about identity, background and culture, and Muslims are overwhelmingly non-white. In the mind of the hate mongers, Islam is a religion of non-whites and white race traitors. They see black skin and head scarves the same way. Being Jewish used to be simply a religious identity. With the rise of capitalism, it was transmuted into a racial one. What we are seeing today is the opposite process with Islam. If we must be so asinine as to insist upon using skin color as a determinant of race, I would ask why the Muslims represented in Islamophobic filth never EVER look like Indonesian Muslims, even though it is the most populous Muslim country on the planet. The reason is simple: Muslims are seen and stereotyped as a “race,” especially as dark skinned, unkempt Arabs and Pakistanis.

Now for the timeline:

September 2005 : Jyllands Posten, a right wing newspaper with a history of supporting Fascism and Nazism prints hateful caricatures of the Prophet(saw). The same paper refused to lampoon Christ(a.s.) three years prior(not that we would support such an act against any of the Prophets(a.s.)). Turns out that editor Fleming Rose is bosom buddies with Judeofascist Daniel Pipes.

October 2005 : Danish Imams approach the Danish government and the PM, followed by petitions from ambassadors from 11 Muslim nations. Both parties are ignored and told to take a hike. At the end of the month, Danish Muslims took the matter to court showing that the Jyllands Posten was in violation of the Danish Criminal Code, section 140 & 266b. Other European papers start to print the racist caricatures as well. Egyptian newspaper El Fagr publishes six of the cartoons during Ramadan along with an article strongly denouncing them. The publication of the images does not provoke any known protests from either the Egyptian religious authorities nor the Egyptian government. These facts are selectively reported and spun by local third rate blogger and inferiority complex suffering “Uncle Tamer,” “Sand Monkey” in a bid to increase his web traffic and earn his neocon knee pads. I dealt with this sycophantic loser a few years ago, he was never to be seen on AltMuslim again. But we will revisit and expose him in a future post.

November 2005 : Danish Muslims are subjected to a media smear campaign. Masjids and Islamic organizations are sent everything from death threats to more offensive pictures. Muslims organize a boycott of Danish products starting in the Middle East.

December 2005 : The Danish Imams take the pro-active step of taking the matter directly to religious leaders in the Muslim world. Imam Ahmed Abu Laban and Ahmed Akkari lead delegations to a number of Middle Eastern countries. The dossier they carry has the original set of racist caricatures in addition to the others sent individually by Danes.

January 2006 : Danish authorities clear the Jyllands Posten of any wrong doing. The boycott is in full motion with Danish firms suffering losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Jyllands Posten issues a half-hearted “clarification” and insists the caricatures were never meant to be offensive (yeah right).

Feburary 2006 : The caricatures are re-printed in multiple European newspapers in another attempt to provoke a violent response. It fails. Hundreds of peaceful protests are organized across the Islamic world with only a handful turning violent (in Occupied Iraq, and Afghanistan especially) after police shoot protestors dead. A few empty buildings are also burnt down in Syria. Western media focuses exclusively on violent protests misrepresenting the Muslim response. A handful of isolated idiots from the banned “Al-Muhajiroon” group are given maximum coverage while ignoring thousands of peaceful demonstrators. An agent provocateur dressed up as suicide bomber also shows up. Photoshopped images of "behead those who say Islam is violent," also hit the web in a smear attempt by Denmark's supporters.

Lie#699 : Muslims draw similar cartoons of Jews and Christians as well Really? Can these lying bastards show us where Muslims have made caricatures of Moses(a.s.) and Jesus(a.s.) or any other Prophets? Ofcourse they can’t because such depictions do NOT exist. Muslims are forbidden from depicting any of the Prophets, and respect them deeply. Malaysia shut down a Tamil newspaper for cartoon of Christ(a.s.) and righly so. Muslim nations also banned "The DaVinci code" for its repulsive content. However, lampooning Zionist terrorists like current vegetable Ariel Sharon is fair game. Or do they do consider Israeli war criminals sacred figures who are off limits? Check out this drawing of Olmert as a concentration guard in Schindler's List fashion : How many European and American newspapers dared to published it? Only one. Never to be published again thanks to a phone call from the local Israeli embassy.

Lie#788 : Muslims are misunderstood the intention of the cartoonists On the contrary, we understood the intention of the Danish cartoonists very well. Why did no Muslim protest when "30 days as a Muslim" was brodcast? The episode did show a cartoon of the Prophet(saw) so why was there no controversy? Simple, they made a mistake and those of us who saw the show knew it, and didn't see any reason to doubt the sincerity of the producers. Unlike the Danes and their idiotic supporters, we aren't afraid of a real debate. The Danish cartoonists knew exactly what they were doing and targetted the entire Muslim ummah in a calculatted move to foment Islamophobia across the continent. Theres a clear difference between making an error and going out of your way repeatedly to pick a fight with 1.6 billion people.

Lie# 834 : Muslims should not have boycotted Danish products So now they insist that not only do they have a "right" to demonize us, but also to instruct us on how to react to their racist provocations. Talk about hubris. You don't need an MBA from Harvard to know that the basis for any successfull business relationship is honesty and respect, two qualities the degenerate Danes don't seem to possess. The more you provoke, the more reactions you get. Our first one was a grass roots boycott, and righly so. I have every right in the world not to do business with those who repeatedly spit in my face. Yes, its just that simple..and no, I don't care about any "starving" Danish farmers. Their socialist welfare state can look after them. On a historical note, the Jews made sure that Hitler's actions against their community was rewarded by a worldwide boycott of German goods. Not to difficult to understand now is it? The usual suspects called for a boycott of Muslim goods. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, do so. But you can't can you? That oil is real "addicting" isn't it? Baba Ghanoush and Gulab Jamoons will have to take care of themselves. Nablusi cheese is better anyway. Boycotts work best long term, so let your wallets do the talking.

Lie#923 : Muslims are too sensitive and get easily offended A futile exercise in projection. We don't care who you are, what you eat(even during Ramadan), who you sleep with, how many bowels you've had etc. Believe me, you're not that important. But on a relevant note, we could point to the heavy bombardment of Muslim countries, justified by a discourse about backwards Muslims. We could point to the books and the articles, the films and the newspaper cartoons. We could point to the dramatic decline in standard of living for Muslims post-9/11. We could indicate the heavy state surveillance of and repeated political attacks upon Muslim communities in the West, the hysteria over the hijab and the niqab. We could point to Guantanamo Bay, the use of secret trials, extraordinary rendition(sanitized speak for kidnapping), extracting false confessions under torture, warrant less wiretaps and raids, special loyalty tests. The Geneva convention you say? That applies only to those of European stock. It does not cover people of color. Europeans can do anything to people with more melanocytes, they can nuke them, they can Agent orange them, the can mass kill them , the can parade them around naked, that's ok. Look at the Judeofascists(East Europeans masquerading as Semites), they are putting the Palestinians behind walls in concentration camp conditions, they've jailed over 10,000 and killed thousands of civilians and have millions of cluster bombs for the purpose of killing more civilians. Did any of the western governments say that conflicts with their Geneva convention? Not one. Violent, hypocritical uncivilized fanatics, this lot eh? Of course there are so many more examples of this sort of behavior, but you get my drift.

So pardon me for not being an eager and pleasant target.

Lie#1001 : Its all about "Freedom of speech"
Last but not least is this biggest LIE of all. “Freedom of speech” is a myth, a delusional, self-righteous and highly selective narrative based off politicized pseudo-philosophical chest thumping. "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it"? Bulls***. All societies regulate what can and can’t be said. Free speech doesn’t exist, and certainly not in absolute form. Not in Africa, not in Asia, not in South America and certainly NOT in the western world. Don’t believe me? Does the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act ring a bell? Remember what happened to the Dixie chicks after their criticism of Bush? The shameless self-censorship when it comes to Zionism and Israel? The academic persecution of Norman Finkelstein? How about David Irving doing time in jail(despite being an idiot)? McCarthyist "Campus Watch" courteosy of Judeofascist Daniel Pipes? How about being filmed from birth till death in the UK? Spying? Sure! Phone tapping? Absolutely! A public call for assassinating a foreign head of state? No problem! Problem with publishing certain books? No, UNLESS you do this, and this. Yes, you do have “freedom of speech” as long as you shut up or agree with the powers that be in these sophisticated police states. I’ll be adding a new category to this blog titled “Freedumb of speech” to cover the daily violations of "freedom of speech" by those who claim to champion it.
Freedom to mouth racist insults in public isn't freedom of expression - its anti-freedom, it's anti-democracy, its racism. Racists don't believe in democracy or freedom - they believe in exploiting the weaknesses they see in "liberal democracy" and taking advantage of these supposed weaknesses to claim their racist abuse has something to do with supporting and defending 'western values.' In the same way Goebbels exploited the weaknesses in the “democracy” of his day to spread his evil poison - he also claimed he was a champion of the West against foreigners from the East.You say you have freedom, you have freedom? You have been told what freedom is - oh, women drive cars? That makes them free, yeah right. You "essentially" have no idea what freedom is - you are free to pursue what you have been told freedom is. No one is talking about MK-Ultra here, or some exotic form of mind control - that is not necessary. Buried within the seed of your identity is enough control, voiced through an army of authority figures is enough to make you tow the line. Oh, I'm sorry did I just go overboard and enter the territory of "hate speech"? Yes they do have hate crimes legislation which for some odd reason doesn't cover Muslim communities(or abused by us). Guess who's been immunized from criticism? Stupid, spinless shabbos goyim hypocrites, did you honestly think we don't know whats going on here? Don't yell fire, and complain about being trampled. You never believed in "free speech" and deep down, you know it.

So which ridiculous
caricature do you
think got published?
Sacred cows, anyone?

Getting back to the whole integration "debate," how did it work out for the Bosnians? They were
ethnically European, spoke the local language, intermarried with Serbs, many of them being Muslim in name only. Not only were they systematically massacred but they were prevented from even defending themselves thanks to a weapons embargo(which was violated by the Russians to supply the Serbs). NATO bombed Serbia several years later in a bid to establish bases in east Europe under the guise of humanitarianism. My point being that grovelling appeasement to such criminals will lead to many more Srebrenicas.
As cliche as it may sound, those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
My sincere advice to European racists and hypocrites is this :

"Complete freedom is only for the new-born savage, all else (on the way to civilisation) is compromise."
Next up, exposing the pretenders, aka desperate house n******.


lwtc247 said...

Nice post Dr M. > 'twas full of passion.

I think I go further than most in defending free speech. I support the right of people like David Duke or Nick Griffin (UK's 'version' of DD in the syes of some). I believe if they do make hate speech, then a duty befalls those who oppose such speech to get off out butts and make the strong counter arguement.

However, I really wonder if the racists/fascists/Zionazis and brainwashed goym islamophobes are or would return the favour?

As further proof of what you say in your post...

Calculated insult to Muslims via Danish cartoons = allowed and supported under free speech.

Caroon of Spains prince engaging in sex acts is censored in Spain and saying stuff about having doing real job. I support the ban(only the illustration which was quite 'graphic')

Illustration in Wprost of Angela Merkel having her breasts sucked by Polish brothers censored.

Occidentals demands Sudan release British teacher investigated and tried for alledged insults to the prophet(saw). Iran is told not to meddle(by complaining of insensitivity) in the domestic affairs of the UK when awarding an honour to Salman Rushdie by Boris Johnson, currently Mayor on London (then an MP).

It really seems like they believe in their free speech, period!

MT. Akbar said...

Good stuff Dr.M. Have been waiting for this. As always you use your biting humor and ironic satire to expose these haters.


Shahid said...

One of the best posts I've ever read.

I wish I had written this.

Thank you.

And As-salaamu `alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.

Anonymous said...

As far as the reason for low Western birth rates go, I'd suggest that the main one is "sky-high house prices". I don't see why Muslims should be uniquely immune to this impediment.

By the way, I don't think Muslims will ever take over Europe demographically. The only way I could see Islam taking over Europe is if the current ultra-secularism lasts long enough to take out Christianity as a viable force before collapsing, leaving Islam essentially as the only game in town.

Matthew said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

In response to George C's last comment, I actually do know Muslim families who have more children than the norm in white families, and they live in London and have the same house price problem as everyone else. I know one family where five children have been brought up in a 2-bedroom flat. Not easy, but possible. It's become the norm to have two children and give them a room each, but it used to be common simply to have the girls in one room and the boys in another.

DE said...

Kick ass post. That last quote says it all. But I take issue with some of the points you make getting there.

Danes are probably everything you say they are, but you omit to point out they are not model Europeans either. I truly don't feel their pain.

As an identity group, Muslims position in the crime hierarchy is entirely dependent on their time in it. In a few years, they will displace other groups and be more prominent - certainly in human trafficing that needs international ties.

Minor points. But you are all over the place with free speech. Yes, Freedom is a product like Coca-Cola. And free speech is a fragile and shallow mechanism to maintain coherence in a democracy.

But this has nothing to do with women driving cars or Pat Robertson. Goebbels would prosper anywhere. Racists are racist anywhere. It's nice that I can take the piss out of the royal family here, which I can't do in Saudi Arabia, but feudalism is the same anywhere it is practised.

The Danish cartoons said a lot about Denmarks deep inability to understand the modern world. Everything that happened after that was the chaos (manipulated or not) you might expect.

Freedom of speech isn't a plot to disabuse Muslims, its a tramline in an age of private transport. Who pretends that Jews are safer because David Irving went to prison in Austria? Or indeed that London is better off without a one-eyed man with a hook?

And confusion is not necessarily conspiracy. Freedom of speech doesn't cut it everywhere, but the alternatives are nearly always worse.

Anonymous said...

Why are Muslims wanting to boycott Denmark (over a mere insult), but not France (over a discriminatory law which causes real suffering - namely the school hijab ban)?