Thursday, June 19, 2008

Immigration, Integration, and the illusion of Inclusion : Part 1 - Europe and the myth of Multiculturalism

Let me first apologize in advance to those who may find the next paragraphs a bit hard to swallow. Alright fine, I won't apologize. Lets start with Europe, a continent which has given us so much. Funky cheese, bad music, selective hygiene, the odd 100 years war here and there, Crusades, Communism, Capitalism, Inquisition, Imperialism, Colonialism, Fascism, Nazism, Atheism, Nihilism and Zionism. Who can forget those jolly good fellows, Franco, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Churchill, Herzl, Jabotinski, Milosevic etc. Quiet a rap sheet with around half a billion dead in the last 500 years. But that was all in the distant past right? Lets take a look at what they've been up to recently :




Paris "intifida"







Hmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Catch my drift? Yep, they sure gave us a lot. Europeans are a lot of things, tolerant isn't one of them. It is not an exaggeration to point out that significant numbers of Europeans openly profess (2)racism. This brings us to the myth of multiculturalism. With all the events in recent memory, there's now a "hot debate" about the merits of this phenomenon. I'm here to tell you the "debate" is bogus because multiculturalism never existed, at least not at the grandiose level claimed by its supporters and detractors. Just because you have different groups of people in a society hardly means you're living in a "multicultural" paradise where likes and differences are respected. The "debate" is essentially turnspeak for justifying racism through manufactured outrage, and winning elections through fear mongering.
Europe's dirty little secret is that it depends on immigration(labor and professional) if it is to maintain its "high" standards of living. Oh, and don't forget paying over 50% in taxes( "free" health care you know). Is the behavior we see in Europe today a fluke, or is it deeply ingrained bigotry symptomatic of a continent with no real culture left whatsoever? That was just the warm up, folks. Next up, the Muslim question, a thorough refutation of European propaganda, and the ULTIMATE guide to the danish hate cartoons. I leave you with this video of the success of "multiculturalism"(is that a banana or racism?) till then :

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Immigration, Integration, and the illusion of Inclusion : Introduction

The demands of a normal life have led to a recent decrease in posts but fear not, the party has just begun. Now I don't know about you, but I have had it up to here with the preposterous excuse of a "debate" on immigration. Sanity no longer prevails as fanatics, terrorists, and blithering racist idiots have seized control of the discourse(exhibit A on the right), or maybe it was always this way and people are just now beginning to notice it. This will be a series of posts on the topic of immigration, and its not going to be pretty. We'll be covering everything from migration trends to the rise of neo-nazism and the scape goating of minorities in post-cold war Europe, and America. Oh, and the ultimate guide to the manufactured Danish hate cartoon crisis will be up as well. Now we've all heard terms like "parallel societies," "Eurabia," "Islamification," "ghettoization" and other equally farcical rubbish from the usual suspects. And just to show we're going to be absolutely unhindered in political uncorrectness, the collaboration of judeofascists and neo-nazi shaboos goyim will also be scrutinized. Yes, indeedy...theres going to be a lot of toes stepped on.
So what exactly is integration? Glad you asked. Got a job? Speak the language? Law abiding citizen? Yeah? Guess what, you're integrated. Working at it? Great, keep it up. Assimilation? No thanks, I have no desire or wish to become a carbon copy of anyone else(didn't work out too well for Jacko), I have my own identity and regardless of where I am, thats not going to change. The days of European illiterates languishing like drugged critters on Ellis Island are over, so don't expect intelligent, educated, and above all, hard working people to become third class citizens, at least not quietly. Don't get me wrong, I am opposed to illegal immigration(the Middle East has a massive problem with illegals = askheNAZI terrorists and the KKK(Krusader Kool-aid Krew) in Iraq), but don't let people into the country and then proceed to make their lives hell. This brings us to the topic of the next post, which is the myth of multiculturalism...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Waiting for gas prices to hit $10 a gallon

Thats right, forget $4.50 a gallon. Its time to hit double digits. Would I prefer to pay more at the pump? No, but I do relish the thought of millions of apathetic morons suffering through their wallets. The scum(the usual suspects etc) actually thought that they were going to get free oil stolen from Iraq to power their gas guzzlers. Didn't work out too well did it?
Those who are truly suffering are the people of Iraq who have gone through 12 years of sanctions, followed by war and 5 years under a brutal foreign(with the Vichy style puppet regime) occupation, with over a million deaths, and millions more displaced. Thats nearly 20 years of terrorism(so go hang yourself with those stupid, effeminate yellow ribbons already), so I really don't want to hear any more whining about gas prices. Your silence and lack of any remorse is now translating into you landing in the poor house. You deserve it and much worse. See you on the freeway offramp as I blast green house emissions from my non-hybrid vehicle into your face.
Oh, and for those clueless lemmings who think that elections means anything, especially in the US, I present to you the following video :

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm still here sucka

Just been easy with a few errands. I know my shaggy shlomo fans are waiting breathless for my latest post. Remember good things come to those who wait...
Click on the pic to see the DrM signal in all its jpeg glory.