Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Expelled" review, and why the "new" atheism much like the "old" is the opium of European nihilists

I don't usually bother going to the movies(still recovering from Transformers), but the negative word of mouth from foam filled atheists(most of whom didn't watch the film) did pique my curiosity in Ben Stein's Expelled : No Intelligence Allowed. My comrades, the soft agnostic Felix and atheist High C were eager to partake in the festivities, and so the die was cast. Quick introduction : both gentleman are highly intelligent critical thinkers, and thoroughly reject the propaganda of the bizarro world we live in. Thats what you get for hanging with Dr.M, but enough about these simpletons, on to the review.
Expelled was worth watching despite many flaws. My chief complaint being Ben Stein himself. Being a speech writer for Nixon isn't anything to brag about, and please, please take those damn sneakers off. The movie argues that Darwinists are persecuting and suppressing opposing points of view. Fair enough, I believe that evolution should be taught as theory, but not as exclusive canon. While there are some high profile idiots like Richard Dawkins who grab the headlines, I don't generally buy the idea that academia and research in under the control of Darwinists. That would be criminals like David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes of McCarthyist campuswatch fame.
It was entertaining watching various atheist scientists pontificate on the possibility of aliens creating life on earth through the use of crystals. Sounds like "creationism" to me. Yes indeed, a good reason to avoid mushrooms and reruns of the X-files. It was also amusing watching Stein stump militant atheist nut job Richard Dawkins, even though I feel Dawkins is his own worst enemy. We're talking about a guy with Oxford credentials but who still comes of an irritating and bitter old man with third rate polemics about "flying spaghetti monsters." Not much scientific method there, nor is the cameo by drink soaked popinjay neocon Christopher Hitchens convincing either. Unfortunately many sheep think that having a British accent makes one an authority, I think it makes them sound constipated(apologies to my bud, Tang in London). Stein does pull the Holocaust rabbit out of his hat blaming the event on the Darwinists, even though level headed people know the second world war was much more complicated then a eugenics fantasy gone wrong. Missing from Stein radar is America's most militant atheist, Sam Harris. Maybe this has to do with the fact that Harris is a judeofascist supporter of terrorism(advocates nuclear attacks on Islamic countries, supporting the neocon "vision" for the Middle East) who uses atheism as a cover. Thats to be expected from protege of serial liar Alan Derschowitz. In case y'all didn't know Stein is a supporter of John "100 years in Iraq" McCain. Nothing like a little zionist nepotism I guess. Interestingly enough, Zionism is at its core an atheist European ideology.
After watching the film, my comrades and I had a short discussion about it. We all agreed that Stein pulls Michael Moore style tactics, yet at the same time atheism had become its own religion with its own "prophets," or should I say profits with own their divisive and bigoted agenda. Alhamdulilah, High C rejected atheism for its failure to address and tackle the real problems of the world, conveniently blaming it all on religion. Felix felt pretty much the same way. My angle is that Expelled is designed especially to mobilize and energize the right wing masses for the general election as America's stupid culture wars go on.
It is my conclusion that atheism is the opium of European nihilism. Harsh you say? How about this : Its a materialistic mental disorder. Most atheists aren't scientists or theologians, nor are they as intelligent as they pretend to be(especially delusional idiots who declare themselves "brights" patterned after some self-serving rubbish Dawkins cooked up). I have good reason to be judgmental, especially if the hateful antics of self-styled "infidels" on YouTube is anything to go by(kufi tip to the brother behind WhyPatCondellIsntFunny). Now its one thing to reject certain models of a Supreme Being, its totally another when the entire concept of a Creator is dismissed by arrogant and lazy Eurocentric losers who think they have it all figured out. Even a syphilis afflicted Nietzsche made more sense and thats not saying much. Far from the "free thinkers" one would expect, the "new" atheism is a rehashed quasi-racial political movement of seedy individuals comprised of ignorant slackers, anti-immigration nuts, neo-nazis, eugenicists, imperialistic warmongers and yes, Zionists. All the hallmarks of Islamophobes, so its shouldn't come as a surprise that they are extremely anti-Muslim, and engage in self-censorship when it comes to Zionism. Nothing remotely positive or authentic comes out from these primitive recalcitrants.
Oh and hygiene isn't optional, Emos.


whypatcondellisntfunny said...

I need to make more time to read this blog. Somebody else has recommended I watch Expelled, but I didn't know anything much about it, I'll give it a look.

You are spot on about Dawkins, something about him is just so patronising. Atheists deny that they have 'faith', but Dawkins does, faith in his own self-importance. The fact that he is supporting Condell via a DVD compilation release of his YouTube videos settles the matter for me. Dawkins, like Condell, has, as far as I can see, barely a rudimentary knowledge of Islam - as do I, but at least I'm trying to learn - and yet they both pass themselves off as a knowledgeable scholars on matters of Islam.

Will certainly make the effort to watch "Expelled" now, and thanks for the shout out.

DrMaxtor said...

Thanks WPCIF,
Dawkins is no theologian, and not an impressive scientist either(his notoriety comes from his childishly militant atheism). Both him and Condell are trying to make a fast buck at other peoples expense. When it comes to Muslims they lazily hop onto the fashionable anti-Islamic bandwagon with no indication of "free thinking."
I do commend you for making YouYube refuting these BNP level flotscam. How you put up with the trolls is beyond me. My suggestion is that institute a one strike policy with them.

Anonymous said...


Not a fan of either Hitchens or Harris but an Atheist all the same.

Seriously, how is Atheism a mental disorder when it naturally follows from the abscence of serious evidence for a "Creator"?

People discard Astrology because it is not based on evidence yet accept the Supernatural as if it is a fact of life when it demonstrably isn't!

Beggars "belief". (pun intended)

Anonymous said...

About your comment on life being seeded by Aliens.

We do find complex Amino Acids in meterorite remains but to suggest Aliens planted us here sounds a bit crackpot to me. However it just goes to show that scientist can be REALLY really open minded about the origin of life. Still, believing in creation ex-nihilo is a step too far don't you think?

DrMaxtor said...

Hi Vinelectric,
Atheism brings from a certain mind set, that of extremely angry and arrogant post-Church European materialism. This doesn't mean that people can't have doubts and explore the philosophical questions of life with varying degrees of some skepticism.
I'm familiar with the theory of young Earth being bombarded with meteors carrying amino acids(a molecule of amine and carboxyl functional groups), and its flimsy at best. DNA(95% of which is junk) is the building block of ALL life, and you need DNA to make amino acids, but you also need amino acids to construct DNA. Which came first? The conditions at the time could never sustain or promote protein synthesis. Thats something Carl Sagan could never explain in his magic asteriod theory. Religion without science is superstition, and science without religion is blindness. Islam stands on its own merits so I invite to study it from its primary sources without prejudice and ask yourself, can this be the product of a human being?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. I'll try to go through them with an open mind. Problem is that I'm also in the medical field and tend to revere works that contribute directly to alleviation of human suffering rather than affirming the supremacy of a supernatural being that sounds both desperate to be worshipped while insisting it doesn't need any.

Just for the sake of historical accuracy, Atheism has its roots in the writings of the Greeks philosopher Epicuurus in the 4th centure BCE. Don't forget that Jainism (9th century BCE) and Buddhism are philosophies that do not recognise a Creator god, capable of punishment/reward..etc. Buddhism, although non-theistic, nevertheless has many rites that resemble Idolatory.

It would be fair to say that Neo-Atheism started in the Renaissance against a background of Church corruption and political subversion.

Personally I think Atheism is the default position of the senses that do not recongnise the supernatural. In my case, as a lapsed theist, the anger at religious doctrine followed my effortless decision to reject the supernatural.

Anyhow I'm eager to learn more and maybe your links will enlighten me with something I'm missing.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say,

It is now confirmed that the building blocks of DNA (Purines and Pyrimidines) are found in meteorites. Follow these links:

Doesn't mean we were planted by Aliens but goes to show that conditions for the emergence of life are not unique to Earth.

AlanAnonymous said...

"Far from the "free thinkers" one would expect, the "new" atheism is a rehashed quasi-racial political movement of seedy individuals comprised of ignorant slackers, anti-immigration nuts, neo-nazis, eugenicists, imperialistic warmongers and yes, Zionists."

I think you discount how much leftists and Marxists agree with atheism a little. I'd argue that they are actually the greatest bloc of atheists, and yes, if they are honest about it, most of them are Islam-haters too. While they might not agree with the military-expansionists method of destroying Islamic culture (i.e. raining bombs as in Iraq), they would certainly like to destroy Islam by other means.

hellosnackbar said...

So,Richard Dawkins is not much of a
scientist despite holding "the Charles Simonyi chair for the promotion of science";despite writing
books such as "the selfish gene";despite being revered by other scientists as one of the most gifted
intellectuals of the modern age; despite being a fellow of the royal society.
To call RD "not much of a scientist" is like calling Jesus Christ "not much of a Christian."

DrMaxtor said...

I can say with confidence that Dawkins isn't much of a scientist, Snackbar(a reader of the religionofpeace hate site). Getting accolades from people with same agenda doesn't mean anything to me.
Dawkins maybe an evolutionary biologist but he is not a Darwinian. Dawkins is as geneticist (The Selfish Gene) which stems from Ethology (Konrad Lorenz - imprinting - used by the national socialist atheism of Hitler to justify ethnic cleansing of Jews and Gypsies) and is potentially neo-racist - people are born to be as determined by their genes. Genetic determinism is a pseudo-scientific exposition of God. So is the concept of Intelligence, which stems from the Spanish Christian concept of Blue Blood - used to preserve the white Christian aristocratic supremacy over the Moors. Look at Sir Cyril Burt, the father of ’scientific intelligence’ and knighted by British aristocracy for providing ’scientific evidence’ for their privileged position but since shown to have been a fraud.
The character of the crowds he speaks to doesn't surprise me. Here in the States, Dawkins-style selfish-genery is often taken up by free-market lovers to give their philosophy of radical individualism a scientific patina.
In short, I'm not impressed or buying this garbage.