Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, well, well. Look what we have here...

..one of the usual suspects, or should I say usual shlomos caught spying for Israel yet again ? Ben-Ami Kadish carries on the fine tradition of judeofascist traitors whose true loyalties are to the zionist terrorist state. Nothing new here, won't be the first time this has happened, and sadly this won't be the last, given that Uncle Sham suffers from chronic shabbos goyism.
Taxi driver overstaying his visa? FREEZE! An undocumented Mexican working for slave wages to feed his family? THEY"RE TAKING OVER THE COUNTRY! Taking a nail cutter on a plane? DON'T YOU MOVE! Shampoo? HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Hand lotion? SECURITY!
Ah, so many threats, so little time.
$2 trillion missing from the Pentagon under Dov Zakheim? Uh, could you get back to us on this tiny little discrepancy after you're done vacationing in Tel Aviv at US tax payer expense? No hurries, in fact forget about it.
Israel caught selling US missle technology to China? I'm sure there must be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. They just wanted to buy cheaper spare parts!
Jonathan Pollard? Hey, nobody's perfect.
ADL caught spying on anti-Apartheid activists in collaboration with the then Apartheid South African government? Don't let us catch you again. Shoo!
Good job, feds.

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