Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Joke of the Week : "Quilliam Foundation"

Kufi tip to PMUNA for bringing this farce to my attention. The British government has formed a new group, composed of supposed "former extremists" turned neutered proggies to undermine established British Muslim organizations. Its become downright laughable the extent to which the usual suspects have gone to recruit fraudsters to parrot their tattered script. "Sufi Muslim council," "Islam Supreme Council," "British Muslims for a Secular Democracy," "Radical Middle Way," "Honest non-Muslims pretending to be Muslims,"I've lost count. But hey, it pays well, just make sure you rubber stamp whatever the government says, and presto! You're a "good Muslim." Oh, and lets not forget that they all come with a judeofascist seal of approval. For those who know their history(no, reading a couple of paragraphs at disinfopedia doesn't make you an expert on the issues), this is a continuation of the time honored tactic of "divide and conquer." Remember somebody called "Mirza Ghulam Ahmed"? Heres the "director" of the "Quilliam Foundation," who's also is a nightclub owner. Well shiver me timbers.
We know what the game plan is, as virtually the same tactics were used to promote proggies in the US. Alhamdulilah that failed miserably, and thats exactly where these charlatans are headed. Check out these links for more laughs :

Quilliam Foundation exposed
All Mod cons

How about this for some unrelated icing on the cake : Remember those "Muslims for Bush" cats? Turns out Muhammed Ali Hassan has been slapped with a restraining order from his political campaign manager.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Well, well, well. Look what we have here... of the usual suspects, or should I say usual shlomos caught spying for Israel yet again ? Ben-Ami Kadish carries on the fine tradition of judeofascist traitors whose true loyalties are to the zionist terrorist state. Nothing new here, won't be the first time this has happened, and sadly this won't be the last, given that Uncle Sham suffers from chronic shabbos goyism.
Taxi driver overstaying his visa? FREEZE! An undocumented Mexican working for slave wages to feed his family? THEY"RE TAKING OVER THE COUNTRY! Taking a nail cutter on a plane? DON'T YOU MOVE! Shampoo? HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! Hand lotion? SECURITY!
Ah, so many threats, so little time.
$2 trillion missing from the Pentagon under Dov Zakheim? Uh, could you get back to us on this tiny little discrepancy after you're done vacationing in Tel Aviv at US tax payer expense? No hurries, in fact forget about it.
Israel caught selling US missle technology to China? I'm sure there must be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. They just wanted to buy cheaper spare parts!
Jonathan Pollard? Hey, nobody's perfect.
ADL caught spying on anti-Apartheid activists in collaboration with the then Apartheid South African government? Don't let us catch you again. Shoo!
Good job, feds.

The globalization of stupidity

If you’ve noticed, I made a new addition to the blog roll a few weeks back. “Why Pat Condell Isn’t Funny” is a blog set up by a brother to debunk the bigotry of paranoid British xenophobe and militant atheist YouTube hack Pat Condell. Guess which religion the darling of the BNP and anti-Muslim shabbos goyim won’t touch? Three guesses and the first two don’t count. So much for freedumb of speech. I’ll be dealing in depth with the “phenomenon” of the “new” atheism in my next post. Be sure to bring some heart clogging buttery popcorn.

That being said, the culture of stupidity has truly gone global, thanks in no small part of shallow western consumerist culture. First there were those awful “reality” TV shows which have been with us since the late 90s. Ask yourself; is there anything truly “realistic” about putting together a bunch of imbeciles in a house, all suffering from varying degrees of narcissism? Cutting corners with production costs or were there no ideas left to waste people’s time with? A fantastic way to integrate voyeurism, make it look cool, and trick idiots into giving up what little freedoms they have left. The internet has also become the premiere launching pad for many a moron through blogs, “social networking” sites and other embarrassing attempts to gain notoriety. Being the exception, I was originally inspired and encouraged by the fantastic posts of Sunni Sister to enter the world of blogging (make no mistake, there’s no comparison to an eloquent lady of her writing talents) to take on the neocon supported munafiqs known as pro-regressive Muslims. Together with the dynamic group blog known as Living Tradition, I was more than happy to be a part of the effort to expose these charlatans. Alhamdulilah our collective efforts were successful. Otherwise I just don’t feel that people need to share every detail what is pretty much an ordinary mediocre life. No really, I don’t care if you unlocked your iphone or that you enjoy low sodium soy sauce for your sushi. It’s just not relevant. Don’t worry Arab sell outs and gate keepers (“sand donkeys,” and “mideast youth” to name a few); we’ll be dealing with you in the near future also.

Then there’s YouTube, which ushered in the era of user generated crap and a great way to waste time(just check out what Felix sent me) on shame less self promotion and mediocrity. Mentos violently fizzing in your soda? I’m so entertained, yawn. I’d say for every decent video there, there’s probably 100000 bad ones. Now I know where the idiots from Yahoo message boards went. Oh but let’s not forget that “Queen” Rania of Jordan’s client regime has a YouTube channel! Yes indeed, its hard work trying to convince westerners that Arabs aren’t stereotypically evil people, they just want to be mindless robots dying to drown themselves in materialistic consumerism and cultural slavery(translation : please like us! We can work through this inferiority complex of mine together!). One set of retarded stereotypes for another. No wonder Abdullah was made “King.” What about those kooky “social networking” sites? You know, the Friendsters, MySpace’s and Facebooks of the virtual wasteland where logging on from behind computers all your lonesome is considered “socializing.” Half the time, you’re dealing with phonyes that don’t even have the social skills to interact with real people. What we have on our hands is a dysfunctional generation of internet junkies who’d rather purchase “real estate” in “Second life” then getting their priorities sorted out in the real world. What a waste of time and energy. I’m going to stop before I go after cell phones and the scam that is “high definition TV” (“hey everybody, watch crap sharper than ever!”)

Ah, the simpler times of a 28.8 kbps modem keeping the phone line busy. Dial up, here I come!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Damn you, Felix!

Thanks for recommending this clip to me, buddy. As much as I hate todays TV shows and movies....I won't be critical of them(for a while).

A little humor before I put on my war paint and deal a less then flattering post on Europe.