Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Turbans(bad) and yarmulkes(good)

This 2006 picture of Barack Obama on a visit to Kenya seems to have created quite a row. The usual suspects are now proudly proclaiming that this is evidence that Obama is a "secret Muslim."
Well, let me first say I am NOT a supporter of the senator from Illinois, but find the smear deplorable and beneath contempt. Don't you wish you changed your middle name, Barack?
The underlying message here is that a Muslim, or even the accusation of being one is a bad thing, a slur even. Who said religion would not be used as a litmus test? Regardless of the source, its very interesting to note that pictures of Laura Bush and Nancy Pelosi in hijab have been brought up as a counter, but hey even they were accused of "dhimmitude," a bogus word concocted by Bat Yeor, a bitter zionist nutjob profiled in day 3 of my Judeofascist Awareness week(shameless plug).
Speaking of politicians dressing up, what have we here...

Hmm, are these men "secret jews" or this simply some sycophantic shabbos goyism at work here?

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lwtc247 said...

Quality BuSh pic, not so sure why he looks more intelligent than usual though.