Saturday, March 29, 2008

One Fitna deserves another

I'm going to keep this short : I will be posting about the situation in Europe in the very near future, in the mean time I would strongly urge Muslim geeks and techsmiths to put their minds together and make a no holds barred, non-flattering movie on the Dutch, and the festering Nazi boil the European continent has become. A most appropriate title would be Fitna.
Simply ignoring repeated racist attacks is a self-defeating strategy which I strongly disagree with. The House Muslims don't seem to understand that silence is weakness, and an encouraging green light to the scum to incite more attacks on the community. Its high time the magnifying glass be placed on the emerging Fourth Reich. Oh, in case you didn't know, pimpo(reference to Pim Fortuyn) Nazi Geert Wilders has close ties to Israel(visited 40 times), spent years on a kibbutz and is a self-described Mossad asset, Funny how the trail almost always leads to the usual suspects :

Too bad most Dutch are too mentally deficient and xenophobic to see the connection. Thats freedumb of speech for you....more to come in the next few these gems here :

French official sacked for criticism of Israeli treatment of Palestinians
French editor quits in Israel row
US medical doctor fired for criticism of Israel

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Joke of the Week : Pope baptizes "Muslim Zionist"

Another example of why the media cannot be taken seriously. "Pope baptizes prominent Italian Muslim" screamed Yahoo's start page. Upon reading the article we find that the "prominent Muslim" is somebody called Magdi Allam, who has never practiced Islam in his life, nor does he have any links to the Italian Muslim community. So what makes the obscure Allam so "prominent"? He's a Zionist, or better yet a shabbos goy on the payroll. Well, that would explain a lot, including why so many of the usual suspects are praising this sock puppet. I guess the neocon "Sheikh" Palazzi(self-proclaimed Zionist "Khalifah of Rome" with a MySpace account) will now have some company. The Jewish propaganda machine is sure getting desperate and sloppy, and I thought they hit rock bottom when they started carting Wafa Sultan around. Oh, and Pope Ratzinger, thanks for taking Magdi Allam, not that he was ever a part of the Ummah or anything like that but you're not doing Catholicism any favors by adding a charlatan to its ranks.

The Angry Arab on Magdi Allam(check the comment section)

The Fanonite on Magdi Allam

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ummah Pulse exposes Ataturdists attempt to tamper with Hadith

Muhammed Tahir over at Ummah Pulse has put together an excellent article on the latest attempt by Turkey's secular fascists(who I lovingly refer to as "Ataturdists") aka Donmeh munafiqs to "modernize" Hadith. Aren't these the same charlatans who enforced hijab bans, and have a well documented history of obstructing the practice of Islam in the country? Check out my take on "Islamic Reformation." Its good to see the usual suspects praising this charade, it just confirms what their true intentions are. Hats off to Ummah Pulse.

Enjoy :

Damage Control
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Written by Muhammad Tahir

In an almost comical display of verbal acrobatics, Turkey's Directorate of Religious Affairs is desperately attempting to retreat back into the shadows after having the spotlight shone on its attempts to rewrite the entire canon of Prophetic sayings (hadith).

As was reported in this week's JumuhPulse, the commissioning of this massive undertaking at Ankara University conveniently coincided with a visit to that same city by the Pope in 2006.

Not to leave the Turks to their own devices, the Vatican sent a key lieutenant of the Pope, Jesuit priest Felix Koerner, to oversee and direct the project and ensure that it served the designs of the church. Unfortunately, in their excitement to announce this project to the public, the BBC failed to exercise proper discretion in concealing not only the ultimate aim of the project (an Islamic reformation) but also the project's sponsors (the Vatican).

The public response has been swift. The original article on the BBC site elicited over 1500 responses within a day of the article being posted. We here at UP can only speculate at the volume of calls to the Directorate of Religious Affairs during the same period, although one can make a pretty fair guess from the lengths Dr. Mehmet Gormez, the Directorate's deputy director, has gone to in attempting to obfuscate a pretty accurate description of the project's aims by the BBC's Robert Pigott. The Directorate issued a press release to complain about the accuracy of the BBC's reporting and is even considering legal action.

Speaking to the English-language Turkish online news outlet Today's Zaman, Gormez was at pains to assure its reporters that their "project cannot be considered a reformation of Islam." He did confirm however that the project "will make a new compilation of the hadith and re-interpret them if necessary."

Gormez also rolls out the age-old explanation that their project is in fact "a return to an original form of Islam that has been diluted over the centuries by various developments." I'm sure by "various developments" Mr. Gormez wouldn't be referring to Church-sponsored revisions of the primary sources of Islam carried out by secularist academics trained at western universities using post-modernist methods and being coached by Jesuit priests?

My head is spinning. Is Mr. Gormez so arrogant as to assume that people don't understand the English language? Their project is doomed to failure simply on the basis of the intelligence level they assume their readership possesses. The Directorate's backtracking also includes assertions that their effort is "being conducted independent of domestic and foreign politics." Perhaps he should confirm that with Mr. Koerner.

I guess blusterous lying is also a post-modernist orientalist trait as well as a Neocon one.

"They wish to deceive Allah and those who believe, but they deceive only themselves without realising it. In their hearts is a disease; and Allah has increased their disease: And grievous is the punishment that they incur, on account of their lying." (Surah Baqarah 2:9-10)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Turbans(bad) and yarmulkes(good)

This 2006 picture of Barack Obama on a visit to Kenya seems to have created quite a row. The usual suspects are now proudly proclaiming that this is evidence that Obama is a "secret Muslim."
Well, let me first say I am NOT a supporter of the senator from Illinois, but find the smear deplorable and beneath contempt. Don't you wish you changed your middle name, Barack?
The underlying message here is that a Muslim, or even the accusation of being one is a bad thing, a slur even. Who said religion would not be used as a litmus test? Regardless of the source, its very interesting to note that pictures of Laura Bush and Nancy Pelosi in hijab have been brought up as a counter, but hey even they were accused of "dhimmitude," a bogus word concocted by Bat Yeor, a bitter zionist nutjob profiled in day 3 of my Judeofascist Awareness week(shameless plug).
Speaking of politicians dressing up, what have we here...

Hmm, are these men "secret jews" or this simply some sycophantic shabbos goyism at work here?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Finkelstein says it for me...

...I'm currently fighting the flu, and have few words to express his revulsion at the terrorist state that is Israel. The following clip is from MEMRI, and if you pay attention you'll notice that they do their usual edit job as expected from a zionist propaganda hack job. Still, Finkelstein manages to get the facts in as only he can.

Is it me, or does the woman deserve a hammer to the head?