Thursday, February 21, 2008

When Johnny met Brigitte....and both were refuted

Zionist rent-a-Maronite-harlot Brigitte Gabriel was recently on Armageddonist cult leader John Hagee's TBN show with the same old flea bitten script which I took apart on day 1 of Shabbos Goy Awareness week. Our astute brother, Mr.IslamAnswersBack from YouTube decided to do his own refutation of these nutters :


Steph said...

Brigitte Gabriel might be a Maronite Christian but most Maronite Christians aren't Israeli, Brigitte is. She's Free Lebanese Army: she's a fascist and a traitor. The Free Lebanese government, is a Zionist front based in Israel. They were collaborators with the Israeli occupation forces, they fled Lebanon. Hezbollah and Amal have agree that they can come back, but the rest of the Maronite Christians haven't. Strange she doesn't mention that the reason that she dare not set foot in Lebanon has nothing to do with Arabs or Muslims.

Vigilante said...

Doc, IMHO McCain needs to renounce and reject Hagee, and MSNBC needs to renounce and reject Tim Russert. Whichever comes first, I don't care.

Abu Mus'ab said...

Really interesting discussion happenin at MuslimMatters. I think maybe you should take a look at it.